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Buch 12E
Scott Jeffrey

Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins
Doktor der Wahrheit. Das Leben von David R. Hawkins




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See Power vs. Truth, January 2013


Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins
Autor: Scott Jeffrey
Hardcover: Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. Oktober 2012
ISBN-10: 193855700X
ISBN-13: 978-1938557002
360 Seiten


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Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins,
Autor: Scott Jeffrey
Kindle E-Buchausgabe (engl.)
Hardcover, 357 Seiten, Creative Crayon Publishers, 5. Oktober 2012
Dateigröße: 506 KB, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. Kindle Auflage 5. Oktober 2012


Fehlender Segen von D. Hawkins' zu seiner Biographie

Kurz nach seinem Tod im 85. Lebensjahr erschien die von David R. Hawkins in Auftrag gegebene, jedoch nicht endgültig autorisierte Biografie Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins (Buch 12E), von Scott Jeffrey, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. Oktober 2012


Hinweis: Nach sechsjähriger Forschung und Umsetzung wurde die Biografie Doctor of Truth. The Authorized Biography of David R. Hawkins, M.D., PH.D. nicht wie ursprünglich angedacht von Dr. David Hawkins autorisiert. Aufgrund der Inter-
vention von Susan Hawkins erschien das Buch nicht – wie angekündigt – am 1. Oktober 2012 im US-amerikanischen Hay House Verlag, sondern im Selbstverlag des US-amerikanischen Biographen und Unternehmens- und Marketing-Beraters Scott Jeffrey unter dem Titel: Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, 360 Seiten, Creative Crayon Publishers,
1. Oktober 2012.

See also: ► Timeline of procuring the first non-blessed biography of D. Hawkins

Zitate aus / Quotes from Doctor of Truth (2012)

Zitate von S. Jeffrey

Persönliche Bekenntnisse von Scott Jeffrey


Der Biograph Jeffrey distanzierte sich fast sechs Jahre nach Beginn der Erstellung des Biografie-Projekts von seinem Lehrer Hawkins und dessen Lehre.

  • Die vorliegende Biografie ist einzigartig, da sie von einem ehemaligen Schüler der Lehre von David [Hawkins] geschrieben wurde. Von 2001 bis 2010 war ich ein eifriger Schüler und Unterstützer. Demzufolge bin ich eng vertraut mit Davids Lehrstoff. Ich verfüge jedoch auch über ein größeres Maß an Objektivität seit ich Ende 2010 be-
    gann, andere Lehren und Deutungen zu erforschen, was mir einen Einblick vermit-
    telt hat, der mir eindeutig fehlte, als ich diese Projekt begann. Ich glaube immer noch, dass David ein großartiger Mann ist, der ein bemerkenswertes Leben führte.
    Scott Jeffrey, US-amerikanischer Unternehmens- und Marketing-Berater, Biograph, FU Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, "Preface" [Vorwort], S. xiii-xiv, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012
⚠ Achtung Siehe Power vs. Truth (engl.) Januar 2013

  • Scott Jeffrey, US-amerikanischer Unternehmens- und Marketing-Berater, Gründer der 2015 aufgelösten Netzplattform Consciousnessproject.org, Biograf, Autor

General quotes by S. Jeffrey

Personal avowals by Scott Jeffrey


Hawkins denied his biographer to publish vital data on his personal and family life.

  • Although no biography can truly be called "definitive," I've done my best to explore
    David's life circumstances, with one major exception. Compared to most biogra-
    phies, this one contains a dearth of information about the subject's family life, omit-
    ted at David's request to protect their privacy. From his perspective, most private matters are insignificant and routine to earthly life. In fact, he wonders why anyone would want to read his life story at all. Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, "Preface", S. xiii, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012



Setting out as a student of Hawkins' teachings biographer Jeffrey retreated from studenthood nearly six years later.

  • This biography is unique in that it has been written by a former student of David's work. I was an avid student and supporter from 2001 until 2010. As such, I am intimately familiar with David's material but I also possess a greater degree of objectivity since I began exploring other teachings and interpretations in late 2010, which has given me a perspective I clearly lacked when I began this project. I still believe David to be a great man who lived a remarkable life, and I present this biography from this viewpoint. Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, "Preface",
    S. xiii-xiv, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012



Susan Hawkins giving the biography and the author a hard time

  • Susan [Hawkins] was unwilling to let Hay House publish the biography without ever reviewing it, and extended her disapproval before there was any certainty that the end was near for Dr. Hawkins. […] By the time the rights to Doctor of Truth reverted back to me from Hay House, it was April 2012. […] Susan Hawkins did not want Doctor of Truth published – now or ever. […] I was often treated ungraciously and unprofessionally by Susan Hawkins with abrasive messages, ungrounded assertions, and a lack of human decency. […] I've received over a dozen messages from other students relaying similar experiences.
    Once the interviewing process with Dr. Hawkins was complete and I didn't need to interact with Susan any longer, I withdrew. I had reached my limit. Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth –
    , presented by the dissolved consciousnessproject.org/doctor-of-truth-faq, 23. October 2012  
    Reference removed by Veritas Publishing following the release of Power vs. Truth, 2013
⚠ Caveat See Power vs. Truth, January 2013



Hawkins endured years of childhood bullying.

  • David was an easy target for bullies, and he got beat up regularly. In one instant he accidentally stepped on a kid's heel, and the kid turned around and pushed him […] [H]e turned the other cheek and didn't push him back. Instead of intervening, the coach denounced David to the class, calling him "yellow", assuming he was too cowardly to fight. It was a salient lesson for David: seeing the limits of turning the other cheek, he learned to stand and fight when neccessary.
    Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, chapter 1
    "The Beautiful, the Good and the True", S. 23, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012



Louis Rove, father of Karl Rove, was Hawkins' drinking buddy at age 16.

Fox News: Rich people paying Rich people to tell Middle Class people to blame Poor people.

  • Louie, in particular, didn't fit in with other kids. He was a homosexual and often acted outrageously. Louie tried to get his two best friends interested in homosexu-
    ality, but although they loved their friend, it wasn't their thing. (Louie Rove later became the director of an AIDS rehabilitation clinic. His son is Republican strate-
    gist and Fox News contributor, Karl Rove.)
    Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, chapter 2, S. 36, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012


  • Despite being an atheist, on Christmas Eve in Shanghai [1945], David [Hawkins] found a Catholic Church and atten-
    ded midnight Mass to enjoy the intrinsic beauty and historic pageantry, and the incense, choir, and orchestra of a great cathedral. Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins,
    S. 51, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012



Hawkins enjoyed lifelong male bonding when exposed to hazardous conditions.

  • David [Hawkins] was honorably discharged from the Naval Services on June 29, 1946. The experiences aboard the YMS-46 turned the boys into men, teaching them to work together like brothers. Under hazardous conditions, the male bonding aboard the ship was lifelong, with the surviving crew keeping track of each other for fifty years through letters and random phone calls. Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, S. 52, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012



David Hawkins' false knighthood

  • In his proposal titled, A Design for Very Low-Cost, Community-based Drug and Alcoholism Clinics, David displayed the influence of [Bill] Wilson and AA, concluding with the words: "What has been proposed above is an innovative model designed to treat large numbers of people and whose power and thrust is based upon the 'language of the heart'."
    David submitted his proposal to the Sovereign order of Saint John of Jerusalem in the Americas. For the merit of his paper on the low-cost community treatment model for Third World countries, David was knighted as a Knight Brother of the Sovereign Order of Hospitaliers of St. John of Jerusalem in the Americas in August of 1989.
    This organisation, however, is considered a "self-styled order" and is not acknowledged by the World Orders of Knighthood and Merit. See ChristusRex.org, 11. October 2011 as well as Sainty, Guy Stair, "The Self-Styled Orders of Saint John," 1991, located at Chivalric Orders.org, 11. October 2011. I confirmed this with Admiral Andrew Gough of the Order of St. John via email correspondence on June 4, 2007 and Jonathan Riley-Smith on June, 8, 2007.
Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, S. 129, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012



Susan Hawkins' role was to prod the "savior" to "come out."

  • Susan [Hawkins] wasn't religious or spiritually oriented. ch. 16, pg. 261
    262 Susan and David had a strong sense that they had known each other before […] She just knew she and David were supposed to be together; to her, it was destiny. ch. 16, pg. 262
    Susan puts it, it was "like meeting your twin flame." ch. 16, pg. 263
    Susan seemed to be David's muse from the start of their relationship. Susan had great enthusiasm for what she called "the work" – David's Map of Consciousness and its related dimensions – and prodded David. […] David wasn't sure he had Divine "permission" to write a book […] he had become accustomed to anonymity and simplicity. […] Susan told him "the work" was his responsibility and she believed David was poised for the job. "When we met," Susan reflects, "Dave had kind of come back into the world again. He was still a recluse, he was still distant at times, but it was like he knew there was something else he had to do." ch. 17, pg. 275-276 Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012
    • Susan [Hawkins] convinced her husband that it was important that he share his Map of Consciousness with the world (even though she never read any of her husband's books).
      Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Power vs. Truth. Peering Behind the Teachings of David R. Hawkins, chapter 9 "Hawkins’ Biography: A Different Perspective", subheading "Hitting Bottom", subheading "Fortify-
      ing Power vs. Force", Kindle locations 3013-24, Creative Crayon Publishers, 14. January 2013



Testing everything

  • David [Hawkins] discovered his intellectual moral mentor in Socrates […] (who) questioned everything, intuiting that each soul must find truth within, not simply from the external acquisition of knowledge, was an open-minded skeptic, never discounting something without first testing it for himself. Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, chapter 1 The Beautiful, the Good and the True, S. 12, chapter 17 Map of Consciousness, S. 267, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012


Quotes by S. Jeffrey – Hawkins' social elite and Rockefeller connection

1958 – NWO sponsors took on D. Hawkins' (31) Long Island clinic project.

  • Fortunately, David [Hawkins] was a friend of Bob Roberts, who had married into the Rockefeller family. Roberts' father-in-law made one phone call and got the state licence almost instantly. There was only one proviso: Roberts would be on the board of directors to ensure the clinic functioned legitimately. The arrangement gave David freedom to explore alternative healing modalities that might be considered dubious practice by the medical community of that era.
    So in 1958, David opened the North Nassau Mental Health Center, a non-profit, tax-exempt, voluntary institution [in Long Island] licensed by the New York State Department
    of Mental Hygiene and chartered by the state's Department of Social Welfare.
    Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, chapter 8
    "New Psychiatry", S. 105, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012


  • The most frequented social clubs in the area were the exclusive Creek Club on Lattingtown Road [founded by J.P. Morgan] and the Locust Beach Valley Club. […] In New York City, the great clubs for this social network included the Colony, the University, and certain exclusive men's clubs.
    When David moved to the Oyster Bay area on Long Island, he was elected into a highly-exclusive social club, where he had the opportunity to spend time with the chief executives of major foundations, international investment banking institutions (like the president of J.P. Morgan), and numerous other extremely wealthy families. Most of the group's members – especially its board of directors – were the invisible movers and shakers of industry who avoided the public eye […]. This Locust Valley area group was so private that, according to David, its name isn't even known to the public to this day.
    To become a member of the exclusive enclave, David spent a day in New York City being escorted by his sponsor to meet each member of the board of directors. As the day continued, David visited J.P. Morgan, Citibank, E.F. Hutton, and the Rockefeller Foundation, where he was introduced to the titans of industry, Wall Street financiers, and bank presidents. […] Even though David didn't have the wealth of this elite group, he had other desirable assets. Ultimately, acceptance into this group was a matter of class, and David understood the subtleties of aligning with this exclusive group because of the training modeled by the Hooker side of his family.
    Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, chapter 11 "Many Lives", S. 158-159, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012
Reference: ► Amazon review/reader's comment on Power vs. Truth. Peering Behind the Teachings of David R. Hawkins,
Elitist Hooked on the Shadow Elite, Elfriede, 2. February 2014
See also: ► ⚡ Timeline of CIA/Elite funded LSD experimentation, therapy and counterculture

Quotes by NWO financiers and other sources

A psychopath's NWO confession

  • Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will.
    If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. David Rockefeller (1915-2017) US American banker, billionaire, "philanthropist", eugenicist, current US American patriarch of the Rockefeller family, autobiography Memoirs, chapter 27, S. 405, Random House, New York, 1st Trade edition 15. October 2002, reprint edition 28. October 2003


  • We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order. David Rockefeller (1915-2017) US American banker, billionaire, "philanthropist", eugenicist, current patriarch of the Rockefeller family, June 1991


Rockefellers funding eugenics [factually dysgenics]

  • For the first time in its history, Western Civilization is in danger of being destroyed internally by a corrupt, criminal ru-
    ling cabal which is centered around the Rockefeller interests, which include elements from the Morgan, Brown,
    Rothschild, Du Pont, Harriman, Kuhn-Loeb
    , and other groupings as well. This junta took control of the political,
    financial, and cultural life of America in the first two decades of the twentieth century.

    Carroll Quigley, Ph.D. (1910-1977) US American professor of history, theorist of the evolution of civilizations and international relations, Georgetown University, member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), mentor to Bill Clinton, researcher on secret societies, author, Tragedy and Hope, The Macmillan Company, 1966



  • [T]he concept of a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed master Nordic race didn't originate with Hitler. The idea was created in the United States, and cultivated in California, decades before Hitler came to power. California eugenicists played
    an important, although little known, role in the American eugenics movement's campaign for ethnic cleansing. […] The superior species the eugenics movement sought was populated not merely by tall, strong, talented people. Eugenicists craved blond, blue-eyed Nordic types. This group alone, they believed, was fit to inherit the earth. In the process, the movement intended to subtract emancipated Negroes, immigrant Asian laborers, Indians, Hispanics, East Europeans, Jews, dark-haired hill folk, poor people, the infirm and really anyone classified outside the gentrified gene-
    tic lines drawn up by American raceologists. […]
    Eugenics would have been so much bizarre parlor talk had it not been for extensive financing by corporate philan-
    thropies, specifically the Carnegie Institution, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Harriman railroad fortune. They were all in league with some of America's most respected scientists hailing from such prestigious universities as Stan-
    , Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. These academicians espoused race theory and race science, and then faked and twisted data to serve eugenics' racist aims. […]
    • In 1904, the Carnegie Institution established a laboratory complex at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island that stockpiled millions of index cards on ordinary Americans, as researchers carefully plotted the removal of families, bloodlines and whole peoples. […] During the '20s, Carnegie Institution eugenic scientists cultivated deep perso-
      nal and professional relationships with Germany's fascist eugenicists. In Mein Kampf, published in 1924, Hitler quoted American eugenic ideology and openly displayed a thorough knowledge of American eugenics. […]
    • The Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz. […]
    • The Harriman railroad fortune paid local charities, such as the New York Bureau of Industries and Immigration, to seek out Jewish, Italian and other immigrants in New York and other crowded cities and subject them to de-
      portation, trumped up confinement or forced sterilization.
Article The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics, first published by the Californian newspaper San Francisco Chronicle, pre-
sented by George Mason University History News Network (HNN), reprinted September 2003

Hawkins' personal avowals on his exchanges with the shadow power elite


Hawkins' audition day for membership in top elite men's club in NYC

He met with the presidents of the J.P. Morgan, Citibank, E.F. Hutton, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

  • Each of them leaned over backwards to put me at ease in what could otherwise have been an awkward situation. Each one of them could have bought and sold me hun-
    dred times over and yet they treated me with precise equality.
    Dr. David R. Hawkins, printed manuscript, Success is for the few, S. 242, Veritas Publishing, 1991


  • I left a grand lifestyle, more grand than you can even imagine. [...] I mean, it was grand (audience laughs). You know the club I belonged to is so exclusive that nobody knows the name of it to this day. [...] [inaudible] the heads of all the great sources of wealth in the world etc., anyway. And then I just put out my tools in the back of my truck and drove away. It was great (laughs). Free as a bird,
    free [...] free (emphatic).
    Dr. David R. Hawkins, Sedona Seminar Vision, DVD 3 of 3, Q&A session, minutes 10:16-10:57, 25. February 2005


Hawkins' eulogy on the shadow power elite

  • Many of the richest people in the world that I have known felt that it was unseemly to be ostentatious in their display
    of wealth because it created envy, discomfort, hostility, and jealousy in others.
    Dr. David R. Hawkins, printed manuscript, Success is for the few, S. 230, Veritas Publishing, 1991


  • Paradoxically, the elite are unknown to society and avoid publicity and celebrities. They live in very private enclaves and belong to clubs unheard of by the media. Mutual recognition is by subtlety, and pretense is quickly detected by even a single glance or intonation. Nobody "wants" anything or is seeking gain, approval, or recognition, and celebrity status is avoided. […] Real class means "genuine."
    Dr. David R. Hawkins, Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, chapter 12 "Problematic Issues", S. 205, 2005



Regarding the shadow of traditional American philanthropy on behalf of the NWO, Hawkins shows oblivion and apologetics.

  • Similar creativity and ingenuity are exemplified by the legendary life of Andrew Car-
    (cal. LoC 490) (1835-1919) […]. He built the steel industry and then establi-
    shed the tradition of philanthropy. He even tried to stop World War I by offering the
    Kaiser a huge fortune to not go to war, but sadly unsuccessful. Both Franklin and
    Carnegie demonstrated the potentiality of the essence of America. […]
    An unrecognized, enormous benefit that arises from capitalism is the emergence of a typically American institution, that of the great philanthropists who then return to the populace the immeasurable bene-
    fits of the great museums, parks, art galleries, colleges, universities, planetariums, research laboratories, and music
    halls. Carnegie's legacy was the establishment of great libraries all over the country, where every citizen has free ac-
    cess to the world's information that is now being transferred to the World Wide Web. The great philanthropic founda-
    tions are legendary (Rockefeller, Gates, Carnegie, Ford, Mellon, et al.) and pour billions of dollars back into so-
    Dr. David R. Hawkins, Truth vs Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, chapter 10 "America", S. 164-165, 2005

Critical quotes by D. Hawkins – LSD, emotions, the feminine, Susan

Personal avowal on Hawkins' temptation by Luciferic powers

  • I could take all the life on this planet to please me, and beyond karma, there is no consequence [...] One can become ruler of the universe... It is a cosmic temptation. We are talking about being a power that rules worlds […].  [*] Interview with Dr. David R. Hawkins, Dialogues on Consciousness and Spirituality, transcript on "Advanced States of Consciousness", spiral-bound, Veritas Publishing, Sedona, Arizona, 1. January 1998   Transcript removed from Veritas Publishing's sale offer in mid 2013 Veritas Publishing, 1984, cited in: Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life
    of David R. Hawkins
    , chapter 15 "Temptations", S. 243, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012


Personal avowal on Hawkins' LSD experience


Personal avowal on Hawkins' loathing of women, the feminine aspect, and feelings

Aversion to emotions due to primacy effect of imprinted "masculinity"; Primacy effect and recency effect

  • All the emotions that I had pushed down – all the tons of feelings that I had stuffed out of awareness so as to clear
    the decks for action – now came up [...] I learned how to be aware of these feelings, their nature and a multitude of descriptive terms [...] I was somewhat dismayed at my lack of connectedness with my own inner feelings. I saw my masculine protest about entering this whole unfamiliar dimension.  [**] Dr. David R. Hawkins, Sedona Releasing Method, chapter 2, S. 3, printed unpublished manuscript, Veritas Publishing, 1984, cited in: Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, chapter 13 "Self-Healing", S. 186, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012


Personal avowal on Hawkins' fear of illogical feelings and rejection of women and femininity

  • I saw that my fear of feelings, due to not knowing how to handle them, and my resentment at being their victim, had accounted for my rejection of women and the resultant typical male rationalization that the world of feelings is for women only and unmasculine. I rejected feelings because they were illogical, but I paid a great price. I had cut my-
    self off from half my life and diminished the quality of my relationships.
    Dr. David R. Hawkins, Sedona Releasing Method,
    chapter 2, S. 8-9, printed
    unpublished manuscript, Veritas Publishing, 1984, cited in: Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, chapter 13 "Self-Healing", S. 186, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012
  • To be really stoned, is to be exposed to exquisite beauty of all things. It lays you back – takes you out of the picture. And then reveals exquisite beauty. […] What's being revealed to you is that all things are sacred – including you. If you stay in that state, the world calls you enlightened. If you come out of it, the world says you were stoned. Dr. David R. Hawkins, lecture Consciousness: The Way out of Alcoholism and Addiction, 1 CD, Sedona Villa, 1984-1988, cited in: Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor
    of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins
    , chapter 6 "Hell", S. 85-86, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012
  • [*] Whether dark powers may exist beyond the human psyche, there is no doubt that they exist within the human psyche. It sounds as if Hawkins was in touch with them. All those gates and levels have been perceived for at least 3,000 years, and I'm extremely doubtful that they go beyond the psyche. Mr. Hawkins seems to have got carried away. The best thing for us all, including you and me, is to keep as far away from them as possible. Thus I advise you to stop studying this person, as the subject can draw you into extremely dark and very painful regions of the soul that you do not want to experience. Jeffrey Burton Russell, Ph.D. (*1934) US American professor of medieval history, religious studies scholar on the notion of the Devil, University of California, Santa Barbara, author of a five-volume series Devil: Per-
    ceptions of Evil from Antiquity to Primitive Christianity
    (1977), Satan: The Early Christian Tradition (1981), Lucifer: The Devil in the
    Middle Ages
    (1984), Mephistopheles: The Devil in the Modern World (1986) and The Prince of Darkness: Radical Evil and the Power of Good in History (1988)


Gilligan's insight of female developmental psychology


Gilligan's insight of gendered splits

  • [**] If you think of the splits – reason/emotion, mind/body, self/relationships – you know how they're gendered.
    Mind, self, thought, is gendered masculine and elevated.
    Emotion, relationships and body are gendered feminine and like women idealized and devalued. […]
There's a convergence now of findings from developmental psychology and neuroscience that puts in place a very different story about us as humans and says that when these splits occur, they are signs of injury or trauma.
Video presentation including Q&A by Carol Gilligan, Ph.D. (*1936) US American professor of gender studies, psychologist, femi-
nist, ethicist (community, relationships), writer, Learning to See in the Dark: The Roots of Ethical Resistance, sponsored by the The Dalai Lama Center For Ethics and Transformative Values MIT World, minute 34:38 and 36:00, 1:10:34 duration, recorded
24. April 2009, uploaded 23. December 2011

Quotes by / on Fran Grace

Personal avowal


Handling betrayal by non-authorization or non-endorsement

Indirect reference to the work Doctor of Truth

  • This state of loving surrender and goodwill [in D. Hawkins] was true even in the moments of greatest betrayal, when those whom he had trusted grossly misre-
    presented him and his life’s work. There was an inner processing of the betrayals – Doc never repressed the real feelings of the human journey. But his only public response in such situations was to give a factual clarification to the students of his work that he did not authorize or endorse the projects and endeavors. He always lived out the teaching of Jesus and Buddha to avoid negativity rather than attacking it. "It's best not to energize it or
    give it our attention. It will be a 'flash in the pan' – it will have only a negligible impact."
    Fran Grace, Ph.D., US American professor of religious studies, founding director of Inner Pathway, author, chapter "Genuine
    Love", excerpted from the unpublished book "The Power of Love", first announced December 2012



Evaluating a chapter on a modern-day mystic David Hawkins, written by a devotee Fran Grace

  • Although there is nothing wrong per se with someone of particular spiritual persu-
    asion writing an academic article on his or her view it is essential that the article actually be academic. Even the inclusion of personal mystical testimony can, I feel, be admissible in academic discussion of mysticism and mystical experience. But the project must be one of mutually engaging enquiry not simply an opportunity to evangelize. Sadly Fran Grace's article is an example of the latter. In "The Map of Consciousness: A New Paradigm for Mysticism and Healing" Grace perpetrates two of the worst crimes of faith-based writing. First, she uncritically enga-
    ges with a text or tradition to which she is personally inclined, and second she appeals to another discipline (in this
    case the broad field of "science") to lend credibility to the claims of her tradition. The article demoralizes the reader
    through its lack of critical engagement with the material it looks to valorize. The result is neither a convincing mystical
    testimony nor an academic chapter; rather, the article reads like an evangelical hagiography supported by pseudo-science. Despite this chapter, which really does not fit the remit of an academic volume, and the other much less sig-
    nificant issues, this is a book worth reading. It contributes to a growing area of debate and pedagogy that needs as many varied voices as possible. The editorial frustrations should not detract from the value of the book as a whole; the majority of the chapters are interesting, scholarly, and will be of use to anyone writing and engaged with the study of mysticism in any and all traditions. Removed Book Review: Perceiving the Divine through the Human Body: Mystical Sensuality
    by Dr. Catherine Tomas, British academic, professional astrologer, intuitive, advisor, 2013


Note: ► Religious scholar Fran Grace, Ph.D. announced to publish two books on David Hawkins in 2013-2014   Link deleted
Grace's book projects on Hawkins have neither been published within the advised time frame [2013/2014]
nor have they been formally cancelled.

Quotes by Randy Richmond

Personal avowal

Englische Texte – English section on Doctor of Truth (2012)

Table of contents of Doctor of Truth / Inhaltsverzeichnis

Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins
Time FramePARTFocusChapterHeadline
1927-1946IEarly Years1
The Beautiful, the Good, and the True
Early Spiritual Experiences
Second World War
1946-1965IIDoctor of the Mind4
Early Influences
New Psychiatry
Clinical Success
The Healer and His Critics
Many Lives
A Constant Quest
Out West
New Beginnings
Map of Consciousness
A Teacher Emerges
A Closer Look at David R. Hawkins


Chapter subheadings (chronologically)
Prologue☯ The Dilemma of Existence
Part I☯ Socialite Elopes with Musician ☯ Art, Morals, and ScienceSpirituality and Religion ☯ Bullies and Girls ☯ An Entrepreneurial Spirit ☯ The Infinite Presence ☯ From Religionist to Atheist ☯ Early Escapades and His First Drink ☯ Aboard the Minesweeper ☯ On the Streets of Shanghai
Part II☯ Debunking the Proof of GodMedical SchoolFreud, Rado, and the Lion ☯ Bill W. and Alcoholics Anonymous ☯ Tiebout's Ego and the Process of Surrender ☯ The Addict's MindZen ☯ Descent into Hell ☯ Spiritual Conversion ☯ Psychic Powers
Part III☯ North Nassau Clinic ☯ A Brief History in Mental Health Treatment ☯ Orthomolecular Psychiatry ☯ A Community for Recovery ☯ Notoriety ☯ The Healer's Way ☯ Perils of Innovation ☯ Mill River Estate ☯ Dancing, Death, and Dying ☯ Woodstock and Psychedelics ☯ The Human Potential Movement ☯ Physician, Heal Thyself ☯ Letting Go of Negative Emotions ☯ A Course in Healing
Part IV☯ Sedona ☯ Monastery for One ☯ A Reclusive Yet Active Life ☯ The Miraculous Continues ☯ A Teacher's Shadow
The Void ☯ High Pass ☯ A Miraculous Tragedy ☯ Creative Mind ☯ The Physician Returns ☯ Luck of the Third Adventure
☯ Strong or Weak
Part V☯ Creating the MapPower versus ForceFinal Doorway ☯ A Huge Spiritual Mountain ☯ Bulwark of Knowledge
His Community

Timeline of procuring the first non-blessed biography of D. Hawkins

Assembling the biography of a "modern mystic"
Time frame Events
2001-end·of·2010 Scott Jeffrey is an avid ("fundamentalist") student and supporter of the teachings of D. Hawkins.
February 2003 S. Jeffrey has his first meeting including an interview with D. Hawkins.
January 2005 S. Jeffrey's embarks in the project of writing a biography of D. Hawkins.
2006 S. Jeffrey compiles a calibration dictionary of ~7,000 LoCs after Truth vs. Falsehood, 2006.1
Spring 2007 §Following D. Hawkins' request S. Jeffrey contributes to the en.Wikipedia entry on D. Hawkins.
Due to the intervention of lawyers on behalf of Veritas Publishing, the controversial entry was deleted by Wikipedia on 19 July 2007.
October 2010 S. Jeffrey's has his last eye-to-eye exchange meeting with D. Hawkins.
Following that he distances himself from Hawkins' as well as from his teachings.
January 2011Publisher Hay House releases Along the Path to Enlightenment, compiled and edited by S. Jeffrey.
August 2011Publisher Hay House releases Dissolving the Ego. Realizing the Self, compiled and edited by S. Jeffrey.
February 2012Upon Susan Hawkins' intervention, publisher Hay House, weighing their options, decides not to publish the biography Doctor of Truth as contracted with S. Jeffrey.
April 2012Following Susan Hawkins' attempt to thwart the publishing of the biography Doctor of Truth by Hay House (as originally contracted) the rights to the book revert back to author S. Jeffrey. Hay House does not yield to Ms. Hawkins' request to sell the rights of the book to her (which would have kept it from the public eye for three more years).2
4 June 2012
Veritas Publishing (CEO Susan Hawkins) gives S. Jeffrey a one month notice to take down all re-
ferences concerning Dr. D. Hawkins on his website Consciousness Project (terminated in 2015) and
requests it to be removed completely.
18·September·2012One day short of D. Hawkins' death Veritas Publishing newsletter informs subscribing students about their breakup with S. Jeffrey, not disclosing that communication between the parties had ended two years earlier. As a result of that the biography has neither been read (to) nor authorized by D. Hawkins.
19 September 2012 Day of death of Dr. David R. Hawkins (1927-2012)
1 October 2012Issuing date of the self-published book Doctor of Truth by S. Jeffrey
Mid January 2013Parallel to the release of his disclosure book Power vs. Force S. Jeffrey offers three free sample chapters of this book on his website Consciousness Project (terminated in 2015) providing his reasonings concerning the validity and veracity of Dr. David R. Hawkins' teachings.
16 December 2013Reid Tracy, US American president and CEO of Hay House, informs readers via newsletter sent per email (system-worldsummit@email-hayhouse.com):
"When David [Hawkins] passed away last September [...] the world lost one of its greatest teachers and thinkers. A month or so later when I talked to David’s wife Susan, she asked if Hay House would take over the publishing of her husband’s other works. [...]
I proudly accepted this invitation."
January·2013-beginning 2014 §Veritas Publishing (represented by CEO Susan Hawkins, widow of D. Hawkins) has neither commented on the S. Jeffrey's biography Doctor of Truth nor on his subsequent disclosure book Power vs. Truth. No legal suit has ensued.

Timeline of typists, editors, bookagents, biographers on behalf of D. Hawkins

Succession of editors concerned with David Hawkins teachings
2001-2002Upon the intermediation of self-help advocate Dr. Wayne Dyer [LoC 450] publisher Hay House edited the
2nd version of Dr. Hawkins' first self-published book Power vs. Force (1995), newly released in February 2002.
2002-2009Sonia Martin worked as typist and editor on behalf of Dr. Hawkins in producing his books published in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.
2009-2011Scott Jeffrey worked as book agent (with Hay House), compiler and editor on behalf of Dr. Hawkins in producing two books (containing a compilation of quotes) published in January 2011 and August 2011.
2011-2012Religious scholar Fran Grace, Ph.D. worked as editor on behalf of Dr. Hawkins on his unpublished book manu-
script, originally cowritten with his then guru Lester Levenson [LoC 505⇒180] (1910-1994) in the late 70ties/early 80ties3/4, published more than three decades later as Letting Go in October 2012.


Succession of biographers reporting on David Hawkins' life events
2005-2012In January 2005 Scott Jeffrey was authorized to write an official biography on David Hawkins' life. His work Doctor of Truth was disowned by a Veritas Publishing via a newsletter dated September 18, 2012.
The first biography on D. Hawkins was published in October 2012.
2010-2013Religious scholar Fran Grace, Ph.D. announced to publish two books on David Hawkins in 2013-2014:
Link deleted
   ☛ Biography: Radiance of the Self. Dr. David R. Hawkins and the Path of Devotional Nonduality
   ☛ Personal account: Radiance of Light. In the Presence of a True Teacher, Dr. David R. Hawkins
2011-2015Via the (deleted) PDF Invitation to Students 2011 Grace is calling out for anonymous testimonials about
Dr. David R. Hawkins to be published in the announced personal accounts book.
2015-2018 Above book projects on Hawkins by Grace have neither been published in the advised time frame [2013/2014] nor have they been formally cancelled.

Posthumeously revealed biographical data of David R. Hawkins' life

Influences and expressions of David Hawkins' life
1603-1683 Famous ancestor of David Hawkins: Roger Williams, English Protestant theologian, early proponent of religious freedom and the separation of church and state, provider of refuge for religious minorities, 1636, initiator of the first Baptist church in America5
At the age of 11, Roger Williams had a spiritual-conversion experience of which his father disapproved.
David Hawkins had his first near-death-like experience at age 12. His father "disapproved" of him dying.
~1943Louis Rove, a homosexual, was one of David Hawkins' two friends and drinking buddies at Shorewood High School in Wisconsin during their raving atheistic phase.
"His son is Republican strategist and Fox News contributor, Karl Rove (*1950)." DoT, ch. 2, pg. 36, 2012
December 194499 pound 17 year old David Hawkins embarked in basic training at the naval boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois. In November 1942 the draft age had been lowered from 21 to 18. Young David needed his parents’ (both lifelong alcoholics) permission to serve as a voluntary soldier in World War II. DoT, ch. 3, pg. 40
~1946+After World War II David Hawkins had various parttime jobs as door-to-door salesman, taxidriver, bartender,
and window washer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
David Hawkins shared that he was in and out of rehabilitation clinic Charles B. Towns Hospital for Drug and Alcohol Addictions in New York City on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in New York City four to eight times (depending on differing accounts by David Hawkins).
Incidentally, ' Bill Wilson', the cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), was admitted to Towns Hospital four times between 1933 and 1934. At his last stay he showed signs of delirium tremens. As a result of having been treated with the Belladonna Cure he had a spiritual awakening. Since then he never drank alcohol again.
1958David Hawkins' friend Bob Roberts, married into the Rockefeller clan, asked his father-in-law, an influential Rockefeller, to make one phone call on behalf of Hawkins' clinic plan. Rockefeller's intervention immediately provided the state licence for Hawkins' non-profit, tax-exempt clinic North Nassau Mental Health Center in Long Island, chartered by the Department of Social Welfare of New York state. DoT, ch. 8, S. 105, ch. 11, S. 158-160
David Hawkins was both on board of directors and the president of The Huxley Institute for Biosocial Research that arose out of the International Schizophrenia Foundation (ASA), based in New York with chapters across the United States and Canada, in 1974. Its founders Canadian psychiatrist, biochemist, agricultural chemist, medical activist Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. (1917-2009) and his colleague British-Canadian psychiatrist, inventor of the term word 'psychedelic', researcher on psychedelic drugs Humphry Osmond (1917-2004) were both favored by NWO architects Aldous Huxley and his brother Sir Julian Huxley[*], vice-president (1937-1944) and president (1959-1962) of British Eugenics Society, first director
of UNESCO (*1945), cofounder of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) (*1961). The Institute was named for Aldous and Julian Huxley.6
1979David Hawkins received the Thomas Henry Huxley Award[*] for his "Inestimable Contribution to the Alleviation of Human Suffering" in the field of orthomolecular psychiatry.
Thomas Henry Huxley [Darwin's Bulldog] [LoC 460] (1825-1895) was an English biologist, who advocated Charles Darwin's theory of evolution [LoC 450]. Furthermore, he was a forerunner of Social Darwinism and like other members of the elitist Huxley family a promoter of eugenics.
~1986-1988Hawkins led a little weekly study group with less than 10 members in the Art gallery in Sedona, which he and Randi Richmond owned at the time. The only teacher Hawkins endorsed back in this period was a theosophist named Torkom Saraydarian (1917-1997). In the 90ties, when married to his third wife Susan Hawkins he never mentioned Saraydarian again nor did he endorse him to his readers or audiences.7
1988-1990sDavid Hawkins worked at Prescott House – Extended Care Treatment for Men, a privately operated residential recovery business in Prescott, Arizona.
Hawkins was cautioned many times by the founder and director John Valentine (†) to stop making disrespectful jokes about women.
Late 1990s-2002David Hawkins worked as chief of staff psychiatrist at "Mingus Mountain Estate Residential Treatment Center"
in Prescott Valley. The so-called Girls Ranch was founded in January 1985. Adolescent girls with special
emotional needs from Arizona were treated there.
David Hawkins was found "grumpy", complaining on the requirements imposed on him from the medical system.
2000Prior to his two seminar tours to South Korea by invitation of Dr. Moon in 1999 and 2000, David Hawkins considered himself as a "sharer of knowledge", not as a true spiritual teacher.
~2000-2003David Hawkins worked at Pia's Place. Womens Long Term Extended Care, rooted in 12-steps and Pia Mellody's model of codependence.
David Hawkins was discharged by the clinical director of Pia's Place, supposedly due to his habit of expressing men's talk devaluing women.8
~2000-2011Dissociated from his body and mind during his "avatar" phase, David Hawkins spoke (of himself) in the third person only when on stage and in his literature. When in private company Hawkins spoke like a normal human in the first person.
When performing in public Hawkins used terms like "this entity here" or "this consciousness" instead of referring to himself by using the pronoun I.9
About the Author. Dr. David R. Hawkins Biography Summary
► Amazon review on Doctor of Truth, The Life of David R. Hawkins by Elfriede, Elitist Hooked on the Shadow Elite, 28. January 2014
See also:
Biografie (David Hawkins)
Family man David R. Hawkins – three marriages and four daughters
[*] Timeline of long-term mass mind control administered by the parallel government
[*] Quotes by and on the interbred elitist families Darwin-Galton-Huxley-Wedgewood


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3 Footnote 3: Lester Levenson, the founder of the Sedona Method, erroneously taught that people can permanently "go free" from negative emotions by releasing the energy of these negative emotions over a period of weeks or months. […] While we can process through the emotions of a particular experience, we can't permanently eliminate negative emotions; they are part of our unconscious. I believe Levenson himself dissociated from his emotions and then called himself "enlightened." Hawkins, as a devoted student of Levenson for nearly a decade [1976-1984], followed suit and then incorporated this distorted understanding of emotions into his own teaching system.
In an attempt to climb up Hawkins' scale of consciousness, it's all too easy to cut ourselves off from the qualities that partly define us as human beings – that is, our negative emotions. And when we do, we drink the same poison Hawkins did (called "delusion" in the wisdom traditions). The further we attempt to move away from these negative emotions, the more we disconnect from our personal shadows and our humanity. We become unloving to ourselves and we close our hearts to those that appear different from us. We shun those whose beliefs and perspectives are different from our own. Our world gets smaller and smaller. And we become more anxious, paranoid, and afraid. Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Power vs. Truth. Peering Behind the Teachings of David R. Hawkins, "Epilogue", S. ~234, Creative Crayon Publishers, 14. January 2013

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5 Sarah Vowell (*1969) US American social commentator, journalist, essayist, author of The Wordy Shipmates, Riverhead Trade, 1st edition 6. October 2009, on Roger Williams: "He is sort of the ideal religious fanatic. He believed that everyone who disagreed with his own puritan religious views were going to burn eternally in hell. He thought that is punishment enough. So on earth we could all live together." TV interview Daily Show, host Jon Stewart (*1962) US American political satirist, actor, media critic, television host, stand-up comedian of The Daily Show, writer, minute 3:10, 5. October 2009
Vowell calls the Puritans "very elitist 17th century Jesus freaks" who made sure to provide the best education to their offspring to eventually reign the country.

6 Francis Hartigan, Bill W.: A Biography of Alcoholics Anonymous Cofounder Bill Wilson, Thomas Dunne Books (St. Martin's Press), 2000

7 "Torkum Saraydarian was born in Asia Minor. From early boyhood he lived in monasteries and secret brotherhoods in remote areas throughout the world. His first-hand experience gave him deep insight and understanding of major world religions and philosophies. From his experiences emerged a deep love and commitment to serve humanity.
His assimilation of the wisdom of Great Teachings gave him a unique ability to teach a synthesized understanding of cultures, religions, and science with emphasis placed on practical application of these truths. People throughout the world have increased their health, joy, and success as a result of his labor. In 1997 he appointed Joann Saraydarian, his wife, to succeed him as leader and president of the Institute." Removed website Saraydarian.org [^Saraydarian lived in Sedona and started the building later known as the Sedona Creative Life Center where Hawkins delivered most of his lectures in the 2000s.

8 * He's also a "guy's guy", part pirate and part Harley-Davidson biker, displaying a straightforward gruffness (sometimes rudeness) that can be unsettling. Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, chapter 19 "A Closer Look at David R. Hawkins", S. 302, Creative Crayon Publishers, 1. October 2012

9 Scott Jeffrey, US American business and marketing consultant, author, Doctor of Truth. The Life of David R. Hawkins, chapter 8 "The Avatar, the Shadow", subheading Dissociation versus Integration: Beware of Level 600, S. 153, Creative Crayon Publishers, 15. January 2013


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