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Koan – Rätsel




Haupt- und Nebenregenbogen mit "Alexanders
dunklem Band" über dem Lipno-Stausee




Sammlung von Koans

  • Mu
    Ein Mönch fragte Joshu (chin. Zhaozhou): Hat ein Hund die Buddha-Natur oder nicht?
    Joshu antwortete: Mu!

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  • We're faced with problems every day in life, and we almost never get clarity. We jump into the middle of a problem,
    we carry it through to whatever extent we can to find an answer, then we just get on with things and find the next thing. Whereas with a human-made puzzle, you have the satisfaction of being completely in control: you start the challenge from the beginning, and you move all the way to the end. That's a satisfaction you don't get much in real life. You feel
    in control, and that's a great feeling.
    And as with any human activity, you want to know how good you are compared with other people.
    Will Shortz, US American enigmatologist (study of puzzles), crossword editor for the US American daily newspaper The New York Times, cited in: article The Answer Men. Meet the best problem solvers in America, presented by the US American weekly news magazine TIME, Lev Grossman, S. 2 of 7, 11. March 2013


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Caveat: Nithyananda: Truth About the Cult of Swami 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda; Organized Fraud

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  • Audio presentation by Alan Watts (1915-1973) British philosopher, speaker, writer, Zen Koans, YouTube film, 4:45 minutes duration, posted 26. February 2012


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