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Zitate zum Thema Lebenshilfe / Quotes on life assistance

General quotes

  • 1. Love and accept yourself – fully.
    2. Feed your soul.
    3. Find a strong support network.
4. Be authentic.
5. Live for you.
6. Don’t compromise too much.
7. Travel more.
8. Worry less.
9. Stop comparing.
10. Forget expectations.
11. Live to work, not work to live.
12. Save for the unexpected.
13. Give back more.
14. Forgive yourself and others.
15. Don’t waste too much time on negative people.
16. 'No!' is a complete sentence.
17. Think long and hard before you say 'I do'.
18. Stop and apprecitate the little things.
19. Stop caring what others think of you.
20. Embrace change.


Source: ► Article 20 Brutally Honest Things Women Turning 40 Want All Women In Their 30s To Know,
presented by the publication The Mind's Journal, Helen Noronha, author, Wendy Redden, author, 11. July 2015


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Literature (engl.)

Externe Weblins – Tipps

Psychische Angriffe

Homöopathisches aurum metallicum D12, D30 und C100 gegen Bewusstseinskontrolle

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Household advice

  • Video How to Fold a Fitted Sheet [Zusammenlegen von Spannbetttüchern], offered by LivingOnADime.com, recorded by
    Mustang 87.7, 1:42 minutes duration, issuing date unknown

Health advice


Health caveat – Poison

Audio and video links

Psychic attacks

  • Video interview with Magnus Olson, "targeted individual", Gold against Mind Control, presented by the Swedish TV station White TV, host Dr. Henning Witte, German-Swedish-Estonian laywer, activist, TV host, YouTube film, 24:54 minutes duration, posted 30. January 2014

Homeopathic aurum metallicum D12, D30 and C100 against mind control

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