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Himmelserscheinungen über Nürnberg
Nürnberger Flugblatt, 14. April 1561


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  • Für die meisten Wissenschaftler, die sich mit UFOs befassen, ist nicht dieses Phänomen das eigentlich Unverständ-
    liche, sondern die Art und Weise, wie es unserer Gesellschaft (Wissenschaftlern, Politikern und den Medien) gelingt,
    eine der beunruhigendsten Erscheinungen unserer Zeit zu »übersehen«. Man kann darüber witzeln, die Fakten ab-
    streiten – sie aber über Jahrzehnte einfach nicht zur Kenntnis nehmen, ist eine Leistung, die die Psychologen und
    Soziologen, die später einmal das Verhalten der Menschen unserer Zeit untersuchen werden, in großes Erstaunen
    versetzen wird. Illobrand von Ludwiger (*1937) deutscher Astrophysiker, Leiter der Wissenschaftlergruppe MUFON-CES, interdisziplinärer UFO-Forscher, Autor, Der Stand der UFO-Forschung, S. 349, 4. Auflage 1994

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  • We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped.
    [When asked by whom, he replied:]
    The people of the other worlds. Prof. Hermann Oberth (1894-1989) Austro-Hungarian-born German physicis, engineer,
    founding father of rocketry and astronautics, source unknown


  • It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system. There is no doubt
    in my mind that these objects are interplanetary craft of some sort. I and my colleagues are confident that they do
    not originate in our solar system. Prof. Hermann Oberth (1894-1989) Austro-Hungarian-born German physicis, engineer, founding father of rocketry and astronautics, source unknown


Future prospect

  • By the year 2008, the fact that we are not alone in the universe will be made undeniably clear to everyone on the planet. With millions of planets and billions of stars, I cannot fathom how we could ever thought in any other terms. However, for those who have doubted, the extraterrestrials will make themselves known. I believe they feel they have no choice but to show themselves as we verge on self-annihilation, genocide and toxic poisoning. The truth of our inter-galactic lineage will become common knowledge. If I am to believe the vision, the truth of our intergalactic lineage will cause humanity to take one wild ride. Dannion Brinkley (*1950) US American quadruple near death experiencer, teacher and caretaker of the non profit volunteer hospice organisation The Twilight Brigade, author, Kathryn Brinkley, Secrets of the Light. Lessons from Heaven, S. 222, 2004, HarperOne, 24. November 2009
  • The procedure in checking contacts was to ask a number of innocuous but significant questions and compare the answers with the answers to the same questions as obtained through other contacts. Questions were of the type;
    • Do people live on the planet Mars? If so, what is the general shape of their houses?
    • Do people on Mars use coinage money? If so, what does it look like?
All together some hundred or more questions were involved. The results were spectacular to say the least. Among
the contacts that might be classed as authentic there was almost complete agreement
. Among the other alle-
ged contacts there was extremely poor agreement or none at all. Of course where agreement was general but one
or two points didn't fit, an effort was made to find out the reason for the discrepancy. In each case it was found that
someone had injected a terrestrial idea or comment, frequently of a religious nature, instead of transmitting faithfully
that which was received. W. B. Smith, Conference contribution Why I Believe in the Reality of Spacecraft, Ottawa, Canada, 1958


  • One of the most important things I had to realize was that we are not alone. The human race in the form of MAN extends throughout the universe, and is incredibly ancient. Also, it's appearance in physical form is but one
    of its many manifestations along the path of [spiritual] progress.
    Our civilization here on this earth is only one
    of many that have come and gone. This planet has been colonized many times by people from elsewhere, and our
    present human race are blood brothers of these people [ancient ancestors]. Is it any wonder that they are interes-
    ted in us?
    To orthodox thinkers this may seem strange, but not nearly so strange as our ideas on [random] evolution!
    W. B. Smith, Conference contribution Why I Believe in the Reality of Spacecraft, Ottawa, Canada, 1958


  • I am informed that science is really much more simple than we imagine, and all the component parts fit together per-
    fectly without any corrections. Possibly, we should start over again and re-assemble our knowledge in a different pat-
    tern, and this time fit the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together properly without trimming the pieces. I feel sure that if
    we were to do this, and accept the philosophy upon which this new approach must of necessity be based, we will be
    able to enjoy the technology and the way of life which is demonstrated to us by the presence of the spacecraft and
    our brothers from elsewhere.
    W. B. Smith, Conference contribution Why I Believe in the Reality of Spacecraft, Ottawa, Canada, 1958


  • The US government has said it has no explanation for dozens of unidentified flying objects seen by military pilots.
    A Pentagon report released on Friday says of 144 reports made about the phenomena since 2004, all but one re-
    main unexplained.
    It does not rule out the possibility that the objects are extra-terrestrial.
    Congress demanded the report after the US military reported numerous instance of objects seen moving erratically
    in the sky.
    The Pentagon then established the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force last August to look into the reports.
    The group's job was to "detect, analyse and catalogue" these events, as well as to "gain insight" into the "nature
    and origins" of UFOs, the Pentagon said. Article UFO report: US finds no explanation for sightings, presented by the news outlet of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) BBC News, 26. June 2021


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