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⚠ Achtung Siehe Power vs. Truth (engl.) Januar 2013

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  • Just to know that by our intention we are aligned in a very powerful way and our decision to serve God as best as we can, there is no higher intention, that is the highest intention of which man is capable (Resist) [...] so therefore, it is our desire to serve God and because of our desire to do so, we are actually doing so, that we are given that opportunity to serve God [...] by doing that we are also benefitting all of life. [...] So we uplift life by our intention, therefore we be-
    come like an arm of God.
    Closing blessing at Sedona Seminar Practical Spirituality, 3 DVD set, 25. October 2008
⚠ Caveat See Power vs. Truth, January 2013

  • Spiritual commitment is energized by the alignment of the spiritual will (calibration level 850), with attributes of Divinity, which are truth, love, compassion, wisdom, and nonpartiality. Devotion prioritizes one's life and attracts that which is
    of assistance. To be a servant of God is a dedication whereby the goal takes precedence over all other positionalities, attractions, or distractions. By devotion and commitment, the pathway unfolds and revelation supplants pre-
    sumptive cause-and-effect acquisition.
    It could be languaged that the dedication is quite 'Yang' by intent, but 'Yin'
    by fulfillment as a process.
    All actions become recontextualized, and their spiritual essence begins to shine through appearances. Devotion also
    expresses as selfless service whereby peeling the potatoes is no longer a chore but an act of love because it has
    been sanctified by intention. Discovery of the Presence of God. How to Tell the Difference, S. 35, 2007




  • Being a servant of the Lord changes the context of everything you do in your life. In that state of surrender the Lord re-contextualizes your life back to you and everything becomes sinless, because you are holding your actions
    from a different context. To play with anger is one thing, or to grumble, or whatever. But in the context of a dedica-
    ted life, you remain on a very different level. If you are committed to being a servant of God those lower levels do
    not run you. Whatever you do is part of a process. Judgment is not possible because your perspective is limited to
    a point in time.
    Teddy and Otis Carnie, Synopsis and Study Guide to Power vs. Force. An Anatomy of Consciousness, Part II, "Interview with
    Dr. Hawkins", S. 8, Veritas Publishing, Sedona, Arizona, 8. June 1996


  • I think that one of the most powerful prayers is to repeat that one is a servant of God. You say […] 'I am a servant of the Lord, therefore my will, my thoughts and all, are of no use.' (you ask) to a be a servant of the Lord and then ask God to express his will for you, and then you say […] 'In what way can I be your servant, Oh Lord?' And then God per-
    fects you because you have now become His problem, because now his problem is how to make a better instrument
    of you. Interview with David R. Hawkins, Dialogues on Consciousness and Spirituality, transcript on "Advanced States of Cons-
    ciousness", S. 82-83, spiral-bound, Veritas Publishing, Sedona, Arizona, 1. January 1998
    Removed from Veritas Publishing's sale offer mid 2013


  • All of us here in this room, at this moment, are fulfilling our obligation and our capacity. All of us, everyone in this room is fulfilling that potentiality. The potentiality is evolving into an actuality just by the sheer presence of us all being to-
    gether. It is not by accident that we are all together. Each one is serving a critical function! Interview Conversations on higher consciousness, part II of III, presented by the dissolved US American Four Corners Magazine, Pamela Becker, June/July 2007


  • Question: I have a conflict between serving others using my talents (at work) and living a simpler life outside the city.
    Answer: There is conflict only if you seek gain. You can remain simple within yourself even as your mind and work requires you to live ie in the city. On the other hand, seeking a simpler life (i.e. away from the city) is OK too, since growing spiritually is also a service to mankind. The intention sanctifies the action.
    Sedona Satsang Q&A, 2 CD set, Sedona Creative Life Center, 10. May 2006


  • All these illnesses […] you think you are losing, but you are serving a karmic purpose and benefit. You are paying
    off the Credit Bureau every month! Sedona Seminar Is the Miraculous Real?, 3 DVD set, 9. December 2006

Zitate von anderen Quellen

Einer trage des andern Last, so werdet ihr das Gesetz Christi erfüllen. Galater 6, 2 (NT) Lutherbibel, 1912


  • Frage nicht, was dein Land für dich tut, frage, was du für dein Land tust.
    John F. Kennedy [BW 430] (1961-1963) politisch ermordeter 35. US-Präsident (1917-1963), Amtsantrittsrede, 1961


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Index: Audio- und Videomedien (engl.) von und mit D. Hawkins

  • Audio interview God, Religion, Spirituality, and Xmas!, presented by the suspended US American web radio station
    Beyond the Ordinary, hosts Nancy Lorenz and Elena Young, 60 minutes duration, aired 13. December 2005
    Kamikaze pilots are serving in war. [Kamikazepiloten dienen im Krieg.]
  • Audio series The Discovery, 6 CD set, Nightingale-Conant, United Kingdom, May 2007


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