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  1. 1. Kalibrierte Bewusstseinswerte des Judentums
  2. 2. Heilige, Mystiker und Theologen des Judentums
  3. 3. Jüdisches Schrifttum
  4. 4. Sakrale Bauten und Kraftorte des Judentums
  5. 5. Jüdische Mystik
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Stein mit Menora
Archäologische Ausgrabung, Magdala






Kalibrierte Bewusstseinswerte des Judentums

BW-Werte des Judentums
BW-WertJüdisch relevante Themen
UnendlichGott von Abraham und Moses
1000Urlehre des Judentums
600Messianisches Judentum
550Rekonstruktionistisches Judentum
550Konservatives Judentum
550Reformiertes Judentum
550Orthodoxes Judentum

Heilige, Mystiker und Theologen des Judentums

BW-Werte von jüdischen Heiligen
910 Moses
850 Abraham
720 Rabbi Moses de Leon von Granada
Siehe auch: ► de.Wikipedia-Eintrag: Liste von Mystikern

Jüdisches Schrifttum

Jüdische heilige Schriften
905 / 730Zohar
495Altes Testament

Sakrale Bauten und Kraftorte des Judentums

BW-Werte von jüdischen Sakralbauten / Pilgerorten
BW-WertNamen von sakralen Orten und Bauwerken
540Besuch der Klagemauer
505Jüdischer Tempel
495Jüdische Synagoge

Jüdische Mystik


BW 605 Kabbala Die Kabbala (auch Kabbalah) ist die mystische Traditon des Judentums. Sie wird seit Pico della Mirandola auch in mystischen nichtjüdischen Kreisen fortgeführt. Die Wurzeln der Kabbala finden sich in der Tora, der Heiligen Schrift des Judentums. Neben jahrhundertelanger mündlicher Überlieferung dokumentiert die reichhaltige schriftliche kabbalistische Überlieferung verschiedene Elemente, darunter gnostische, neuplatonische und christliche.
Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia1240-~1292Geboren in Saragossa; einer der Gründer der spanischen Kabbala. Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia war einer der bedeutendsten spanischen Kabbalisten, Schwärmer und Mystiker des 13. Jahrhunderts, ein jüdischer Exponent der sogenannten "ekstatischen" Strömung, die sich der herrschenden Meinung in der Theosophie entgegenstellte.
BW 720
Moshe ben Shem Tov de Leon
~1250-1305Geboren in León, gestorben in Arevalo; Zohar (The Book of Splendor). The most important writer of the most important Kabbalist document. Moshe ben Shem Tov de Leon war ursprünglich ein Anhänger des jüdischen Philosophen Moses Maimonides und wurde später Kabbalist. Er lebte unter anderem in Guadalajara und Ávila. Ihm wird der größte Teil des Werkes Sohar zugeschrieben. Obgleich dies das Hauptwerk der Kabbalah ist, weiß man über ihn recht wenig. Bekannt ist seine Freundschaft mit Josef Gikatilla; beide haben das Werk des jeweils anderen stark beeinflusst.
Moses Cordovero1522-
27. Mai 1570
Geboren in Jerusalem, gestorben in Safed in Galiläa; jüdisch-spanischer Kabbalist, Pardes Rimmonim, Elimah Rabbati, Palmtree of Deborah. Cordovero laid the groundwork for the Kabbalist ethical literature that proliferated in the 16th-18th centuries. Moses Cordovero war einer der wichtigsten jüdischen Mystiker und Kabbalisten. Cordovero, dessen vollständiger Name Rabbi Mose ben Jakob Cordovero (kurz: RaMaK) lautet, lehrte von 1540 bis zu seinem Tode im galiläischen Ort Safed (hebräisch "Zefat"), das als bedeutendstes Zentrum der spirituellen Tradition des Judentums gilt.
Isaak Luria1534-1572Gründer der lurianischen Lichtmystik [Interpretation der Kabbalah nach Luria]. Die meisten Kabbalisten der Neuzeit halten sich an Lurias Auslegung.
Note: ► Prof. Gershom Scholem (1897-1982) German-born Israeli philosopher, religious historian, founder of the modern,
     academic study of Kabbalah, first professor of Jewish Mysticism, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, author
Scholem is best known for his collection of lectures, Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism (1941) and for his biography Sabbatai Zevi, the Mystical Messiah (1957). His collected speeches and essays, published as On Kabbalah and its Symbolism (1965), helped to spread knowledge of Jewish mysticism among both Jews and non-Jews. He thought that the 17th century messianic movement, known as Sabbatianism, was developed from the Lurianic Kabbalah. In order to neutralize Sabbatianism, Hasidism had emerged as a Hegelian synthesis. Many of those who joined the Hasidic movement, because they had seen in it an Orthodox congregation, considered it scandalous that their community should be associated with a heretical movement. Scholem produced the hypothesis that the source of the 13th century Kabbalah was a Jewish gnosticism that preceded Christian gnosticism.
In 1666, an exceptionally charismatic Rabbi and Kabbalist by the name of Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) declared himself to be the Messiah. His extraordinary popularity, according to historians such as professor Gershom Scholem (1897-1982), resulted largely from the publication and availability of what is today called the Lurianic Kabbalah, named after Rabbi Isaac Luria. Jacob Frank (1726-1791) 18th-century Polish-Jewish religious leader, claimed to be the reincarnation of the self-proclaimed messiah Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) and the biblical patriarch Jacob.
Note: ► Article by Dr. Jonathan Garb (*1967) Israeli scholar of Kabbala, lecturer in the department of Jewish Thought, Hebrew University,
     Jerusalem, Stephen Hazan Arnoff, translator, The Power and the Glory: A Critique of "New Age" Kabbalah, presented by the bi-monthly
     Hebrew magazine Eretz Acheret, January-February 2005
In the last two decades of the twentieth century, Torah and Kabbalah have come to play a key role in the New Age. On the one hand, Kabbalistic groups, most prominent among them followers of Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (1885-1954), the author of the "Sulam" commentary on the Zohar, have absorbed values and practices from general cultures of mysticism; on the other hand, these schools have spread Kabbalistic teachings to an unprecedented degree, ultimately creating an international Kabbalistic movement, the Kabbalah Centre International, that has devotees far beyond the confines of Jewish world, the most famous example being, of course, [Queen of Pop] Madonna.
Emphasis on "personal power" is a part of the fusion of these schools of contemporary Kabbalah with the New Age, a blurring of the core Jewish elements of Kabbalah.
The belief that "peace begins within" can, in some expressions of it, lead to an exclusive focus on internal, individualistic harmony, as opposed to a sense of public responsibility for social or political change. It is precisely because the emphasis on personal power and fulfillment in the New Age blends so seamlessly with the ideologies of late capitalism that I have chosen to describe New Age teachings about individual power as "privatization of power."
Privatization of power on an individual level goes hand in hand with the abuse of the movement by commercial marketing of products designed to facilitate access to power by spiritual seekers. The New Age movement has become a major industry with a wide variety of products – festivals, books, cosmetics, medicines, seminars, and more.
Siehe auch: ► Mystik
See also: ► Freud's shadow
Atheist Sigmund Freud believed that conventional morality is an unnatural repression of the sexual urges imposed during childhood. In his book Sigmund Freud and The Jewish Mystical Tradition, professor of psychology David Bakan, Ph.D. (1921-2004) has shown that Freud was a "crypto-Shabbatean". When he discovered the Lurianic Kabbalah he exclaimed "This is gold!" wondering why it had never previously been brought to his attention. Bakan describes Freudian psychoanalysis as a derivative of the Lurianic Kabbalah (a 2nd century Gnostic formulation founded and promoted by the Jewish heretic Sabbatai Zevi, who had declared himself as Messiah in 1666, taught sex magic, and then converted himself to Islam and the Zohar).


Rabbi Israel ben Elieser
[Genannt Ba'al Schem-Tov – BeSchT: Herr des guten Namens]
1700-1760Baal Schem Tov [abgekürzt Bescht] war der russische Begründer der chassidischen Bewegung innerhalb des religiösen Judentums, jener jüdischen Sekte, die während der letzten Stadien der Entwicklung der Kabbalah auftauchte. Der heutige Begriff "Chassidim" bezieht sich ausschließlich auf den Gründer und die Mitglieder, die aus der von Israel ben Elieser begründeten Bewegung und derer Nachfolgerschaft entstammen.
Rabbi Nachman von Breslau1772-16. Oktober 1810Geboren in Medschybisch in der Ukraine gestorben in Uman
Martin Buber, der Autor von Das dialogische Prinzip und Ich und Du, bezeichnet Rabbi Nachman von Breslau, ein chassidischer Zaddik, als den letzten jüdischen Mystiker. Mütterlicherseits war er der Urgroßenkel von Baal Schem Tow, dem Begründer des Chassidismus. Väterlicherseits war er der Enkel von Rabbi Nachman von Horodenka, einem Schüler des Baal Schem Tow. Nachman wuchs in der chassidischen Atmosphäre seines Elternhauses auf, heiratete früh und lebte im Hause seines Schwiegervaters. Später ließ er sich in Mewedewka, einem Dorf in der Provinz Kiew nieder, wo er einen Kreis von Chassidim um sich versammelte.
Literatur: ► Martin Buber (1878-1965) österreichisch-jüdischer Religionsforscher und -philosoph, Pädagoge, Übersetzer, Autor, Das dialogische Prinzip. Ich und Du. Zwiesprache. Die Frage an den Einzelnen. Elemente des Zwischenmenschlichen. Zur Geschichte des dialogischen Prinzips, Verlag Lambert Schneider, Heidelberg, 1923, Gütersloher Verlagshaus, 4. September 2001, 10. Auflage 2006
Referenz: de.Wikipedia-Eintrag Chassidismus
Siehe auch: ► Mystik

Zitate zum Thema BW-Werte des Judentums / Judaism

Quotes by D. Hawkins

⚠ Caveat See Power vs. Truth, January 2013


  • Judaism The teachings of Abraham calibrated at 985; the practice current at the time of Moses, at 770, which is the level of truth of the Thorah. The Kabbalah is 720; the Zohar is 730. Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, chapter 23 "The Search for Truth", S. 273-274, Hay House, February 2002

Zitate von anderen Quellen

Ich kenne alle deine Leiden und weiß, in welcher Armut du lebst; doch in Wirklichkeit bist du reich.
Mir ist auch nicht entgangen, wie bösartig euch die Leute verleumden, die sich als fromme Juden ausgeben,
in Wirklichkeit aber Gehilfen des Satans sind.
Offenbarung des Johannes 2, 9 (NT)


Persönliches Bekenntnis

  • Lass mich fallen, wenn es sein muss. Jener, der ich werde, wird mich auffangen. Rabbi Israel ben Elieser (1700-1760) (Baal Schem Tov, abgekürzt Bescht) russischer Begründer der chassidischen Bewegung innerhalb des religiösen Judentums, Wiederbegründer der jüdischen Mystik, Quelle unbekannt

⚡ Zitate über den sabbatäischen politischen Zionismus


  • Der Katalog der den Juden unterstellten Vergehen ist lang und in der Tat vielgestaltig, und gänzlich überzogen, es sei denn, wir erkennen die offenkundige Tatsache aus mittelalterlicher Sicht an, dass es als Mittelspersonen Satans nichts jenseits der verkommenen und bösartigen Natur der Juden gibt. Joshua Trachtenberg (1904-1959) US-amerikanischer jüdischer Reformrabbi, Autor, The Devil and the Jews. The Medieval Conception of the Jew and Its Relation to Modern Anti-Semitism [Der Teufel und die Juden], Yale Universität, S. 43, 1943, Jewish Publication Society, 31. August 1995


  • Der Holocaust ist eine erfolgreiche geschichtliche Erfindung. Moishe Arye Friedman (*1972) US-amerikanischer in Belgien lebender ultraorthodoxer Jude, Antizionist, vorgeblich Oberrabbiner von Wien, Österreich, zitiert in: Artikel, präsentiert von der deutschen Tageszeitung Süddeutsche Zeitung, S. 7, Dezember 2006



Heilger Moses, 1638
José de Ribera (1591-1652) spanischer Maler
  • Die Illuminaten repräsentieren eine jahrhundertealte Ehe zwischen dem
    jüdischen Finanzwesen und
    ➤ der nichtjüdischen Aristokratie, die auf Geld, Macht und dem Okkulten beruht. Diese Banker haben sich der Kontrolle über Staatskredite bemächtigt und haben somit unbegrenzte Mittel, um ihre schändliche Agenda voranzutreiben. Sie haben alles und jeden gekauft und bedienen sich der Androhung von Erpressung, um ihre Marionetten zu lenken (die unsere "Führer" sind). Die meisten Juden und Nicht-Juden wissen nicht, dass das Judentum durch zwei Lehren definiert wird:
    ➤ den xenophoben Talmud und
    ➤ die auf der Idee rassischer Überlegenheit begründete Kabbala.
    Sein geheimes Ziel ist die Weltherrschaft, was bedeutet, dass das Kreditmonopol der Banker auf ein Monopol auf alles, also spirituell, politisch, kulturell und materiell, ausgeweitet werden soll. Die Kabbala ist satanisch, da in ihr behauptet wird, dass Gott formlos und noch nicht einmal im Universum wahrnehmbar ist. Der kabbalistische Jude ist Gottes Sprachrohr. Die Essenz von Religion ist aber, dass Gott erfahrbar ist. Wie sonst können wir Ihm gehorchen, anstatt irgendeinem Kabbalisten? Der zweite Weltkrieg war eine Falle, um Deutschland zu zerstören. [...] Hitler ein Handlanger der Illuminaten und der Zweite Weltkrieg eine Farce. Der Vorwurf des "Antisemitismus" ist ein hinterhältiger Trick, der angewandt wird, um jeglichen Widerstand gegen die freimaurerische jüdische Agenda zu entkräften. Diese Agenda beinhaltet die Umwandlung des Menschseins in ein Sklavendasein durch die Zerstörung unserer menschlichen Identität, die auf Rasse, Religion (Gott), Nation und Familie (Geschlechterrollen) beruht. Sie wollen eine Rasse (Rassenmischung), eine Religion (Luziferianismus), ein Geschlecht (Bisexualität) und eine Nation (Weltstaat). Die Beschuldigung des Antisemitismus ist ein Ablenkungsmanöver, denn sowohl Juden als auch Nicht-Juden – tatsächlich die Menschheit als Ganzes – wurden in diesen satanischen Kult eingeweiht, ohne sich dessen bewusst zu sein. Wir sind alle Opfer dieser Verschwörung. Millionen von nichtjüdischen Freimaurern kontrollieren Regierungen, Medien, Militär, Unternehmen und Bildung als Marionetten des Zentralbankenkartells. Um heutzutage im öffentlichen Leben Erfolg zu haben, muss man Rasse, Religion, Nation und Familie verraten, oder sich zumindest dieser bösartigen Agenda nicht entgegenstellen. Diese Verschwörung schürt Terror als Vorwand, um Tag für Tag ihren Einfluss zu vergrößern. Das Schicksal der Menschheit hängt am seidenen Faden. So bizarr und unglaublich es klingt, wurde die Menschheit von einem satanischen Kult, der als die Illuminaten bekannt ist, kolonialisiert. Dieser Kult repräsentiert freimaurerische und jüdische Banker, die sich ein Monopol auf Staatskredite erschlichen haben, das ihnen ermöglicht, ein Zahlungsmittel in Form von Schulden bei ihnen zu schaffen und dafür Zinsen zu erheben. Selbstverständlich wollen sie diese Trophäe schützen, indem sie von ihnen in ein politisches und kulturelles Monopol umgewandelt wird. Dieses tritt in Gestalt einer totalitären Weltregierung in Erscheinung, die Luzifer gewidmet ist, der ihre Missachtung von Gott verkörpert. Demzufolge verschwören sich die Personen gegen uns, die uns finanziell unter Kontrolle haben. Um uns abzulenken und zu steuern, bedienen sie sich eines ausgedehnten okkulten Netzwerks (Freimaurerei), um die meisten Einrichtungen zu unterwandern, insbesondere die Regierung, die Geheimdienste, das Bildungswesen und die Massenmedien. Wir werden umprogrammiert, um den Illuminaten zu dienen. Sie untergraben Institutionen wie die Ehe und Religion und fördern Verdorbenheit, Persönlichkeitsstörungen, Korruption und Spaltungen. Sie inszenierten zwei Weltkriege und planen den 3. Weltkrieg. Klappentext des Erfolgsbuchs von Harald Kautz-Vella (*1966) deutscher Physiker, Geologe, unabhängiger investigativer Forscher, Referent, Übersetzer, Verleger, Autor, Zitat von Dr. Henry Makov, ethnischer Jude, Forscher, Autor, Illuminati. Der Kult, der die Welt gekapert hat, Silas Green, 1. Ausgabe 6. September 2015


  • Die dem Illuminatenorden angehörenden (und Kabbala-gläubigen) Juden und ihre freimaurerischen Handlanger wollen nicht, dass Juden oder andere den verborgenen subversiven und okkulten Charakter des kollektiven jüdischen Unternehmens erkennen.
    Sie wollen nicht, dass Juden sich darüber bewusst werden, dass der Antisemitismus durch die Jahrhunderte hindurch nicht irrational war. Diese Erkenntnis würde die Nichtjuden ermächtigen und den "geringeren Brüdern" ermöglichen, ihrer Rolle als Dummköpfe, Sündenböcke, menschliche Schutzschilde und Menschenopfer für ihre wahnsinnige Führerschaft zu entkommen.
    Die der kabbalistischen Lehre anhängenden Juden glauben, dass sie Gottes Willen definieren. Anders ausgedrückt tritt Gott durch sie in der Welt in Erscheinung. Anderenfalls ist Er "formlos und unerfahrbar". (Das ist satanisch, da Gott unser Navigationssystem ist. Der Mensch ist durch seine Seele und spirituelle Ideale – Liebe, Frieden, Wahrheit, Schönheit und Gerechtigkeit – mit Gott verbunden.)
    Die Kabbalisten sind überzeugt, dass sie die Wirklichkeit nach Satan umdefinieren können: Böse ist gut, Unwahrheiten entsprechen der Wahrheit und krank ist gesund (und umgekehrt). Sie zersetzen jede andere kollektive Identität: Nation, Religion, Rasse und Familie. Sie müssen die christliche Ordnung zerschlagen, um die NWO aufzubauen. […]
    Die Essenz der NWO besteht darin, dass die der kabbalistischen Lehre anhängenden Juden und ihre freimaurerischen Lakaien die natürliche und spirituelle Ordnung umstürzen und die Menschheit geistig, wenn nicht sogar körperlich, versklaven werden. Blogartikel von Dr. Henry Makov, ethnischer Jude, Forscher, Autor, Der Teufel und die Juden, 3. Juli 2016


Referenz: de.Wikiquote-Eintrag Judentum

Quotes by various other sources

In love is found the secret of divine unity; it is love that unites the higher and lower stages, and that lifts every thing to that stage where all must be one. Zohar [LoC 720]


Personal avowal

Sacred Jewish texts

  • The Hebrew theology was divided into three distinct parts.
    1. The first was the law, [Thora LoC 550]
    2. the second was the soul of the law, [Mishna LoC 665]
    3. and the third was the soul of the soul of the law. [Qabalah LoC 720]
    • The law was taught to all the children of Israel;
    • the Mishna, or the soul of the law, was revealed to the Rabbis and teachers;
    • but the Qabalah, the soul of the soul of the law, was cunningly concealed, and only the highest initiates among the Jews were instructed in its secret principles.
Manly Palmer Hall (LoC 485) (1901-1990) Canadian-born author, mystic, The Secret Teachings of All Ages. An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic & Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, originally published 1928, free Internet version, Philosophical Research Society, revised edition June 1978



The real purpose of Judaism and all secret societies is to advance the agenda of the super rich.



Gender equality is based in God.

  • The equality of men and women begins at the highest possible level: G-d. In Judaism, unlike traditional Christianity, G-d has never been viewed as exclusively male or masculine. Judaism has always maintained that G-d has both masculine and feminine qualities. As one Chassidic rabbi explained it to me, G-d has no body, no genitalia, therefore the very idea that G-d is male or female is patently absurd. We refer to G-d using masculine terms simply for convenience's sake, because Hebrew has no neutral gender; G-d is no more male than a table is. Both man and woman were created in the image of G-d. According to most Jewish scholars, "man" was created in Genesis 1, 27 (OT) with dual gender, and was later separated into male and female. Article The Role of Women, presented by JewFAQ.org, 1995-2011


  • Basic points about the Mid-East crisis:
    1. The Arab nations are said to originate from Abraham's first-born son, Ishmael, born of Hagar, the handmaid of Abraham’s wife, Sarah. In the Old Testament, it states that Sarah offered her maid, Hagar, as a concubine, because an heir was needed and Sarah seemed unable to procreate.
    2. The Jewish nation is said to originate from Abraham's second son, Isaac, born of Sarah, who, it turned out, was able to conceive.
    3. Historically, at the core of the Mid-East conflict has been the issue of Abraham's first son, Ishmael, and Abraham's second son, Isaac, both of whom had rightful claims as first-born son of Abraham.
    4. After the death of the Prophet Mohammed in the eighth century, his followers split into Sunni and Shiite Muslims, further complicating the original 'firstborn' issue.
Rodger Hyodo (*1957) Canadian miraculous brain injury healee, personal coach, author, Adjusting Thought Reflex. Peak Performance in High Pressure Moments, AuthorHouse, 4. February 2010


  • The great Name of God in His creative unfolding is Adam. Prof. Gershom Scholem (1897-1982) German-born Israeli philosopher, religious historian, founder of the modern, academic study of Kabbalah, first professor of Jewish Mysticism, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, author, On the Kabbalah and its Symbolism, Schocken, revised edition 30. January 1996


Reference: en.Wikiquote entry Judaism



Note: The Portrait of Moses in Talmudic literature

  • The whole world was shaken and enthralled by the miracle of the Exodus. The name of Moses was on everyone's lips. Tidings of the great miracle reached also the wise king of Arabistan. The king summoned his best painter and bade him to go to Moses, to paint his portrait and bring it back to him. When the painter returned, the king gathered together all his sages, wise in physiognomy, and asked them to define by the portrait the character of Moses, his qualities, inclinations, habits, and the source of his miraculous power.
    "King," answered the sages,
    "this is the portrait of a man cruel, haughty, greedy of gain, possessed by desire for power, and by all the vices which exist in the world."
These words roused the king's indignation.
"How can it be possible," he exclaimed,
"that a man whose marvelous deeds ring through the whole world should be of such a kind?"
A dispute began between the painter and the sages. The painter affirmed that the portrait of Moses had been painted by him quite accurately, while the sages maintained that Moses' character had been unerringly determined by them according to the portrait. The wise king of Arabistan decided to verify which of the disputing parties was right, and he himself set off for the camp of Israel. At the first glance the king became convinced that the face of Moses had been faultlessly portrayed by the painter. On entering the tent of the man of God he knelt down, bowed to the ground, and told Moses of the dispute between the artist and the sages.
"Until I saw thy face," said the king,
"I thought it must be that the artist had painted thy image badly, for my sages are men very much experienced in the science of physiognomy. Now I am convinced that they are quite worthless men and that their wisdom is vain and worthless."
"No," answered Moses,
"it is not so; both the painter and the physiognomists are men highly skilled, and both parties are right. Be it known to thee that all the vices of which the sages spoke have indeed been assigned to me by nature and perhaps to an even higher degree than was found by them from my portrait. But I struggled with my vices by long and intense efforts of the will and gradually overcame and transcended them within myself until all opposed to them became my second nature. And in this lies my greatest pride."
Note: The Exodus is an allegory of Evolution, as The Genesis is an allegory of Involution/Creation. The Bible is full of characters who are flawed and yet rise up to momentous occasions to accomplish heroic deeds.
Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, Japanese founder and CEO of Vision-In-Action Leadership Institute, Facebook entry, 23. October 2018

Quotes by Simon Parkes


Origin and circumstances of the Jewish people

  • There are twelve tribes of Israel. The jolly old figures 3-6-9-12. That is a construct. 6 and 12 are the numbers of the Reptilian/Orion/control system. […] Moses was the son of an Egyptian pharao. This is where the Jewish line comes from. Moses and many of these ordinary indigenous people were Egyptians. The leaders of the Egyptian race were Annunaki. If you take a group of indigenous people and infuse a people with a belief in themselves and then you give them protection. The Jews were a chosen and protected people in the sense of the Reptilian race in the sense of following up the deal.
    The Jewish people are a bloodline all of their own. They were a chosen race because Enlil [Jaweh] presented himself as the God of the Jews. He created a system that would keep them pure, so they wouldn’t interbreed outside of their own people. He gave them rules and laws to ensure that they worshipped him and that they had sacrifice and that they followed a Reptilian culture. That is totally different from Annunaki. The main body of the Jews is a separate line from the Annunaki.
    But the people who were running the Jewish race did come from the Annunaki. That should be understood.
    The Ashkenazi Jews / Khazarian Jews (who have a more fundamental connection to the roots) and the Holy Land Jews (who have more magical orientation) do have a difference in opinion, they have different values, and a different way of expressing their cultural religion.
    One of the major reasons of the Obama administration to start a war in The Ukraine was to try to give the Khazarian Jews control over part of the Ukraine. The Khazarian Jews claim part of Russia and part of The Ukraine as their true homeland. This was the real reason to try and break this part away from Russia.
    There is a line between the Merovingians who are very prevalent in Italy (including the Cathars and the Knights Templars) and the Khazarian Jews. Most of them are bankers who own huge amounts of wealth and land. And between them they control half of the planet. […] Florence is the birthplace of the new money. The Vatican is central as a mover and shaker with all those groups, it influences both sides of the [powerful] families.
    Up to 1942 Hitler won nearly every battle – as long as he was buying oil from the Bushes, Standard Oil. […] The off planet assistence went […] because he did not follow through on the deal. The Israelis won battle after battle after battle, because specifically through MOSSAD they had even to this day a connection with a particular off-planet entity which isn't very nice. And it is the same off-planet entity that worked with Hitler. It will work with any nation that thinks it can control.
    Audio interview with Simon Parkes (*1960) British councillor, Illuminati insider, mind control experiencer, activist, counselor, Mar 19 2017 Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness Q&A with Wolf Spirit Radio, presented by the Scottish listener supported media network Wolf Spirit Radio, program "Connecting Consciousness", host Jay Pee, recorded 19. March 2017, YouTube film, minute 47:00, minute 27:57, minute 49:29, 1:55:58 minutes duration, posted 20. March 2017

⚡ Problematic Zionism ⇔ ethical Judaism – Hajo Meyer

Personal insights of an Auschwitz survivor

  • An anti-Semite used to be a person who disliked Jews.
    I am not anti-Jew.
    I am anti-Zionist.
    Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism.
    Hajo Meyer (1924-2014) Jewish German-Dutch physicist, Auschwitz concentration camp survivor, anti-Zionist political activist, author, cited in: Article Manufactured anti-Semitism and the dark side of Jewish consciousness, presented by the independent news website Mondoweiss, Lillian Rosengarten, 29. October 2016, reissued by Sott.net, 1. November 2016


  • Large parts of the Jewish population don't want to talk about the Palestinians. They cannot get out of their role of the victim. They have forgotten about Jewish ethics as laid down in the Golden Rule by Hillel,
    "What is hateful to you, do not do unto others."
I was educated to put inter-human ethics central in religion. This is so obviously contrary to the daily practice of Zionism. In Zionism they practice a dogmatic Holocaust religion:
  • there is only one people which knows about suffering, that is the Jewish people [and that] any suffering Zionists inflict on Palestinians is negligible as compared to Jewish suffering.
  • Secondly, according to high priest Elie Wiesel, the only event with which Auschwitz must be compared is the Sinai experience, when Moses got from God’s own hands the five books of the Torah and the ten commandments.
This religion has for many taken the place of the former ethical Judaism. It gives the Zionists the freedom to do anything they want without feeling guilty.
If we want to stay really human beings, we must get up and call the Zionists what they are: Nazi criminals. [The hate of the Jews by the Germans] was less deeply rooted than the hate of the Palestinians by the Israeli Jews. The brainwashing of the Jewish Israeli populations is going on for over sixty years. They cannot see a Palestinian as a human being. Interview with Hajo Meyer (1924-2014) Jewish German-Dutch physicist, Auschwitz concentration survivor, anti-Zionist political activist, author, In last interview, Auschwitz concentration camp survivor urged Palestinians‚ "not to give up their fight", presented by The Electronic Intifada, Adri Nieuwhof, Swiss consultant and human rights advocate, 25. August 2014


  • Since 1967 it has become obvious that political Zionism has one monolithic aim: Maximum land in Palestine with a minimum of Palestinians on it. This aim is pursued with an inexcusable cruelty as demonstrated during the assault on Gaza. The cruelty is explicitly formulated in the Dahiye doctrine of the military and morally supported by the Holocaust religion.
    I am pained by the parallels I observe between my experiences in Germany prior to 1939 and those suffered by Palestinians today. I cannot help but hear echoes of the Nazi mythos of "blood and soil" in the rhetoric of settler fundamentalism which claims a sacred right to all the lands of biblical Judea and Samaria. The various forms of collective punishment visited upon the Palestinian people – coerced ghettoization behind a "security wall"; the bulldozing of homes and destruction of fields; the bombing of schools, mosques, and government buildings; an economic blockade that deprives people of the water, food, medicine, education and the basic necessities for dignified survival – force me to recall the deprivations and humiliations that I experienced in my youth. This century-long process of oppression means unimaginable suffering for Palestinians. Blog article by Hajo Meyer (1924-2014) Jewish German-Dutch physicist, Auschwitz concentration camp survivor, anti-Zionist political activist, author, An Ethical Tradition Betrayed, presented by the US American liberal-oriented online newspaper The Huffington Post, 27. January 2010, retrieved 27. March 2010


  • If we Jews were to opt for an ethically compromised meaning to be gleaned from the Holocaust, according to which it would now be our turn to get revenge for all that was done to us – if we came to believe that now that we were in the driver's seat we could discriminate against those who didn’t see things our way – then we would have sunk to the level of our former persecutors. We would, in effect, be proving them right. No, it would be appropriate here to practice a classical Jewish concept, the teshuva, which means the return from the wrong road. Hajo Meyer (1924-2014) Jewish German-Dutch physicist, Auschwitz concentration camp survivor, anti-Zionist political activist, author, The End of Judaism, G. Meyer Books, 2007, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 7. July 2013


See also: ► Quotes on political Zionism – Ilan Pappé

⚡ Quotes by Oliver Stone

  • Hitler was a Frankenstein but there was also a Dr Frankenstein. German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support […] Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than [to] the Jewish people, 25 or 30 [million killed].
    [Speaking of Adolf Hitler] He's the product of a series of actions. It's cause and effect […] People in America don't know the connection between World War I and World War II. [Walk in Stalin's shoes and Hitler's shoes to understand their point of view.]
    [Asked to explain why this was not well-known, Stone responded]: The Jewish domination of the media […] There's a major lobby in the United States. They are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington. Israel has fucked up United States foreign policy for years. Interview with Oliver Stone (*1946) US American film director, producer, screenwriter, author, presented by the British national "quality" Sunday newspaper The Sunday Times, London, 25. July 2010


Stone's above comment drew immediate criticism from US groups such as The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants. Only one day later he was forced to apologize. Here is his subsequent apology statement:

  • In trying to make a broader historical point about the range of atrocities the Germans committed against many people, I made a clumsy association about the Holocaust, for which I am sorry and I regret. Jews obviously do not control media or any other industry. The fact that the Holocaust is still a very important, vivid and current matter today is, in fact, a great credit to the very hard work of a broad coalition of people committed to the remembrance of this atrocity – and it was an atrocity. Article Oliver Stone apologises for 'antisemitic' remarks, presented by the British daily newspaper The Guardian, 26. July 2010


Reference: ► Video interview with Oliver Stone (*1946) US American film director, producer, screenwriter, author,
Oliver Stone On Hardtalk 2/2, presented by the news outlet of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) BBC News,
program "Hardtalk", Cambridge Union, YouTube film, 8:54 minutes duration, posted 10. August 2010

⚡ Quotes on Sabbatean political Zionism

Then he said to me, this is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts. Zechariah 4, 6


Personal avowals

  • Well, I myself am a 100% atheist. And I am increasingly worried that the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, which dominates our entire life, is assuming a more and more religious character. Uri Avnery (1923-2018) Israeli founder of the Gush Shalom peace movement, former terrorist, speaker, member of the Knesset (1965-1974) and (1979-1981), journalist, writer, A War of Religions? God Forbid!, presented by the publication Gush Shalom, Uri Avnery's Column, 19. February 2006



Exposing Zionist genocide of Palestine

  • I became an "anti-semite" when I observed that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians resembled the Union Army’s treatment, under Sherman and Sheridan, of the American Plains Indians. Wholesale genocide.
    Currently the Israel Lobby is at work destroying anyone associated with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, which is an effort to sanction Israel for its genocide against Palestine. […]
    There is no doubt whatsoever that the Palestinians have had their country stolen. Now they, like native Indians in the US in the 19th century, have been confined to ghetto reservations. This is a simple fact. But anyone who states the fact is declared by the Israel Lobby to be an anti-semite who wants to kill all the Jews.In other words, it is Zionist Israel that is committing genocide, but if a person mentions that fact that person is accused of wanting to do to the Jews what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. Article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts paulcraigroberts.org (*1939) US American assistant secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan administration, associate editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal, columnist for Bloomberg Businessweek, whistleblowing blogger, Zionist Israel Hides Its Crimes Behind Its Smears of Truth-Tellers, presented by the publication Counter Punch, 13. May 2016


  • Prophetic Judaism is my religion. The essence of Prophetic Judaism – universal and ethical Judaism – is: 'Thou shalt not kill; Thou shalt not steal; Thou shalt not covet … Love thy fellow-man as thyself … What thou dost not like to be done to thee, do not do to thy fellow-man … Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit … In the place where the repentant stands, even the completely righteous man cannot stand.'
    A Jew who practices, or at least tries hard to practice the above noble teachings, is my fellow Jew. Moshe Menuhin (1893-1983) Jewish great great grandson of Shneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad Hassidism, passionate anti-Zionist, author, The Decadence of Judaism in Our Time, Exposition Press, 1965, Institute of Palestine Studies, Beirut, 1969, retitled as Ebook Not by Might, nor by Power. The Zionist Betrayal of Judaism, S. 770, Forbidden Bookshelf, 2017


  • I am willing to volunteer to do the dirty work for Israel, to kill as many Arabs as necessary, to deport them, to expel and burn them, to have everyone hate us. What you don’t understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it. Ariel Sharon (1928-2014) Israeli general, politician, 11th prime minister of Israel, 1982


  • If the Holocaust were publicly exposed as a shameless fraud, if people all over the world learned that, while the Jews undoubtedly were [...] persecuted during the Second World War, there was no attempt to exterminate them, that the death factories, gas chambers and gas vans were a Jewish swindle, and that the six million figure was a fantastic exaggeration, the Zionist-led "New World Order" would be all but finished. Jürgen Graf (*1951) Schweizer Holocaustrevisionist, Holocaust Revisionism and its Political Consequences, written in exile, Tehran, Iran, January 2001


  • I mourn genocide in Gaza because I am the granddaughter of a family half wiped out in the holocaust and I know genocide when I see it. People are asking why I am taking this ‘side.’ There are no sides. I mourn all victims. But every law of war and international law is being broken in the targeting of civilians in Gaza. I stand with the people of Gaza exactly because things might have turned out differently if more people had stood with the Jews in Germany. I stand with the people of Gaza because no one stood with us. Naomi Wolf (*1962) US American political activist, social critic, former informal political consultant to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, leading spokesperson of the third wave of the feminist movement, author, Facebook comment, 22. July 2014


  • The feeling of Jewishness remains in me something dark, abysmal, and above all, unstable. Both powerful and labile. Nothing is as important to me as my Jewishness which, however, in many respects, has so little importance in my life. Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) Algerian French postmodern philosopher, founder of deconstructionism, developer of post-structuralism, atheist, cited in: Hervé Ryssen, Les Espérances planétariennes, S. 183, Éditions Baskerville, 2005



  • We must particularly and thoroughly understand how a small but militant group from among the persecuted and bedeviled East European Jews cleverly managed to captivate the unsophisticated West European and American Jews, who were on the road to becoming fully integrated nationals of their adopted or native countries […] behind a cloak of simulated philanthropy and innocuous-sounding "togetherness". Moshe Menuhin (1893-1983) Jewish great great grandson of Shneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad Hassidism, passionate anti-Zionist, author, The Decadence of Judaism in Our Time, Exposition Press, 1965, Institute of Palestine Studies, Beirut, 1969, retitled as Ebook Not by Might, nor by Power. The Zionist Betrayal of Judaism, S. 61-62, Forbidden Bookshelf, 2017

Clandestine Jews destroying Jews

  • Of Jewish descent, or being related to Jewish families were:
    ➤ the Leader and Reichschancelor Adolf Hitler;
    ➤ his representatives the Reichsminister Rudolf Hess;
    ➤ the Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering;
    ➤ the Reichsleader of the NSDAP Gregor Strasser,
    ➤ Dr. Josef Goebbels,
    ➤ Alfred Rosenberg,
    ➤ Hans Frank,
    Heinrich Himmler;
    ➤ the Reichsminister von Ribbentrop (who pledged close friendship with the famous Zionist Chaim Weizmann, the first head of the State of Israel who died in 1952);
    ➤ von Keudell;
    ➤ field commanders Globocnik (the Jewish destructor);
    ➤ Jordan and Wilhelm Hube;
    ➤ the great SS-Leaders Reinhard Heydrich, Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski and von Keudell II, who also were active in the destruction of Jews.
    (All of them were members of the secret Thule Order/ Society.)
    Heineke Kardel, German author, Adolf Hitler. Founder of Israel, 1974, cited in: Dietrich Bronder, German Jew, author, Before Hitler Came, 1964



Conscience driving question

  • If opposing Israel is anti-semitic then what doyou call supporting a state that has been engaged in brutal ethnic cleansing for seven decades? What does that make you? Miko Peled (*1961) Israeli-American activist, Jewish son of an Israeli general Matti Peled (1923-1995) engaged in the 48' and 67' wars, karate instructor, speaker, author, 10. August 2014

The term 'anti-Semitism' is used by the Israel lobby in the United States to restrict criticism of Israel's violent and inhumane policies against the Palestinian people and Israel's domination over the US government.  Images From Palestine, Facebook comment, 9. January 2016



Two-state-solution between Israel and Palestine

1897 the Zionist Federation decided to colonize Palestine and charge Jewish settlers interest on the loans that put them on the front line.

  • Israel is faced with two options:
    1. Continue to exist as a Jewish state while controlling the Palestinians through military force and racist laws, or
    2. undertake a deep transformation into a real democracy where Israelis and Palestinians live as equals in a shared state, their shared homeland.
For Israelis and Palestinians alike, the latter path promises a bright future. Op-ed article by Miko Peled (*1961) Israeli-American activist, Jewish son of an Israeli general Matti Peled (1923-1995) engaged in the 48' and 67' wars, karate instructor, speaker, author, Six Days in Israel, 45 Years Age, presented by the US American daily newspaper Los Angeles Times, 6. June 2012


  • Critics of the war plans (including myself) have pointed to the disastrous political results that must be expected: Iraq would break into three parts (Kurds in the north, Sunnis in the center, Shi'ites in the south), the Middle East would be exposed to the onslaught of Iranian fanaticism, pro-Western Arab regimes would collapse. Israel would be surrounded by aggressive Islamic fundamentalism, like the Crusader kingdom with the advent of Saladin. Uri Avnery (1923-2018) Israeli founder of the Gush Shalom peace movement, former terrorist, speaker, member of the Knesset (1965-1974) and (1979-1981), journalist, writer, article Uri Avnery: War Now!, 9. September 2002


  • Violence is part of the resistance to occupation. The basic fact is not the violence; the basic fact is the occupation. Violence is a symptom; the occupation is the disease – a mortal disease for everybody concerned, the occupied and the occupiers. Uri Avnery (1923-2018) Israeli founder of the "Gush Shalom" peace movement, former terrorist, speaker, member of the Knesset (1965-1974) and (1979-1981), journalist, writer, Uri Avnery Interview, presented by The Progressive, Jon Elmer, 31. March 2004




The plan of the NWO was hidden in the Jewish Kaballah.

  • [Y]ou will learn how the diabolical Kaballah was started in the days of Moses, more than five thousand years ago by men who rebelled against God. This secret religion among the twelve tribes of Israel burned like a smoldering fire under the surface and it was King Solomon who fanned the fire some 900 years before Christ and made it into the refined system we see today. As we are approach the coming of the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast, it should be of utmost importance to know about the religion of this coming world dictator. John Torell, Swedish US American pastor, The Kabbalah Booklets. Exposing the hidden secrets of the future World Government!, Book 1: Sabbatai Sevi, Book 2: Jacob Frank, Book 3: The Rothschild Family, Book 4: The Stealth Takeover of the United States, 1970s


  • From its beginnings, political Zionism faced opposition within the Jewish world. The Zionist identification of a people with a state is incompatible with the real position of most Jews as freely chosen citizens of other countries. Long before Roman times, Jews formed widely dispersed religious, cultural and ethnic groups whose commonality was not based on geography or politics. Only their spiritual practices were centred on Palestine. Article Zionism doesn't define Jews – it divides us, presented by the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail, published 12. December 2002, updated 21. March 2009



  • Anti-Semitism is "hostility and prejudice directed against Jewish people" (OED).
    Zionism refers to the movement to create a Jewish state in the Middle East, roughly corresponding to the historical land of Israel, and thus support for the modern state of Israel. Anti-Zionism opposes that.
But some say
  • "Zionist" can be used as a coded attack on Jews,
while others say
  • the Israeli government and its supporters are deliberately confusing anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism to avoid criticism.
Article What's the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism?, presented by the British news outlet of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) BBC News, 29. April 2016


  • Anti-semitism is a trick. We always use it when from Europe somebody is critisizing Israel, then we always bring up the Holocaust. When in this country [United States] people are critisizing Israel, then they are anti-semitic. And the organisation is strong and has a lot of money. [...] It is very easy to blame people who critisize certain acts of the Israeli government as anti-semitics and to bring up the Holocaust and the suffering of the Jewish people and that is to justify everything we do to the Palestians. TV video interview with Shulamit Aloni, former israeli minister, Israeli Minister "We always use the anti-Semitism trick or bring up the Holocaust", presented by the US American non-profit TV station Democracy Now!, host Amy Goodman (*1957) US American broadcast journalist, syndicated columnist, investigative reporter, author, YouTube film, 1:46 minute duration, posted 4. July 2010

Shulamit Aloni admits that the Holocaust and the "antisemite" accusation are used to manipulate those who criticize political Zionists.



Three World Wars Rothschild strategy

  • World Wars have been the primary catalysts of the Rothschild [NWO] plan.
    1. World War I generated the first [step] at world government, the League of Nations, as well as the Balfour Declaration [and the Soviet Union], which the British government issued to Lord Walter Rothschild, pledging a "Jewish homeland" in Palestine .
    2. World War II produced a stronger framework for world government – the United Nations (UN) – and the Israeli state [and the World Bank, IMF, the spreading Communism over half the world].
    3. But the plan's culmination (total world government, seated in Jerusalem) [with a world currency and a world Police State] would probably require a World War III.
Article by James Perloff, US American alternative researcher, journalist, author, To 9/11 and Beyond: The Rothschild-Israeli Obsession with Nuclear Weapons, November 2016


2017 anniversaries for the Rothschild elite to celebrate
YearRothschild instigated historical eventAnniversay
1517Catholic-Protestant split – Protestant Reformation
Divide and conquer policy
500th year
1717Founding of the first Freemasonic Grand Lodge
Premier Grand Lodge of England
300th year
1917Birth of Christian Zionism1Scofield Reference Bible 100th year
1917United States being deceived into World War I 100th year
1917Bolshevik October Revolution 100th year
1917Balfour Declaration 100th year
1967Attack of USS Liberty 50th year
1967Zionist seizure of Jerusalem 50th year
2017xxx 50th year
Source: ► Article by James Perloff, US American alternative researcher, journalist, author,
To 9/11 and Beyond: The Rothschild-Israeli Obsession with Nuclear Weapons, November 2016


  • No lobby has managed to divert U.S. foreign policy as far from what the American national interest would otherwise suggest, while simultaneously convincing Americans that U.S. and Israeli interests are essentially identical. In its basic operations, it is no different from interest groups like the Farm Lobby, steel and textile workers, and other ethnic lobbies. What sets the Israel Lobby apart is its extraordinary effectiveness. [The Israel Lobby has] significant leverage over the Executive branch [as well as the ability to make sure that the] Lobby's perspective on Israel is widely reflected in the mainstream media. John Mearsheimer, Ph.D. (*1947) US American professor of political science, University of Chicago, Stephen Walt, Ph.D. (*1955) US American professor of international relations, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 27. August 2007


  • Let's dump this silly term [anti-semitism] and replace it by a simple and straightforward one: judeophobia. Just like any other phobia (say, for example, russophobia) the phobia of X is the 1) fear and/or hatred of X. Some people hate Jews, others fear them (think of the "fear of the Jews" in the Scripture), some do both.
    Judeophobia has its roots in the demonic teachings of the sect of the Pharisees whose religiously-sanctioned racism has, unfortunately, permeated the worldview of many secular Jews. […] The root causes of antisemitism are to be found […] in the teachings of Pharisaic Talmudism.
    [It] is a misnomer, if by "Judaism" you refer the faith of the Old Testament, the faith of the Ancient Israel, the "God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of our forefathers." Modern "Judaism" which was created well after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70AD. Modern "Judaism" ought be to called "Pharisaic Talmudism" and its true creators are Shimon bar Yochia, Maimonides, Joseph Karo and Isaac Luria. The reason why this religion ought to be referred to as Pharisaic Talmudism is modern Judaism is the continuation of the sect of the Pharisees (the only Jewish sect which survived the destruction of Jerusalem and of the Temple – all modern forms of "Judaism" trace their roots to the Pharisees) and that it's main source of authority is the Talmud, a collection of writings based on the ideas of the sect of the Pharisees and complied from the beginning of the 2nd century. To separate them from non-religious Jews, some authors have offered the term "Judaic" to describe a person adhering to this faith.
    While many modern Jews are non-religious and really members of a self-described Jewish tribe, there is no such thing in history as a "Jewish culture" distinct from Pharisaic Talmudism. National categories are recent creations from the 18th and 19th centuries. For most of history people defined them in reference to 1) their place of residence or birth 2) their religious affiliation and 3) the identity of the ruler they were subjects of.
    According to Pharisaic Talmudists, all Christians deserve to be killed for the sin of idolatry [Avoda Zara].
    Jews are not a race or ethnicity, they are a tribe.
    Article A Crash Course on the True Causes of "Anti-Semitism", presented by The Saker, reissued by the news outlet The Unz Review, 28. September 2017


  • Zionism can be seen as a strange twist on the Spanish philosopher George Santayana's warning that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." The Zionists certainly remember the persecutions suffered by European Jews. But they forget that this mistreatment was most often organized by racist states that sought to ethnically cleanse the Jews. […]
    Having forgotten about this state-based aspect of their own past, the Zionist state now commits this same offense against the Palestinians. It also needs the rest of us to forget the sins of past racism if it is to carry on its effort to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians. Our response should be to embrace the motto, "Never Again!" It is time to direct this demand to the shameful behavior of Israel and the Zionists.
    Article The Dark Inevitability of Zionism, presented by the Consortium News, Lawrence Davidson, 26. November 2017


  • The infamous Kabbalist Sabbatai Zevi announced in Smyrna in 1666 that he was the Messiah. Over a million Jews worldwide became his followers. Sabbatai Zevi preached the satanic doctrine, "Praised be He who permits the forbidden." […]
    Not everyone who studies Kabbalah becomes a Satanist. But, Kabbalah is a prerequisite for ALL Luciferian practitioners. Freemasonry rides on Kabbalah, the 19th century "Pope of Freemasonry" Albert Pike said, "The masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the higher degrees, maintained in the Purity of the Luciferian doctrine. If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay and his priests calumniate him?" Article by Richard Evans The Kabbalah is a Hoax, presented by the website henrymakow.com, 5. September 2010



  • Israel is doing everything it can to destroy the Middle East including Syria.
    • It has stolen the Golan Heights from Syria, which have oil under them.
    • It has stolen water from Jordan for the last 30 or 40 years. […]
People need to understand that the Zionist policy is not the policy of the people of Israel, nor is it the policy of the people of the United States of America. […] There are a lot of lies in Israel's history [invention of the land of Israel, invention of the Jewish religion], to include the fact that Israel was not there before Palestine. Video interview with Robert David Steele (*1952) US American activist, former Central Intelligence Agency clandestine services case officer, 20-year Marine Corps infantrist, promoter of open source intelligence (OSINT), author, Robert David Steele on Zionism, the Middle East and Central Banks, presented by PanOrient News TV, host YouTube film, minutes 1:24, 7:24, and 8:11, 28:47 minutes duration, posted 7. April 2018

⚡ Quotes on 9-11 political Zionism – Christopher Bollyn

Christopher Bollyn, US American independent investigative journalist, 9-11 researcher, author,
Solving 9-11. The Deception That Changed the World, PDF, 265 pages, 12. April 2012



9/11 attacks linked to Zionism

Christopher Bollyn's thesis

9-11 is a false-flag terror crime committed by Israelis and high-level Zionist
    agents in the United States and Britain.
⚑ Senior officers from Israeli military intelligence agencies were the chief architects of 9/11.
⚑ The terror plot to destroy the World Trade Center had been planned for more than 20 years and was being discussed
    by senior Israeli intelligence figures in 1980.
⚑ The false flag terror plan for 9/11 required having high-level Zionist agents connected to the Mossad occupying
    positions from which they could directly control the cover up.
⚑ Agents of Israeli military intelligence or people devoted to the Zionist cause occupied every key position in the
    9/11 cover-up.2
⚑ The Twin Towers were demolished with a extremely powerful explosive called super-thermite.


Personal background

  • I had also studied the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and seen how the U.S. government and military had covered up the truth of the Israeli military attack on the unarmed Navy vessel off the coast of Egypt in 1967. With this background I approached the events of 9-11. Well aware of the history of false-flag terror, the overwhelming Zionist influence in government and media, and dishonest official investigations into recent mass disasters, I was a natural skeptic from the start. Chapter I "9-11 Through the Eyes of an American Skeptic"



"War on terror" strategy

  • I cannot abide mass murder, occupation, and genocidal wars of aggression. Nor can I accept the corruption of our values and destruction of our basic American rights to suit an artificially imposed "War on Terror". With the passage of time, it has become quite clear that 9-11 was carried out in order to kick-start the perverse Zionist Zeitgeist known as the global "War on Terror" with its pre-planned wars of aggression, conquest, and occupation. Chapter II "The Planes of 9-11"


Future outlook

  • 9-11 will never be solved by the federal government, politically appointed investigators, law enforcement agencies, or the corrupt courts. These controlled agencies, like the Zionist-controlled media, are only interested in controlling the information and preventing the real truth from being revealed. This crime will only be solved by concerned and dedicated independent researchers. Chapter II "The Planes of 9-11"



Distorted discourse on Zionist violent nationalism

Insider knowledge that comes with a price

  • After spending several years in Europe, Israel, and the Middle East, I returned to the United States in the late 1970s and found the discourse in the media about Zionism to be extremely one-sided and distorted. Zionism, a racist ideology if ever there was one, was grossly misrepresented in the U.S. mass media as being a progressive and democratic movement of national liberation, while the state of Israel was depicted as being a kosher slice of America in the Middle East. It was very clear that the people providing the distorted view of the Middle East were themselves Jews devoted to a very un-American political and racial agenda called Zionism, the violent and chauvinistic nationalism of Eastern European Jews who have occupied Palestine since 1948.3 Chapter VII "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9/11"


  • As an independent journalist and researcher of 9/11, I have seen how Zionist-controlled media outlets are actively engaged in covering up the evidence of Israeli involvement in the false-flag attacks of 9/11 and the Zionist-planned "War on Terror." I have personally been subjected to slander and defamation from a host of Zionist-controlled news outlets, including CNN and FOX News, simply because I have investigated and written about the evidence of Israeli involvement in 9/11. Chapter VII "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9/11"



Harrassment and silencing attempts by ADL

  • I have paid a very high price for investigating and writing about the evidence that contradicts the government's version of what happened on 9/11. The first attack came from the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) in November 2001. The ADL, an organization of Jewish Freemasonry dedicated to supporting Zionist and Israeli interests, first smeared the American Free Press, the newspaper I wrote for, as a "conspiratorial and anti-Semitic weekly newspaper," which it said had "repeatedly turned to the subject of the 9/11 attacks as grist for its mill."
    The ADL then singled me out for my article, "Some Survivors Say Bombs Exploded Inside WTC" in which, the ADL said, "Bollyn suggests that the 'mainstream media' is ignoring eyewitness accounts of bombs that exploded inside the World Trade Center before the collapse of the Twin Towers." Chapter VIII "The Mass Media & the 9/11 Cover-Up"



9-11 Journalism: Complicity or career suicide

  • Having spent several years in Israel and the Middle East and having studied the history of Zionism (i.e. Jewish nationalism), I know something about the many crimes committed by Zionists during the past century. From this perspective I approach the evidence of Israeli and Zionist involvement in the major crimes of our time, such as 9/11. My investigations have uncovered a great deal of evidence of Israeli involvement in the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11 and other crimes.
    For journalists working in the controlled media, pursuing such investigations would be "career suicide," as many learned after 9/11. I have paid a very high price for my research and writing. I learned that Jewish Zionists control even small so-called nationalist newspapers. Most journalists, lawyers, and politicians are primarily interested in advancing their own careers and learn early on to accept the yoke of their Zionist masters – or sacrifice their careers. Chapter IX "Who Really Controls Our Political Parties?"



Concerted cover-up by corporate Zionist mass media

  • The so-called "mainstream media," outlets such as the The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, CNN, and FOX News, however, will never investigate the connections of the Zionist corporate network with 9/11 or the financial crisis because they are part of the same network. This is how the Zionist-controlled media works: they shield Zionist crooks by blaming others. This is also why CNN and FOX sought to smear me as an anti-Semite rather than discuss the evidence of 9/11.
    The situation with the Zionist bankers and corrupt Israeli banks like Israel Discount Bank of New York is exactly like that depicted in The International, the [2009] film about a corrupt bank which profits from Middle East weapons deals and war debt. As the Italian weapons dealer turned politician said: "It's not about the profits from the weapon deals; it's about control." Debt is the banker's instrument of control.
    It is a fairly daunting undertaking for an independent journalist to investigate the sprawling criminal network behind such huge crimes. Apart from the very real dangers it presents, it requires a great deal of research. I have paid a very high price for my 9/11 research and activism and seen the lives and careers of fellow truth seekers destroyed because they dared to challenge the audacious lies imposed on the public mind. Chapter XII "The Nexus Linking 9-11 and the Financial Crisis"

Building a monument to a falsehood

  • The plan to build a mosque at Ground Zero is is a sophisticated propaganda ploy by the Rothschild/Zionist-controlled U.S. government and media, designed to underline and cement in the public mind the blatant falsehood that Muslims were responsible for the terror attacks of 9-11. This project is founded on the false premise of Muslim guilt and is meant to create a permanent monument to the falsehood that 9-11 was carried out by Islamic terrorists. The people behind this project are the high-level Rothschild agents involved in the Zionist false-flag terrorism and cover-up of 9-11, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch, whose sprawling media empire has pushed the lies about 9-11and the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Christopher Bollyn, US American independent investigative journalist, 9-11 researcher, author, 4. September 2010


Christopher Bollyn, US American independent investigative journalist, 9-11 researcher, author,
Solving 9-11. The Deception That Changed the World, PDF, 265 pages, 12. April 2012



9/11 attacks linked to Zionism

  • 9-11 will never be solved by the federal government, politically appointed investigators, law enforcement agencies, or the corrupt courts. These controlled agencies, like the Zionist-controlled media, are only interested in controlling the information and preventing the real truth from being revealed. This crime will only be solved by concerned and dedicated independent researchers. Chapter II "The Planes of 9-11"


  • The rabid Zionist Neo-Cons who dominated the Bush administration pushed the "War on Terror" with its criminal wars of aggression, occupation, and Balkanization in the Middle East as the strategic response to 9-11. Likewise, the Zionist media moguls, who dominate the U.S. mass media, promoted the "War on Terror" as the suitable and proper response to the terror atrocity, a crime of mass murder which they refused to investigate.
    An Israeli official named Oded Yinon revealed the Zionist strategy to Balkanize the entire Middle East into ethnic mini-states in the early 1980s. The plan for a global "War on Terror" to accomplish this goal has been articulated since the mid-1980s ad nauseam by Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister of the extreme right-wing Likud party. The Israeli military's plans to realize these strategic goals had evidently been in the works for at least three decades before 9/11. Chapter II "The Planes of 9-11"


New York City fire fighter looking up at what remained of the
World Trade Center after its collapse during the September 11
terrorist attack, 13. September 2001
  • The FBI [...] under the command of the Israeli dual-national Michael Chertoff, is responsible for the confiscation of the crucial evidence from 9-11, evidence which has been withheld to this day. This evidence includes video tapes of the Pentagon attack and physical pieces from the different aircraft involved. This evidence is critical to prove what happened and which aircraft were involved in the attacks – but the FBI has refused to release this evidence. Neither President George W. Bush nor the U.S. Congress demanded that they do so. Under President Barack Obama the 9/11 cover up and the war in Afghanistan continued. The destruction and suppression of crucial evidence from 9-11 and the lack of a real investigation indicate that a culture of corruption and lack of transparency exist at all levels of government. Chapter II "The Planes of 9-11"


  • 9-11 was a very sophisticated operation [...] which required the "fixed frame" of a state intelligence organization. It was carefully planned years in advance and carried out for one strategic purpose: to kick-start the Zionist-planned "War on Terror."
    The rabid Zionist Neo-Cons who dominated the Bush administration pushed the "War on Terror" with its criminal wars of aggression, occupation, and Balkanization in the Middle East as the strategic response to 9-11. Likewise, the Zionist media moguls, who dominate the U.S. mass media, promoted the "War on Terror" as the suitable and proper response to the terror atrocity, a crime of mass murder which they refused to investigate. Chapter II "The Planes of 9-11"


  • Dedicated Zionists will either deny or defend these acts of Israeli false flag terrorism as the "pragmatic" thing to do – and attack those who disagree as anti-Semitic. Chapter II "The Planes of 9-11"


  • The highest Israeli intelligence official at the time of the Lavon Affair, Isser Harel, was evidently aware of the long-term planning of 9-11 – more than twenty years before it happened. In 1980, twenty-one years before September 11, 2001, Isser Harel, the former director of Haganah intelligence, the Shin Bet (internal) and the Mossad (foreign) intelligence services, predicted with uncanny accuracy the events of 9-11 to Michael D. Evans, an American supporter of Zionist extremists of the Jabotinsky sort.4 Chapter III "America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism"


  • The extent of Zionist control over the U.S. mass media, including the Internet, is astounding. The mass media has effectively prevented most Americans from understanding who is really behind the false flag terror attacks of 9-11, and, by extension, the illegal and genocidal wars in Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq. The controlled media has also left Americans with an extremely distorted view of the Middle East, Zionism, and the history of the Zionist state, Israel. Chapter III "America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism"



Zionists involved in 9-11 attacks

  • While the evidence indicates that the Israelis had prior knowledge of 9-11, commonly-held misconceptions about Israel and a general lack of understanding of Zionism's brutal history of terrorism prevent most people from comprehending the Israeli connection. An ignorance of Zionist history, cultivated by the controlled media, prevents people from understanding reality in the Middle East. It is essential to have a grasp of the history of previous Israeli attacks on the United States to understand 9/11. Chapter III "America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism"


Tribute in two beams of light representing the former
Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, 2004 memorial
  • Netanyahu is the son of Ben Zion Netanyahu (born Mileikowsky in Warsaw, Poland). Ben Zion was the former senior aide of Vladimir "Ze'ev" Jabotinsky, the militant extremist founder of Revisionist Zionism and the Irgun. His son, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu is also a leading advocate of the teachings of Jabotinsky. On July 8, 2007, Netanyahu was the keynote speaker at an event at the Jabotinsky Institute to mark the 67th anniversary of the death of the founder of the Irgun.
    The Irgun, a Zionist terrorist organization dedicated to creating Greater Israel, is the political parent of Israel's extreme right-wing Likud party, which Benjamin Netanyahu currently heads. The Irgun was the "armed expression" of Revisionist Zionism, which was expressed by Jabotinsky as follows, according to Howard M. Sachar (1928-2018), author of A History of Israel. From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time:
    1. Every Jew has the right to enter Palestine;
    2. Only active retaliation [i.e. terrorism] would deter the Arabs and the British;
    3. Only Jewish armed force would ensure the Jewish state.
Chapter III "America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism"


  • Zionists and Israelis have long employed terrorism as a tool and a tactic. Senior officials of the Israeli government, the Mossad, and AMAN (Israeli military intelligence) have long histories of using terror as a tool. Zionist immigrants from Poland and Russia used terrorism to drive the native Palestinians from their land, homes, and villages during the war of 1947-1948. Some 400 Palestinian villages and towns were obliterated and their populations killed or sent into exile as refugees. Many of the Palestinian houses and villages were taken over by Jewish immigrants; others were razed to the ground. Chapter III "America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism"



Planned "war OF terror"

  • The ultimate goal of creating U.S. animosity toward the Arab world is the Zionist mega-fraud known as the "War on Terror." With its U.S.-led invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, the "War on Terror" is the realization of an important strategic goal for Israeli military planners.
    To have the armies of the U.S. and European nations occupying Iraq, the most powerful and advanced Arab nation, has always been the dream of Zionist strategic planners. Benjamin Netanyahu, for example, has explicitly called for such a global "War on Terror" since the early 1980s. Chapter III "America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism"



Historic illiteracy of US citizens

  • So many Americans know so little about the Middle East. The most obvious symptom of this television-induced ignorance is that most Americans know nothing about the real history of Zionism and the State of Israel. They are completely unaware, for example, of the long history of Zionist terrorism against Palestinians, Americans, Jews, and even Israelis. Raised on Hollywood television and movies, many Americans don't have the slightest clue about the real nature of Zionism. Chapter VI "Who Controls Our Elections?"


September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City
View of the World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty
  • Apart from [the 1983 spy novel] The Little Drummer Girl by John Le Carré (*1931), I have never seen a film in which Israelis were anything but heroes or victims, usually both. The Little Drummer Girl, which is a film worth watching, shows how false-flag terror attacks are frequently committed by Israeli intelligence agents to be blamed on their enemies. Such false-flag Zionist terror attacks were carried out against synagogues in Europe in the movie, and in Baghdad in real life during the late 1940s.
    In the usual Hollywood films about terrorists, such as the Die Hard films and others produced by Zionist media moguls, the bad guys are always Arabs, Germans, or corrupt members of the U.S. military. For many decades the Zionists who control Hollywood have defined who the "bad guys" are for most Americans. Chapter VI "Who Controls Our Elections?"


  • The B'nai B'rith is a secretive, but extremely powerful and influential order of Freemasonry. It is, for example, the parent organization of the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith (ADL), which has a great deal of influence with legislators and law enforcement agencies across America. It is also the parent of Hillel, an organization for Jewish students found on virtually every college campus in the United States. The New York Times can be called a B'nai B'rith newspaper due to its ownership by the Sulzberger family, one of the leading families of B'nai B'rith Lodge No. 1 in New York City. Chapter VI "Who Controls Our Elections?"


  • More than 4,500 American men and women have died during the occupation stage of the nearly two-decade-long war against Iraq. The U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq, an illegal war of aggression, is clearly a Zionist-planned war in which Americans and other mercenaries actually do the fighting – and dying. Chapter VI "Who Controls Our Elections?"


  • If Olmert's visit to New York City [on September 10, 2001] was innocent and only involved the transfer of an Israeli soccer club, why has it been kept so secret? Why did Rudy Giuliani and the New York Police Department conspire to keep it secret? It is impossible that the authorities in New York did not know that Ehud Olmert, Israel's deputy prime minister at the time, was in their city. Mayor Olmert's visit was certainly no secret to the city or federal authorities – or high-level Zionists of New York City.
    Why has the controlled media kept it secret? Olmert, who was raised in the Betar militia in a founding family of the Irgun (the Zionist terror group of the 1930s and 40s which later became the Likud party), became the prime minister of Israel after Ariel Sharon fell (or was thrown) into a coma. Chapter VI A "The Florida Connection"


  • As in the Soviet Union, Jewish criminals in America used the "holocaust" and the slanderous charge of anti-Semitism as a shield to protect their criminal network and extortion rackets by intimidating and silencing those who would dare to expose the monstrous crimes they were involved in. A secret "combination" or Zionist network was clearly at work pulling the strings at the highest level behind the scenes. Chapter VII "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9/11"



9/11: a sophisticated false flag operation

  • Andreas von Bülow (*1937), the former head of the parliamentary commission that oversaw the German intelligence agencies, told me that a sophisticated false-flag operation like 9/11 has an organizational structure with three basic levels: architectural, operational, and working. Atta and the nineteen Arabs blamed as the "hijackers" of 9/11 were part of the working level, von Bülow said, and were simply part of the deception. That is, after all, how false-flag terror works. Von Bülow said that he believed that the Mossad, Israel's foreign intelligence service, was behind the terror attacks of 9/11. These attacks, he said, were designed to turn public opinion against the Arabs, and to boost military and security spending. Chapter VII "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9/11"


  • There is evidence of an Israeli military intelligence matrix connecting every key player and entity behind 9/11. At the most crucial position in U.S. law enforcement, for example, where executive decisions were made concerning the federal non-investigation, sat Michael Chertoff, an Israeli whose mother was one of the first agents of Israeli intelligence. Having the devoted Zionist Michael Chertoff in the key position as Assistant Attorney General controlling the criminal division of the Department of Justice gave the Israelis the operational security to carry out this massive crime without fear of exposure or prosecution. It should be noted that Chertoff also played a key role in the prosecution of the 1993 false-flag terror bombing at the World Trade Center.
    Likewise, two federal judges, Alvin K. Hellerstein and Michael B. Mukasey, both dedicated Zionists, have overseen virtually all the litigation from the massive death and destruction of 9/11 as well as the 1993 false-flag incident at the WTC. Small wonder there has yet to be a single trial for any of the ninety-six families who chose to seek justice through the courts rather than accept the government pay-out for the loss of their loved ones. Chapter VII "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9/11"


  • My discovery in 2005 that the Ptech software company from Quincy, Massachusetts, was actually a disguised Israeli intelligence operation is key to understanding the role of Israeli military intelligence in the crimes of 9/11. This is a discovery that has helped reveal other key people in the Israeli network behind the crime. Michael Goff was the key person at Ptech when it was founded in 1994. Goff, a young Zionist lawyer from Worcester, Massachusetts, subsequently worked for Guardium, an Israeli software company tied to military intelligence. This is the crucial connection that has helped expose the larger Israeli military intelligence network working behind the 9/11 scene. […]
    Goff [...] was Ptech's original marketing director, and that he was the person responsible for "procuring" software for Ptech should have demolished the Arab myth. My revelation that Goff was working for Guardium, a software company run by Israeli military intelligence officers, was ignored by the "whistle blowers" who had pushed the Arab myth, as well as by supposedly non-partisan investigators of 9/11. The Ptech-Guardium connection through Michael Goff, however, is a key link to the terror structure behind 9/11. Ptech enterprise software, which has spy, surveillance, and intervention capabilities, […] was running on nearly all of U.S. government computer networks at the time of 9/11.
    Goff, who had procured all software for the "Arab-owned" Ptech and who had been responsible for marketing Ptech's enterprise software, went on to work for Guardium, a company that is a branch of the research and development department of the Israeli Air Force. Chapter VII "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9/11"



Three fundamental Zionist deceptions related to 9/11

  • Many Americans willingly accept the extremely one-sided and abusive relationship with Israel because they have internalized three fundamental Zionist deceptions, which have been forced into their brains by the controlled mass media.
    1. The first deception is the religious hoax [successfully foisted onto millions of extremely naïve and gullible Christians, often referred to as Christian Zionists] that equates the modern state of Israel with the Israel of the Bible. This religious fraud elevates modern-day Israelis, regardless of their actual ethnicity, to being the rightful heirs of the Promised Land.
    2. The second fundamental Zionist deception [only shared by those who believe in Jewish racism and supremacism – the central pillar of the Zionist world] is that Israel is a "sister democracy" of the United States and that Israelis and Americans share the same "democratic" values.
    3. The third Zionist deception is that nineteen Arab Muslims under the leadership of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Osama Bin Laden were behind the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. This deception has been used to usher in the Zionist-planned "War on Terror," which has brought U.S. and European troops into an extensive long-term Middle Eastern war. […]
The first deception, the religious hoax of the Zionist state's connection to the biblical Israel, is doctrine to television evangelists like Pat Robertson and his Christian Coalition, while the second and third have become "conventional wisdom" for the U.S. news and entertainment media. Because millions of Americans have accepted and internalized these Zionist-created falsehoods, they are unable to understand the actual realities of the Middle East or the massive fraud of the "War on Terror." Chapter VIII "The Mass Media & the 9/11 Cover-Up"


  • If the [US] government had real evidence that would conclusively prove its case for waging war, why has it not presented the evidence in a federal court after 10 years? The only logical explanation for this failure is that the government does not have any solid evidence to support its allegations. Vice President Dick Cheney admitted as much in an interview with Tony Snow on 29 March 2006: "We've never made the case, or argued the case that somehow Osama bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming." It has been argued that Cheney made a slip of the tongue, but it is a fact that not a single piece of evidence linking Osama bin Laden to 9/11 has ever been presented. […]
    Although there were clearly a number of serious problems with the explanation that Al Qaida was behind the attacks, such as the unexplained explosive demolitions of the three towers at the World Trade Center, these issues were never discussed in the mainstream media. By ignoring the many unanswered questions about 9/11 the masters of the controlled media sought to marginalize those who pointed out the glaring problems with the "politically correct" explanation that blamed Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida. Chapter XV "The Destruction of the Evidence"


  • The discovery of fragments of unexploded super thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center by Dr. Steven E. Jones […] explains both the pulverization of the concrete floors and the abundance of molten iron droplets in the dust. Conventional thermite cutter charges were apparently also used to slice the massive core columns that held up the towers. Numerous eyewitnesses, including a reporter from the BBC, reported powerful explosions at the base of the towers long before the collapses occurred. None of this evidence of explosions, even from reporters on the scene, has been taken into account by the government or the controlled media. Chapter XV "The Destruction of the Evidence"


Reference: ► Video presentation by Christopher Bollyn, US American independent investigative journalist, 9-11 researcher, author, "Solving 9-11 Ends the War", sponsored by Richard Gage, AIA of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Northwest Grassroots,
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, 7. March 2016, YouTube film, 1:45:42 duration, posted 29. March 2016
See also: ► 11. September 2001

State of Israel along with United States' policy devastating Palestinians and the world

The state of Israel was founded out of terrorism on May 15th, 1948 on much of the land that was Palestine. About 80% of the Palestinians became refugees fleeing to the West Bank, Gaza and surrounding countries. The rest stayed behind, where they lived unter military rule without rights until they were given Israelian citizenship in 1967. That year, Israel occupied the rest of historic Palestine during the Six Day War taking over the West Bank and Gaza from Jordan and Egypt.


In 2016 there are about 12 million of Palestinians worldwide.

  • About 1 million Palestinians have Israeli passports but they complain as being treated as second class citizens.
  • Close to 5 million live under occupation or siege in the West Bank and Gaza where they have no political representation.
  • About 6 million Palestinians are spread around the world, many of whom still in refugee camps having never been allowed to return.


While Israelis celebrate May 15th as their Independence Day Palestinians call it the Nakba – the Arabic word for Catastrophe.


Personal avowal

  • I believe that Donald Trump, in order to protect himself from being driven to war by the neo-conservatives that are in the pocket of Israel, I believe he needs to close all 1,000 of our military bases oversees. As long as our army is stationed oversees, it belongs to someone else not us. […] The reason we have a thousand (military) bases all over the world is not to project military power, it's to give the CIA lily pads through which it can smuggle gold, guns, drugs, cash, and small children. We have to close those thousand military bases, bring our army home and we need to spend as Colonel Doctor Doug Macgregor has written in his wonderful book, Margin of Victory, "we have to spend the next 10 years building a military that can actually win wars." Video interview with Robert David Steele (*1952) US American activist, former Central Intelligence Agency clandestine services case officer, 20-year Marine Corps infantrist, promoter of open source intelligence (OSINT), The Deep State, episode 639, presented by the US American radio station Fade to Black, host Jimmy Church, YouTube film, minute 1:39:53, 2:58:49 duration, aired 10. April 2017, posted 11. April 2017


  • U.S. political orthodoxy has not only funded, fueled, and protected [the Jewish] apartheid state, but has attempted to render illegitimate all forms of resistance to it. Just as it did with the African National Congress and Nelson Mandela, the U.S. denounces as "terrorism" all groups and individuals that use force against Israel’s occupying armies. It has formally maligned non-violent programs against the occupation – such as the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement – as bigotry and anti-Semitism (a position [Hillary] Clinton has advocated with particular vehemence), and that boycott movement has been increasingly targeted throughout the West with censorship and even criminalization. Under U.S. political orthodoxy, the only acceptable course for Palestinians and supporters of their right to be free of occupation is complete submission. […] The most aggressive and consistent enablers of this Israel apartheid state are found at the top of the U.S. political class. Article U.S. Admits Israel Is Building Permanent Apartheid Regime – Weeks After Giving It $38 Billion, presented by The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald (*1967) US American lawyer, investigative journalist, columnist, author, 6. October 2016


  • Quite frankly, Israel didn't teach Hamas a harsh enough lesson last year. True to form, Obama was too hard on our democratic ally, and too soft on our Islamofascist foe. As president, I will give the Jewish state all the necessary military, diplomatic, economic and moral support it needs to truly vanquish Hamas – and if that means killing 200,000 Gazans, then so be it. [...] I will [not] flinch even one iota in allowing Israel to obliterate every last school-cum-rocket launching pad in Gaza. Those who allow their children to be used as human shields for terrorists deserve to see them buried under one-ton bombs. Suppressed letter by Hillary Clinton (*1947) 67th United States Secretary of State under president Barack Obama, US senator for New York (2001-2009), wife of the 42nd US president Bill Clinton to one of her major Jewish donors, cited in: Article Hillary's Secret Letter and the Whole Matter of Endless War and the Almost Complete Corruption of America's Government, presented by the Readers' Supported News, John W. Chuckman, 29. February 2016


  • We cannot understand Israel's ongoing genocide against the Palestinians without looking at its ideological roots and justification in the Jewish religion. To talk about the discriminatory and supremacist teachings at the core of Judaic teaching does not mean that all individuals who identify as Jewish are as equally influenced by such doctrine. Discourse about the justification of violence in the context of other religions such as Buddhism, Christianity and Islam has taken place without any problem for many years now, so why not full academic recognition of a critical discourse on questions related to Jewish identity, Jewish thinking and Jewish power as well? Any scholar of integrity will understand that not only is a discourse on Critical Jewish Studies not anti-Semitism, any attempt to silence such an urgently needed discourse on such grounds would be a violation of principles of free intellectual inquiry that any true academic should seek to defend, as well as of our right to freedom of speech. Article by John Carville, Serious question: What is Zionism?, presented by the blogspot run by Gilad Atzmon (*1963) Israelean-British jazz saxophonist, political activist, novelist, writer, 1. April 2019


Reference: ► en.Wikipedia entry Jewish state

Sephirot in the Jewish Kaballah

Ten Sefirot arranged in three columns,
with 22 paths of connection of three types

Ten Sefirot as process of Creation
The medieval Lurianic cosmology of Jewish mysticism of the 16th century presents the ten sefirot as principles, emanating like cascades from the Creator into the Four Worlds. The purpose of these ways to reveal the Divine will is to create the universe. Transformation as in evolution is not directly issued by God but by the ability/grace of man to become aware of God.


The ten Sephirot and the indwelling Shechinah Presence are related to the energy of the Divine Male and Female, represented in the union of Jewish marriage.
The metaphor for Divine interrelationships on High represented by the 10 Sephirots (expressed as 11 principles) and the 22 connective channels resulting in "32 Paths of Wisdom" is imprinted in man's soul. The task of Adam-Man is to eventually embody all harmonised forces which is to perform Yichud-"Union" of Male and Female Divinity on High and to redeem exiled Sparks of Holiness of the Shechinah from material Kelipot.


1.Keter including Daat(*)Supernatural crown,
representing above-conscious will
Conscious and unconscious dimensions of ONE principle
2.ChochmahHighest potential of thought 
3.BinahUnderstanding of the potential 
4.Daat(*)Intellect of knowledgeUnconscious dimension of the ONE principle
5.ChesedLoving-kindnessAlso known as Gedolah-greatness
6.GevurahSeverity/strengthAlso known as Din-justice or Pachad-fear
7.RachamimMercyAlso known as Tiphereth
References: ► en.Wikipedia entries Sephirot and ► Jewish Kaballah
See also: ► Step models

⚡ Problematic quotes fom the Talmud and the Quabbalah

Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice to God. Zohar (II, 43a)
A Jew shedding the blood of a Christian is offering a sacrifice to God. Alkut Simoni (245c)
A Jew who kills a Christian commits no sin, but offers an acceptable sacrifice to God. Abhodah Zarah (26b, Tosephoth)
How do we fight against our enemies: We do so by deception. Zohar (I, 160a)
A Jew may lie and perjure himself to condemn a Christian. Babha Kama (113a)
It is permitted for a Jew to deceive Christians. Babha Kama (113b)
When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing. Kethuboth (11a-11b)
A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old. Sanhedrin (54b)

Evolutionary cycles in the Judeo-Christian history – Carl Johan Calleman

Development of the Judeo-Christian religion of humanity
DayProgressionDurationBaktun / Aztek Deity / StageInitiatory eventHistorical date
1 Sowing3115-2721 BC1. Stage – The god of Fire and TimeWorship of Anu (Sumeria) 
2 Germination2326-1932·BC3. Stage – The goddess of WaterAbraham's move from Ur to Israel~ 2300 BC
3 Sprouting1538-1144 BC5. Stage – The goddess of Love and ChildbirthMoses – 18th Dynasty~ 1400 BC
4 Proliferation749-355 BC7. Stage – The god of FlowersIsaiah748 BC
5 Budding40-434 AD9. Stage – The lord of the LightJesus / Saul/Paul of Tarsus
/ Constantine
30-50 AD
6 Flowering829-1223 AD11. Stage – The goddess of BirthExpansion of Christianity, Crusades 
7 Fruition1617-2011 AD13. Stage – The dual Creator godEstablishment of Protestantism
The Pilgrims
Source: ► Article by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D., Swedish biologist, time researcher, author,
Development of the Judeo-Christian religion of humanity, ~2000
See also: ► 2012 and ► Step models

Index: Judentum / Judaism – Bücher von D. Hawkins

Englische Werke

Index: Audio- und Videomedien (engl.) von und mit von D. Hawkins


Links zum Thema Judentum / Judaism


Delegitimierung des Zionismus. Der andauernde Kampf der Palästinenser gegen den zionistischen Siedlerkolonialismus führt zu einer fortschreitenden Erosion des Zionismus.

Literature (engl.)

  • Zohar, including links to online Aramaic texts of each volume of The Zohar, Pritzker edition

Menuhin was vilified as a "self-hating Jew", a pejorative to describe anti-Zionist Jews. Original publisher Exposition Press refused to promote the first edition or print a second one, in spite of high demand post the six-day war in 1967.

  • New retitled edition Not by Might, nor by Power. The Zionist Betrayal of Judaism, Forbidden Bookshelf, Ebook, 2017

Zionism as an un-Jewish aberration cannot be transformed in a friendlier system of oppression, it needs to be abdicated.

Book review A Jewish atonement for Zionism, Yoav Litvin, 29. September 2017

Novelized biography of Jacob Frank (1726-1791) who led a Satanic heresy against orthodox Judaism. Frank claimed to be the Messiah and reincarnation of another Satanic impostor, Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676). The German nazis along with the "sexual liberation" were created by Sabbatean-Frankists (namely the Rothschilds). Their aim was to destroy the social order (nation, family, race, religion, property) and turn Torah morality on its head. What had been prohibited would be allowed: adultery, incest, pedophilia. Inspired by the Cabala, they practiced "holiness through sin." Good would come through the annihilation of Western civilization and the triumph of Evil. Sabbatean-Frankist "Jews" hate/d Torah Jews and constantly plot/ted to destroy them. This Satanic movement gave birth to the Illuminati, Communism and the NWO.
Foreword by Elie Wiesel, S. 13: "[Plaut] offers an interpretation of another personage [i.e. Hitler] who on a different level allied himself with the Evil one to destroy our people." See reference by Henry Makov, Ph.D.

  • Kevin B. MacDonald, Ph.D. kevinmacdonald.net (*1944) US American professor of psychology, biobehaviorial scientist, California State University-Long Beach, author, A People That Shall Dwell Alone, 1994 · Separation and Its Discontents, 1998 · The Culture of Critique, 1998

Jewish guru syndrome · proposition: Judaism is a group evolutionary strategy to enhance the ability of Jews to out-compete non-Jews for resources.

Exploding the myth that there was a forced Jewish exile in the first century at the hands of the Romans; most modern Jews descended from converts, whose native lands were scattered across the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen’s connection to MKUltra mind control program, Satanic impostor, Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676), and Nathan of Gaza

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Christliche Theokratien in Europa (1050-1650) betrachteten den Judaismus als satanischen Kult und Juden als Mittelspersonen des Teufels.

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  • Interview mit Rabbi David Edelman, Und Gott sagte: "Die Welt ist gut", präsentiert von dem deutschen Magazin Was ist Erleuchtung?, Amy Edelstein, Heft 5, ~2000
  • Artikel Eine Volksrevolution der Erleuchtung: die Kabbala. Eine alte Geheimlehre kommt im Kabbalah Centre ganz groß raus, präsentiert von dem deutschen Magazin Was ist Erleuchtung?, Maura R. O'Connor, Heft 15, 2004

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  • Mishneh Torah, a modern English translation and commentary, a digest of the centuries of Torah scholars

Listing more than 160 Jewish critics of Zionism

Originalartikel Puppet On A String: Hamas Dances To Israel's Tune, presented by "Prison Planet", 27. January 2003

Ohad Ezrahi [Marc Gafni’s friend and co-author] speaks explicitly about Shabbatai Zevi and his follower Yaacov Frank as a model. But apparently the others are also persuaded to follow this course, even without explicitly championing it. In truth, all those who ignore moral distortion in the name of spiritual exaltation are active partners in this worldview.

Developing a new school of Jewish Thought (to be called "The School of Personal Myth"), expelled! Rabbi and neo-Sabbatean Marc Gafni is reformulating and extending the core constructs of Post-Lurianic thought in a modern Neo-Hasidic context.

Listing Jewish critics of Zionism and Israel's treatment of the Palestinians: French politician Silvain Levi, political philosopher Hannah Arendt, German poet Erich Fried, academic and expert on nationalism Hans Kohn, Chancellor of Austria Bruno Kreisky, Rabbi Elmer Berger, founding executive director of the American Council for Judaism, author Jack Bernstein author, Moshe Menuhin and his son Yehudi Menuhin, violinist and conductor, writer, Alfred Lilienthal, French political science professor and author Maxine Rodinson

In 1983, 90% of American media was owned by 50 companies, in 2011, 90% of American media was owned by 6 companies [GE, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS].

These five conglomerates are Time Warner, Disney, Murdochs' News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom (formerly CBS).

91-year-old man who claimed for years that he was a former Holocaust survivor and prisoner at Auschwitz has admitted he made the story up.

Israel may be small, but so was Britain when it controlled India. Israel doesn't need to control everything in the US, just the important things: AIPAC (with the help of Christian Zionists) controls Middle East policy and keeps aid money flowing by controlling all branches of government; the label "anti-Semite" is used as a weapon; media is kept from any meaningful criticism of Israel; and "exceptionalism" allows the Jewish State to waive rules that every other country on the planet must obey.

Paraphrased assigned quote on Twitter, 25. May 2018: Two groups conflate Zionism and Judaism: 1. Zionists who want to legitimize Zionism by pretending it is Judaism; and 2. Anti-Semites, who want to delegitimize Judaism by pretending it is Zionism.  Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro

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Apartheid hat keine Zukunft mehr. – Die Gründung Israels: Was ist Zionismus? Und die Suche nach einem Land  Minute 16:38

  • Videointerview mit Ivan Ivanji (*1929) jugoslawisch-serbischer Diplomat, Überlebender von Nazi-Konzentrationslagern, Übersetzer, Journalist, Schriftsteller, KenFM im Gespräch mit: Ivan Ivanji ("Titos Dolmetscher"), präsentiert von der deutschen Online-Plattform für investigativen Journalismus KenFM betrieben von dem Berliner Medienunternehmen sector_b und Ken Jebsen (*1966) deutsch-iranischer Fernseh- und Radiomoderator, freischaffender Reporter (*2011), YouTube Film, 1:40:06 Dauer, eingestellt 8. Februar 2017

Ivan Ivanji: "Man sieht seine Klienten intellektuell in Unterwäsche."

Schleichende Abschaffung der Meinungsfreiheit der (jüdischen) Kritiker des Staates Israel im wiedervereinigten Deutschland

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Von Amts wegen wurde obiges Videointerview gelöscht. Themen: Juden-Deutsche-Dilemma, Auslöser des letzten Weltkriegs, weshalb Juden die Nichtjuden als Gojim bezeichnen, weshalb Gott G*tt heißt, Beendigung des Hasses, Annäherung von Juden und Deutschen. Sowohl das deutsche als auch das jüdische Volk wurden fehlgeleitet und missbraucht.

Audio and video links (engl.) –⚡ Zionism, Holocaust myth revisioned

Major figure in 17th-century Jewish History Sabbetai Zevi

Existence and dominance of Judeo-Nazis and of a Nazi-like mentality

Going over the history of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, breaking the misconceptions about that conflict

YouTube censored video in 28 countries [status 12/2018]

On the myth of 6 million Jews killed by Nazi Germany. Listen to minute 23:36: The database archive of the International Red Cross5 collected and released data on the Holocaust up to 1990. As to the question how many people died in German labor camps? Status 1990: 290,000 people died in all 15 German labour camps. ~70,000 people died in Auschwitz camp, of whom 40,000 were Jews. After 1990 no more exact numbers were availed.
Minute 38:24 Richard Williamson (*1940) English traditionalist Catholic bishop stated in 2008 (and was damned for saying so): Not more than 200,000-300,000 Jews died in German concentration camps. They didn't die by gasing. Judeo-Messianic elements were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. See: Jews and Holocaust denial

Details of the numbers and causes of deaths at Auschwitz that were recorded daily and then published, figures that are staggeringly less than the 6 million number that has been seared into the 'official' storyline. Outbreak of typhus in 1942, the delousing chambers [ordinary hygiene technology] to deal with the disease infestation. Lack of any documents or intercepted communications indicating orders to exterminate prisoners. Reconstruction of history that has created an undebatable transcendental mythos of death by gas chambers. Motivations for perpetuating the Holocaust myth and who has come to benefit from what was certainly the worst collective experience for European Jews. Academic world dismissing evidence multiplied by Hollywood's mythologizing of events. Persecution of truth seekers

Who has the right to the land called Palestine?
Are the genetic descendants of Abraham still recipients of the biblical promises for the land?
Are they actually the genetic descendants?
Was the Scofield Bible, a primary shaper of Christian Zionism, funded and orchestrated by Zionist Jews?
Do today's Jews follow the Old Testament or something very different?
What is the historic Christian view on all these issues?

History and intrigues of Israel's nuclear weapons program, its relation to the JFK assassination, evidence indicating the 9/11 attacks as being a nuclear event with the Zionist state as the key player

The Balfour Declaration: a letter from the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Walter Rothschild! NWO elitist Rothschild talks about Zionism, Israel and his family rule in the shaping of the world from the beginning, and until 2018.

Jews make up only 2% of the population of America, yet they control vast influence over our key institutions.

Audio and video links (engl.) –⚡ Religious deception – Jordan Maxwell

Audio and video links (engl.) –⚡ Zionist Jewish identity – Naomi Wolf and Gabor Maté

Audio and video links (engl.) – Robert Sepehr

Audios and videos by Robert Sepehr, US American producer, anthropologist specializing in linguistics, archeology, paleobiology (archeogenetics), author, presented by tolerancethroughknow  –––  Links von YouTube gelöscht
TypeOfferingTitle ♦ Sponsor ♦ LocationDurationRelease date
YouTube videoDocumentary shortIlluminati Messiah of 1666
1666 Redemption Through Sin
13:5414. August 2015
Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) declared himself the Messiah in 1666, proclaiming that redemption was available through acts of sin. Sabbateans encouraged and practiced sexual promiscuity, adultery, incest and religious orgies. After Zevi's death, his Kabbalist successor, Jacob Frank (1726-1791), expanded upon and continued his occult philosophy. Frank joined an alliance formed by Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812) called the Order of the Illuminati. The objectives of this organization was to undermine the world's religions and power structures, in an effort to usher in a utopian era of global communism, which they would covertly rule by their hidden hand: the New World Order. Using secret societies, such as the Freemasons, their agenda has played itself out over the centuries, staying true to the script. The Illuminati handle opposition by a near total control of the world's media, academic opinion leaders, politicians and financiers.
YouTube videoDocumentary shortRothschild Illuminati New World Order14:3913. August 2015
Sabbateans encouraged and practiced sexual promiscuity, adultery, incest and religious orgies.
YouTube videoDocumentary shortHollywood is Run by Sabbatean Frankist Jews11:1821. August 2015
YouTube videoInterview
Secrets of the Kabbalah and 166619:564. September 2015
YouTube videoDialogue/
Sabbatai Zevi: Messiah of 166619:566. September 2015
YouTube videoInterview
1666 Sabbatean-Frankist Illuminati History1:01:247. September 2015
YouTube videoPresentationBANNED History of Sabbatai Zevi and 166636:147. September 2015
Barry Chamish on Sabbateans, Frankists, and the Illuminati Messiah of 1666 – Referenced literature: 1666 Redemption Through Sin, Atlantean Gardens, 1st edition 15. May 2015
YouTube videoDocumentary short1666 Redemption Through Sin3:5413. May 2016
YouTube videoDocumentary shortZionism, Satanism, Communism, and Globalization10:0017. May 2017
In 1666, an exceptionally charismatic Rabbi and Kabbalist by the name of Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) declared himself to be the Messiah. His extraordinary popularity, according to historians such as professor Gershom Scholem (1897-1982), resulted largely from the publication and availability of what is today called the Lurianic Kabbalah, named after Rabbi Isaac Luria. Jacob Frank (1726-1791) 18th-century Polish-Jewish religious leader, claimed to be the reincarnation of the self-proclaimed messiah Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) and the biblical patriarch Jacob.

Movies and documentaries on Gnosis – Kabbalah

Lurianic Kabbalah (Sabbatai Zvi)

Movies and documentaries on political Zionism

Joint investigation by Four Corners and The Australian Newspaper (John Lyons)

The Jewish role in the porn industry


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1 While Dispensationalism had considerable influence through the Scofield Bible, Christian lobbying for the restoration of the Jews preceded the publication of the Scofield Reference Bible (first published by OUP, 1909) for over a century, and many prominent Christian Zionists and Christian Zionist organizations such as the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem do not subscribe to dispensationalism. Many non dispensationalist Protestants were also strong advocates of a Jewish return to their homeland, C H Spurgeon, both Horatius and Andrew Bonar, Robert Murray M'Chyene, and J C Ryle were among a number of prominent proponents of both the importance and significance of a Jewish return to Israel.

2 "It's very good."  Benjamin Netanyahu, on 9/11 when asked what the bombings meant for U.S.-Israeli relations; New York Times, 12. September 2001
"We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the TwinTowers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq."  '-Benjamin Netanyahu, as quoted in Ma'ariv, 16. April 2008

3 "I want to tell you something very clear. Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America and the Americans know it." Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon to foreign minister Shimon Peres (1923-2015), October 2001

4 Michael D. Evans, Is America in Bible Prophecy?, Deborah Caldwell interview with Michael D. Evans, August 2004

5 Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on the Holocaust


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