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David R. Hawkins

Zitate aus Spirituelle Essenz und weltlicher Schein


Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man (Buch 7)


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Siehe Power vs. Truth, Januar 2013


Quotes by D. Hawkins – Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man

Quotes from D. Hawkins' seventh book Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man, Veritas Publishing, April 2008


Field related emergence of: Possiblity ⇔ Probability ⇔ Certainty

  • What is possibility in a weak field becomes a probability in a stronger field and
    a certainty in a field of Infinite Power (e.g. Divinity).
    Chapter 3 "Content and Context", S. 68


  • Importantly, the onslaughts of popularized nonintegrity are aimed at and supported by the fifty-five percent of the popu-
    lation in the United States that calibrates below consciousness level 200. However, the level of consciousness of the
    American population overall still calibrates currently at the level of 421. (It was at 426 but decreased in the Fall of 2006.)
    The reason for this apparent disparity is that the levels below 200, as can be seen by exponential comparison, are defi-
    cient in the power represented by the high calibration levels of those who are integrous. Therefore, the very high level
    of intrinsic power of only a relatively few members of the population maintains the overall capacity for survival and more
    than counterbalances the effects of the negative. (For example, if the top one hundred people were removed from the
    U.S. population, the overall average level of consciousness drops to 320. If the top one thousand are removed, the
    overall consciousness level drops from 421 to 220.) S. 267


  • Refutation of spiritual reality, morality, integrity, and truth are a drain on civilization. While the overall conscious-
    ness level of mankind is at 204 (November 2007), if the top one thousand individuals in the world were removed, the
    level would be at only 198. S. 268


  • Compassion for the less evolved motivates society’s endless efforts at correction and providing supplementary assi-
    stance to the evolutionarily less fortunate. Thus, compassion, acceptance, and tolerance are necessary to main-
    tain a pragmatic social balance and effectiveness
    that also includes awareness of social/political/religious reali-
    ties such as Islamic apocalypse triumphalism, which currently operationally calibrates at 60 (November 2007). S. 268


  • Through spiritual alignment, intention, and devotion aided by meditation, contemplation, authenticated instruction, and
    truth, assisted by the energy field of an advanced teacher, great leaps of consciousness can occur unexpectedly. Thus,
    it is important to know of them well in advance as confirmed by consciousness research. The chances of becoming en-
    lightened are now more than one thousand times greater than at any time in the past; thus, reaching the level of Uncon-
    ditional Love (cal. LoC 540) is a very attainable and practical goal. From the level of Unconditional Love, the pathway
    is increasingly joyful. At level 600, there occurs an infinite, silent stillness and peace, and progression from there is up to the Will of God, karma, and the potentialized Knowingness nascent within the spiritual aura. S. 299


  • With incorporation into daily life, a spiritual practice can take the form of the continuous surrendering of Volition, which then emerges into autonomous witnessing and effortless observation. These capacities will then be discovered to be qualities of consciousness, and not personal. Concentrated spiritual focus is like a 'mind set' by which spiritual pro-
    cessing becomes prioritized. Eventually, the illusion of a distinct, separate, personal 'I' that is 'doing' the processing
    drops away. The phenomenon is then witnessed to be happening spontaneously of its own. A fast track to this effort-
    less state is provided by the simple technique of focused relinquishment of resisting the perception/experiencing of the passage or duration of time. This is a surprisingly simple yet very powerful technique, and the reward is a sudden relief from the constant unconscious pressure of 'time', which subtly contextualizes and colors the experiencing of worldly life. Breaking the dominance of the illusion of time is very doable. It is then discovered that time is a projection from con-
    sciousness and only a belief system out which the ego 'time tracks' the witnessing of the emergence of phenomena.
    With release from dominance, there is a great sense of freedom and inner joy. Chapter 19 "Practicum", S. 355-356


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