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Blühende Kleewiese, Zarivarsee, Iran


Bezeichnungen für Phänomene der aufsteigenden Kundalinikraft

Plakette von Symeon Stylites dem
auf seiner Säule mit einer
, 6. Jht. n. Chr.,
Louvre, Salle de Qabr Hiram,
Paris, Frankreich
Erleuchtung Dr. David R. Hawkins
Gottesschau, Vision GottesHeilige, Mystiker
ErwachenSpirituelle Lehrer
Spiritual emergency [Spirituelle Krise]Dr. Stanislav Grof
Peak experience [Gipfelerlebnis]Abraham Maslow
SpontanheilungModerne Medizin
Naturmystizismus Ken Wilber
Geistesgestörtheit [Akute schizophrene Störung]Moderne Psychiatrie
Bipolare manische KriseModerne Psychiatrie
Schizophrenischer ZusammenbruchModerne Psychiatrie
GehirnschadenModerne Psychiatrie
Existiert nichtModerne Psychiatrie


Referenz: ► D. Hawkins, Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, chart "Spiritual Experiences", S. 386, 2005
Siehe auch: ► Kundalini und ► Erscheinungen
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Anlaufstelle für Kundalini-Notfälle

  • Spiritual Emergence Network
    Koordinationsbüro Rütte-Forum (SEN), Graf-Dürckheimweg 5, D-79682 Todtmoos-Rütte
    Tel.: (07674) 85 11 * Fax: (07674) 85 61
    Mail: info@SENeV.de * Webseite: Senev.de


Contact point for kundalini emergencies

  • Infos International:

Quotes on the Kundalini phenomenon

Quotes and testimonies – Bonnie Greenwell

  • Kundalini is the energetic aspect of awakening. But true awakening is really a profound shift in identification where you
    have let go of all your personal attachments to the sense of who you are. Bonnie L. Greenwell, Ph.D. (1941-2022) US American transpersonal psychotherapist, founder of Kundalini Research Network, dharma teacher, author, formerly cited in: consciouslife.com


Bonnie L. Greenwell, Ph.D. (1941-2022) US American transpersonal psychothe-
rapist, founder of Kundalini Research Network, dharma teacher, author, When Spirit Leaps. Navigating the Process of Spiritual Awakening, Non-Duality Press, 28. June 2018


  • This process can be chaotic, intense, and rock the spirit and body to its core. There may be moments of ecstasy beyond what we ever imagined possible, visions that lift our soul, an elimination of everything we ever believed was true, and the unfolding of great challenges and blessings. For a few, this happens simply, as a calm and radiant seeing that penetra-
    tes the small self, dissolves the seeker, and accepts life as it is. This feels like seeing something obvious that had been strangely overlooked.


  • Emptiness can feel like a dark night of the soul, as described by Saint John of the Cross, because it is disorienting for
    the egoic self, which strives hard to keep us identified with our roles, emotions, and thoughts. But once we understand
    the nature of emptiness, we may fall in love with it, and then become it.


Dr. Bonnie Greenwell
  • Why am I having these odd experiences and what do they mean? What am I supposed to do with this? Am I losing my mind? Or ill? Or dying? What does this sense of nothingness have to do with God? What do I tell my family is happening to me? Am I enlightened? What is going to happen next? How do I align my life or work with this knowing? Why did this happen to me? What is life asking of me?


  • My initial experience was very pleasant, with the sensation of energy flowing up my body from my lower back, accompanied by bliss and an internal vision of radiance. But then my body began shaking and twis-
    ting, my arms flapping. I gasped as these energies shook me, but none of the movements were painful. Eventually my teacher asked me to stop meditation. Another student who was a doctor of Chinese medi-
    cine said I could be endangering my health, and the students in gene-
    ral seemed to be alarmed or annoyed at my process.


  • When we struggle with overwhelming energy bouncing around us, or vibrating like a truck inside of us, the subtle energy field needs atten-
    tion. The energy we are experiencing has two functions: the first is to clear away what is not needed and the second is
    to bring in new potentials. There are some common blockages that need to be cleared and then transformed as we
    awaken. They include:
    • Toxic events and experiences
    • Toxic people who may, or may not, still be in our life
    • Enduring grief over losses
    • Attachment to anything that we fear losing, but would be better off letting go
    • Toxic substances, such as drugs, cigarettes, or unhealthy food
    • Ways we learned to constrict our body rigidly in childhood as forms of defense.


  • When we are in a deeply spiritual transition we can lose interest in work, social interactions, and other life activities.
    We can feel lost when a familiar enthusiasm has vanished or we struggle to find the motivation to engage the world.
    This is a stage of awakening. It can last for a long time, and our old drives will not return in the same familiar forms.
    Peter was thirty-eight when he had an abrupt and intense energy awakening and psychic opening.


  • "I have been working in science publishing for most of my adult life. I lost my interest and ability to work, as I could
    not focus on reading emails and could not find the motivation to write. My interest in science was almost reduced to
    zero, as I couldn't see the relevance of it anymore. Before awakening, my belief in science and science publishing
    was because of its objective truth. I then experienced how irrelevant scientific ideas and any other rational concepts
    are when it comes down to holding truth or reality."


  • We can develop heightened sensitivity as we awaken. Some people can no longer go into large box stores or be in crowds, as their senses are too easily overwhelmed or they seem to absorb others' problems psychically. This absorp-
    tion can cause feelings of nausea or illness, which is especially hard for anyone in a profession that involves working
    with people's pain and suffering. After a deep and insightful meditation retreat, Barbara returned to the world and en-
    countered this. Sensitivity has increased so that I take in others' feelings and emotions. This causes physical pro-
    blems, mostly tension in the muscles of my back, arms, and legs. I also feel tired. Memory problems have increased
    at work, where I try unsuccessfully to follow very logical and technical discussions in a noisy environment.


  • You may feel love and compassion for everyone, but that does not mean you can continue to be in environments
    or with people who are hostile or toxic. You may need to leave.


Bonnie L. Greenwell, Ph.D. (1941-2022) US American transpersonal psychotherapist,
founder of Kundalini Research Network, dharma teacher, author, The Kundalini Guide.
A Companion for the Inward Journey (Volume 1)
, Shakti River Press, 26. April 2014


  • A few rare people are plunged into cosmic consciousness at the first arising of kundalini energy. But more often it
    begins as a shaking or vibrating that may feel either gentle or harsh, perhaps bringing fear or perhaps bringing bliss,
    or even both at once. Sometimes it seems to hit one hard in the gut, or cause an eruption in the heart, or gagging in
    the throat. It can feel like a rush of sexual energy, or a whole-body orgasm. It can feel like flashes of light or heat.
    Whatever it does, you notice something unfamiliar is happening to you, and if you have never heard of the connection
    between energy and spirituality you are likely to be.


  • True freedom is moving beyond all clinging and attachments, whether mystical or mundane. It is not a moving beyond enjoyment of either, just releasing the tendency to make demands or have expectations regarding one's experience.


  • The 6th chakra, between the eyebrows. While it is easy to move kundalini into the heart, yogis say it requires long and strenuous practice to bring it into ajna chakra, or the third eye, as it is called in esoteric literature. Meditators often report feeling a throbbing in the forehead when ajna is stimulated. People who do long meditations on this chakra often become ungrounded and disoriented, as if slightly out-of-body, and their thinking can feel cloudy. They may become attached to glimpses of other realms and come to believe that is the goal of awakening. Once pierced, this chakra produces much
    of the light and vision phenomena described by mystics. It is also the point where ego identification can shift, sometimes
    in a great explosion.

Quotes by Penny Kelly

  • Although you usually think of the mind as something that is in you or goes along with your body, for a few moments set all of that aside. Realize that your brain is not your mind. If you die you no longer have a working brain, but you still have your mind with all its knowledge, awareness and personality. In fact, you don't have a mind, you are mind. In its broadest defi-
    nition, mind is the awareness property of space whose natural condition is that of absolute peace and stillness.
Penny Kelly, 2015
Mind and space cannot be separated, they are like two sides of one coin, different, but one. You could also say that space is mind whose natural condition is absolute peace and rest. When someone returns to the origi-
nal condition of mind, they experience something the ancient literature refers to as The Void, which simply means that they experience absolute, unlimited space in its natural state. [...] You are absolute space...you are mind, that is silent, peaceful and at rest. You have nothing but a sense of being aware, and no awareness other than I Am. Because there is nothing to see and thus nothing to want, no one to complain to and nothing to wait for, this condition of basic awareness is a state of complete and total ful-
fillment. It is ecstasy. To say that all needs are filled would be to miss the point entirely, for there is no such thing as need. There is only I Am, and that is all, and nothing more and nothing less. Mind is the awareness pro-
perty of space, and you are space [...] whose only attribute is awareness.
If you could look back and recall all that you have been, you would see that you began as space with only the simple awareness of your exis-
tence. You then began to move as a wave of energy and to enter the motion of consciousness. Next you suffered the pressures of transforma-
tion to form and became a particle, with intelligence and knowledge of self as an individual creation. And finally, you me-
tamorphosed into an exquisitely complex form, a pattern capable of thought and the ability to create.
The experience of kundalini is simply the movement of the individual Self back through all the stages of existence until you arrive at the source of yourself which is absolute space, eternal mind. Once the individual form has been reacquainted with this Source, it is once again in possession of the peace that characterizes absolute space, the energy of love that charac-
terizes consciousness, the recognition of all other forms of intelligence, and the power to create inherent in all thought patterns. Thus oneness with all that exists is expressed in and through that Self.
Penny Kelly, US American engineer, kundalini awakened psychic, science translator, teacher, lecturer, spiritual consultant, naturopathic physician, author, The Evolving Human. A Story of Awakened Kundalini, Lily Hill Publishing, June 2005, paperback issue 5. Februar 2017


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Stanislav und Christina Grof sind die Gründer des Spiritual Emergence Networks (SEN).

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