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Bedingungslose Liebe – Freude, Vergebung
BW 540+



Ein Pelikan füttert seine Jungen mit dem Blut
aus seiner aufgerissenen Brust.
Christliches Sinnbild der aufopfernden Liebe.

Cimetière Notre-Dame-des-Neiges



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Zitate von D. Hawkins

⚠ Achtung Siehe Power vs. Truth (engl.) Januar 2013

  • Auf der Mess-Skala der Bewusstseinsebenen wird Liebe ab Ebene 500 vorherrschen, aber sie wird erst ab der Ebene 540 bedingungslos. Das bedeutet, dass zwischen 500 und 540 eine gewisse Form bestehen bleibt, so dass die Liebe bedingt ist. Liebe erwächst erst zu voller Blüte, wenn sie keine Auswahl mehr trifft. Das ist die Eigenschaft von Liebend-Sein, das bedingungslos ist, weil es das bezeichnet, was man geworden ist. Das All-sehende Auge, S. 386, 2005


  • Christus lehrte im Wesentlichen einfach, Negativität, das heißt die Messwertebenen unter 200, zu vermeiden. Und
    das Ziel seiner Lehren bestand darin, dass seine Jünger bedingungslose Liebe, die Messwertebene von 540, errei-
    chen sollten. Er wusste, dass das Schicksal einer Seele nach dem Tode gewiss und die Seele in Sicherheit war, so-
    bald sie die Ebene von bedingungsloser Liebe erreicht hatte. Licht des Alls. Die Wirklichkeit des Göttlichen, S. 166-167, 2006

Quotes by D. Hawkins

⚠ Caveat See Power vs. Truth, January 2013

  • Conversely, the person who has arrived at a habitual state of unconditional Love will find anything less to be unaccep-
    table. As one advances in the evolution of his individual consciousness, the process starts to perpetuate and correct itself so that self-improvement becomes a way of life.
    Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, chapter 3, S. 71, Hay House, February 2002



Alternative source:

  • As Love becomes more and more unconditional, it begins to be experienced as inner Joy. This isn't the sudden joy of a pleasurable turn of events; it's a constant accompaniment to all activities. Joy arises from within each moment of existence, rather than from any other source. Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, chapter 4, S. 91, Hay House, February 2002


  • From level 540 up is the domain of saints, and advanced spiritual students and healers. A capacity for enormous patience and the persistence of a positive attitude in the face of prolonged adversity is characteristic of this energy
    field; the hallmark of this state is compassion. People who have attained this level have a notable effect on others. They’re capable of a prolonged, open gaze, which induces a state of love and peace.
    Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, chapter 4, S. 91, Hay House, February 2002


  • Question: What is a realistic spiritual goal for the average person?
    Answer: Any advance along the levels of consciousness is significant and very worthwhile. The practical goal that is reachable by any person who is seriously spiritually committed is that of Unconditional Love. That is a transformative level, and from there, one can relax as the prime objective has been reached. Innate within the level of Unconditional Love is the desire to perfect that condition. As that level is reached, even the slightest imperfection of Love is unac-
    ceptable and calls for correction. The Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden, S. 225, 2001



  • On the calibrated scale of the levels of consciousness, Love prevails at level 500 but doesn't become unconditional
    until level 540. This means that some form persists from 500 to 540, so that Love is conditional. The full flowering of
    Love emerges only when it becomes unselective. it is characterized by lovingness, which is unconditional, because it
    is what one has become. This leap is accomplished by the 'letting go the polarity of the opposites', which is an intrin-
    sic error of mentation. After this happens, there are no longer 'good trees' or 'bad trees'. Instead, all trees are seen
    as perfect and beautiful just as they are. The Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden, chapter 19 "Commentaries And Examples", S. 279, Veritas Publishing, revised edition 2002


  • The spiritual seeker wants love and joy but that intention triggers the surfacing of all that obstructs it and prevents
    its appearance. Those who dedicate themselves to peace and love automatically pull up from the unconscious all
    that is cruel, unloving, and hateful to be healed. I. Reality and Subjectivity, S. 24, 2003



"Love brings up its opposite."

  • The foremost goal of the pathway of the heart is to reach that level of conscious-
    ness called Unconditional Love. The energy of inspiration and devotion facilitate surrender of positionalities and results in reliance upon God's grace. Although this process sounds conceptually simple, as everyone has found by experience, it is often more difficult than one had expected. The sincere devotee discovers that striving for unconditional love has the unpleasant faculty of bringing
    up the opposite of one's dedicated goal. This is represented in the terse spiritual saying that "Love brings up its
    opposite." I. Reality and Subjectivity, chapter 19, S. 325, 2003





  • To put oneself in an energy field of 540 is to automatically heal oneself. A loving thought then heals, and a ne-
    gative thought creates illness.
    Choosing to become a loving person results in the release of endrophins by the
    brain, which has a profound effect on the body's health and happiness. Happiness arises from the willingness
    to let go of that which is negative and to allow love to replace it in consciousness because the essential nature
    of consciousness
    , unless it has been impaired, is lovingness. We see this in the young child who is only inno-
    , and lovingness is the expression of the essence of human nature. It is as if the child has not yet
    been programmed to go into fear, doubt, or limitation.
    Healing and Recovery, chapter 2 "Assisted Healing", S. 52-53, 2009


  • Unconditional Love is a way of being with life that nurtures, supports, and, of its own nature, is forgiving.
    It is the beginning of the revelation of some of the truths of life because, within the brain, there is a release of en-
    dorphins. […] Endorphins allow a certain inner state to occur, a way of being with one's self and one’s body in the
    world. Consequently, the world starts to appear to be lovable. Such a person now walks down the street feeling
    somewhat mellow. They see the lovingness that really occurs underneath the apparent trivialities of life and holds
    all of mankind together. The person is moving into a higher energy field.
    Healing and Recovery, chapter 3 "Stress", S. 95-96, Kindle location 1285+, 2009




  • Question: What is the simplest meditative practice?
    Answer: I think you should just sit with your arms slightly raised and hands held out, not to receive as in Eastern traditions, but on the contrary, to radiate out that which you would give to the world and humanity. Sitting quietly
    with hands held out as if to bless the world, you become a channel of God and radiate out unconditional
    You give all that you are infinitely capable of giving. You are an antenna of radiance.
    You begin with a prayer, something like what St. Francis said, "As your servant, O Lord, I give what you have
    given me."
    As you do this you awaken to what the world is crying for and automatically you radiate that and
    you suddenly realize who you are. It is all nonverbal. It may take years to get it. It is simple and direct like a
    laser. You become a radical laser beam.
    Teddy and Otis Carnie, Synopsis and Study Guide to Power vs. Force. An Anatomy of Consciousness, Part III, "Realization
    of the Presence of God", S. 2, Veritas Publishing, Sedona, Arizona, 8. June 1996


  • [...] you will be loving toward everyone and the next thing that happens is unlovable. It is as though to say, "Let’s see about that!" These are opportunities and not to be feared. They are to be expected! If you vow to be loving you
    can be sure the unlovable will wander into your life. You have to change the way you perceive it.
    You love them as fellow human beings who are subject to the vicissitudes of humanness. Their life is full of vicissi-
    tudes as ours is, in fact, more, so you feel compassion towards ignorance and at the same time not approving of
    the behavior necessarily. But you see how the person fell into that belief system.
    Q&A audio interview with Dr. David R. Hawkins, ACIM talk – November 10th 2005, presented by the US American ACIM
    web radio station Miracles Center, Sedona, Arizona, Pal Talk #1, host Ellen Sutherland, aired 10. November 2005, YouTube film,
    54:46 minutes duration, posted 28. March 2011


  • Those energies which oppose God, deny God and would rather have control of you and your beloved ones did dominate this planet until the late 1980s. Then, for reasons not completely and totally known, the consciousness
    level jumped at 207. As you evolve spiritually, the power – not your power – the power of your energy field, your
    aura, whatever you call it, becomes more and more powerful and begins to dominate and that which used to
    dominating and controlling until very recent times is therefore threatened by every spiritual aspirant. Everyone
    who reaches unconditional love then diminishes the domain of that which is non-integrous, diminishes
    its control.
    Consequently, one becomes the target for that which is non-integrous and would like to entrap you
    in its control. Sedona Seminar Realization of the Self: Final Moments, 3 DVD set, 14. December 2002


  • Be as unconditionally loving as you can to all that exists. The intention begins to transform you.
    Sedona Seminar Reason vs. Truth, 3 DVD set, 19. August 2006


  • Question: How do we move into unconditional love?
    • To be accepting of all of life,
    • to want nothing from life.
    • to realize you are complete, full, whole within yourself. So the world will never frustrate you, so you
      will want nothing from it.
    • To see the perfection as it is,
    • and the intrinsic beauty of all that exists.
    • Then you let go of wanting to make anything different than it is. The reason you can do that is
      because you see the perfection
      of everything as it is.
    • And you can pray for that understanding. 'I pray for the vision that I see the perfection of everything.'
      Pray for the vision that you see the perfection of everything.
Sedona Satsang Q&A, CD 2 of 2, track 5, Sedona Creative Life Center, 13. September 2006

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BW-Werte: Bedingungslose Liebe

  • BW 540 – 0.4% der Weltbevölkerung1
  • BW 540 – 55% der Angehörigen von hochmotivierten, spirituell disziplinierten Gruppen erreichen das Ziel der bedingungslosen Liebe.2

LoC calibrations (engl.): Unconditional Love

  • LoC 540 – 0.4 percent of the world's populace3
  • LoC 540 – 55% of the people in highly motivated, spiritually-disciplined groups reach the goal of Unconditional Love.4

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