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See Power vs. Truth, January 2013



A01 – Stress

  • Stress is resisting what i don’t want.
  • The problem is within ourselves to merely shift our attitude about it.
  • The capacity to laugh about yourself – Humor at LoC 550
  • Video Office Series A01, Stress, end 1970s/early 1980s

A02 – Health

  • Look at the body as something pleasurable – with lovingness and gratitude.
  • We know we are not the body.
  • The healthy person begins to develop a sense of self that is independent of external events and independent of being the body itself.

A03 – Spiritual First Aid

  • To prevent spiritual crisis, do individual research in the MoC (field of reference). Check first per kinesiology 'What is the level of the teaching'?
    The innocent undiscerning child within us needs a way to find spiritual teachings that are going to be beneficial.

A04 – Sexuality

  • Desire has a negative energy field which seems to bring in the propensity for all these negative energy fields, which makes us prone guilt, apathy, grief, fear, worries, anger, pridefulness, anxiety about performance. Freed of desire one gets rid of guilt, anger, remorse, anticipation, of giving and getting, to keep, to own, to manipulate, to control.
  • If the orientation is coming from the heart, if one has let go of desiringness then sexuality is only a way of being with another person and then sexuality goes on to old age unimpaired.
  • Video Archival Office Visit Series Sexuality, A-4, end 1970s/early 1980s

A05 – The Aging Process

  • We have options, we can choose to be different. We can choose to let go of the belief system [on aging in our family.
  • Belief systems on aging like retiring from jobs means retiring from life.
    Successful people did not buy that option.

A06 – Handling Major Crisis

  • The only thing we really ever have to handle about the events in life is our feelings.
  • The only thing that you have to handle in these acute catastrophic events [major life crisis] is the energy of emotions themselves.
  • Our feelings come from our attitudes, our beliefs, our way of being with that, the way we view ourselves of being in the world. So that will give a variety to the emotions.
  • It's not the event that has happened in the world that is our problem. It’s the way we feel about it, the emotional reactions to it. A fact is only a fact, it’s a nothing.

A07 – Worry, Fear, and Anxiety

  • Radical truth means what’s being experienced actually, not what you are thinking about it, not the thoughts about it, the concepts that you’re projecting onto the experience, not the labeling [...], but what you are literally experiencing within yourself.
  • The technique is to let go, to surrender fully to resisting the feeling [dryness in the mouth, flip-flop feeling in the stomach, trembling] of what is literally experienced.
  • The willow tree which bends with the wind survives. Like the willow tree we bend with the incoming experience. We let it be. We blend with it. We welcome it. We say let‘s have more of it. As you do that you’ll discover much to your surprise that there is a limited amount of that sensation. It‘s as though the amount of fear is limited in quantity.

A08 – Pain and Suffering

  • Your mind says [on an ulcer]: If it can‘t call it ulcer, I’m going to say it’s burning. That again is a concept, a thought form which we have learned in our learning. Actually you are not experiencing a burning. You‘re go to the inside now to an experiencing of the experiencing which has no words. You go beyond the words to the experiencing of the experience which has no words. The animal has no words about that, it just is with what is going on. We sort of call up our animal nature. Without saying anything about it, without elaborating. Why? Because all these thoughts [on an ulcer i.e.] bring in complicated programs and belief systems and we then become at the effect of these thoughts. […] Because of the nature of mind I begin to experience all of that because of the power of mind.

A09 – Losing Weight

  • I noticed that I had forgotten to eat. Resist the cultural conditioning of keeping the habit of mealtimes.

A10 – Depression

  • The relief of suffering comes about through an understanding of the nature of consciousness itself and going through the processes [...] the willingness to experience out – and it can be experienced out – all the symptoms that are being experienced. [...]
    Usage of "the worst scenario" technique:
    Sit down and look at your life and ask: What is the worst possible outcome? What is the feeling that comes up with that? And the to let go resisting that feeling, to cancel out the thoughts about it and instead handle the feeling directly. As we do that we notice that the symptoms begin to abate. [...]
  • We are willing to look at the fact how we got set up [...] having the courage to face how this all came about.

A11 – Illness and Self-Healing

  • The source of all illness is unconscious guilt plus a specific belief system aggravated by suppressed emotions. […] Illness is also a result of buying into the collective consciousness. […] Illness comes about as a matter of family belief systems.
  • All illnesses are recoverable. There is no order or difficulty, no matter how severe they may sound to anyone.

A12 – Alcoholism

  • Context is the overall way in which you hold a thing, the space from which you are coming.
  • It's context that defines all meaning […] and defines goal. […] Emotions determine how we experience this energy field in our daily life.
    […] That energy field will also determine how see the world and how we would relate to God or the God of our understanding because of the limitations of our own energy fields.

B1 – Addiction and Alcoholism

  • Once the person has experienced these divine states [of a near death experience NDE] their life is totally transformed. The movie Lost Horizon depicts those extremely well.
    If you see the movie Lost Horizon [according to a novel by British author James Hilton, 1933] you will understand drugs and alcohol. […] Once the person has experienced this Shangri-La and he tries to go back to the world the world of 220 no longer has much appeal. […] And in that movie the main character […] desires to get back to that state of Shangri-La. (Shangri-La calibrates at LoC 625 which is a very addicting state of consciousness, once experienced) So he gives up everything in the world to go back to that state. In respect of drugs and alcohol that is exactly what you are going to do. You will give up anything and everything in order to […]. In the end this state requires that you’ll risk and give up your body. […] You’ll say yes to it.

B3 – A Map of Consciousness

  • These negative fields tend to reinforce each other. Seldom do you see one alone. One predominates but they are really all feeding into each other. So, an upset is usually composed of a composite of all these negative energy fields.
  • This is nothing but an adaptation of the integrity scale combined with psychoanalysis and various other fields from geomancy etc.
  • Once you tell the truth about something you are above the line [in integrity. You are no longer a victim.

B4 – Cancer

  • The first thing we have to let go off is unconscious guilt. […] For healing ourselves then we need to almost take ourselves into the our own arms and become that which is compassionate and healing. […] All of us have within us the healer. We begin now to heal our humanness. How do we get rid our ego? Not by making it an enemy, not by attacking it, not by getting into an adversary position with it? But by loving it out of existence. '''We literally dissolve the ego through compassion and love and understanding.

B6 – Death and Dying

  • The dying process is a surrender and letting go. It is willingness to open one’s heart to be love to others. If you are contemplating dying […] you say to God: ‚To those that are dying I send my consciousness, I send my love, my willingness to be one with them.‘, it’s like the forces of the universe then use the power of your consciousness and literally carry it to the person. At first it will seem to you like an imagination, […] like something that you are doing. But after you are do this a few times you suddenly experience that you are not doing this any more. That you‘re saying YES to it because it is being done through you you yourself go into a state of high joy and ecstasy. The fact what the physical world calls your body is leaving no longer is even important.

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