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Audioclips aus Seminaren und Satsangs 2009


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Seminarserie 2009 von D. Hawkins

02-2009 - 28. Februar, Prescott: What is the World?

  • VideoHappiness is not Outside of You, YouTube film, 2:49 minutes duration, posted by the YouTube channel Veritaspub,
    2. April 2009
    The error of seeing happiness as something outside of oneself, something to be gained.

04-2009 - 25. April, Prescott: Happiness

07-2009 - 8. August, Prescott: Peace

10-2009 - 4. Oktober, Long Beach, California: Success

Satsangserie 2009 von D. Hawkins, Sedona

01-2009 – 1. Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009, Sedona Satsang

  • Question: Am I in control of my body and my healing?
    Answer: Yes and No. […] The fact that you are created as a human is subject to the laws / karma of protoplasm. […] You can control, you can transcend things within a certain context. […] Within a certain context and to a certain degree all things are possible. At the same time they are not. […] It's the error of mixing levels. […] You can walk on water at this level, if you try it
    on that level you are drowned. What's true at one level is not true on another level. […] The spiritual sophistication is the discern-
    ment of levels. At the [consciousness] level of 600 you stop mixing levels. […]
    You see what applies to the abstract level may not necessarily apply to the concrete. […] It is true but only within a certain context. [Limitations are humanness, protoplasm, gender, age, space and time.]
    […] Your capacity to control or change things is quite limited actually. On the one hand the miraculous is possible and yet
    at the same time you're not really limited either. They seem like conflicting statements, but actually they are not. They are two
    different contexts. Dr. David D. Hawkins, Sedona Satsang Q&A, 2 CD set, 7. January 2009

05-2009 – 2. Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2009, Satsang Q&A

09-2009 – 3. Mittwoch, 9. September 2009, Sedona Satsang

11-2009 – 4. November 2009, Sedona Satsang

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