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Tables – Charts
Related to the teachings of David R. Hawkins


⚠ Caveat
See Power vs. Truth, January 2013


Various tables – Scales of consciousness

Major stages – Map of consciousness (MoC)

Stages on the Map of Consciousness 1-1,000
and their characteristic expressions
Level of
Above LoC 850 Real
Reality, Existence, Nonduality (surpassing the Void)
Above LoC 600 Illusionary existence Spirit, Self/SELF, Enlightenment, Beginning of Nonduality, Dissolution of personal ego
Above LoC 500 Illusionary existence True Love, nonlocal Truth and divine Power, Beginning of Nonlinearity
Above LoC 400 Illusionary existence Linear Truth and divine Power, Beginning of Thinking, Training of Love
Above LoC 200 Illusionary existence Linear Truth (mentation), divine Power, Beginning of Love, personal Responsibility, Karma accountability, Beginning of building etheric brain
Under LoC 200 Illusionary
Non-Reality, Force (domination), mentation, error, falseness, Tribal mind, Group karma, Absence of love
LoC 0 Illusionary
Physical death, no earthly presence
Non-existence (non-realness) below LoC 200 and existence in the range of LoC 200-849 are both illusions.
Source: ► D. Hawkins, Sedona Seminar The Ego and The Self, 3 DVD set, 11. December 2004
See also: ► Map and ► Scale of consciousness (Map)
Siehe auch: ► Skala des Bewusstseins – ⚡ David Hawkins

Four stages of evolution – D. Hawkins

Four developmental stages along the human journey
Stage Consciousness level (LoC)
on 1-1000 Map of consciousness
Developmental stage Type of consciousnes %-Ratio Mankind
%-Rate of Happiness
1 Under LoC 200
not real
Force and ego based
Tribal and deficiency consciousness – non-integrous, depriving energy from the overall whole REAL (in a palpable worldly sense)
Content / Form
78% out of 100%
1-54% Happiness
2 LoC 200-499
Increasing linear degrees of Truth
Power and self/ego based
Individually responsible and cultivated consciousness – integrous, contributing, supplying energy to the overall whole TRANSMISSION – Recontextualizing, symbolic, inner guidance22% out of 100%
55-88% Happiness
3 LoC 500-599
Emergence of non-linear degrees of Truth
Power and SELF/self/ego based
Consciousness of love, abundance, depth – beginning dissolution of the model of duality, increasing interconnectedness with the overall whole REVERSAL – TURNAROUND – Paradoxical, sudden, discontinuos, nonlocal, synchronistic4-5% out of 100%
89-99% Happiness
4 Above LoC 600
Non-linear degrees of Truth
Power and SELF based
Consciousness of wholeness – Healing effects on the overall whole
at LoC 600+ turning inwards, infusing the whole
at LoC 700+ turning outwards, teaching mankind
NEW CREATION – Context / Abstractness
Only a few out of 100%
100% Happiness
Source: ► Happiness rates according to D. Hawkins,
Transcending the levels of consciousness. The Stairway to Enlightenment, 2006
Siehe auch: ► Vier Entwicklunggsstadien des menschlichen Erlebens

Three stages ✏ ONEness – 1 ✏ 1,000

1+2+3 ✏ ONE
1+10+100 ✏ 1,000
Developmental stages

༺༻ PotencyLoC – Level of Conciousness Domain Orientation Qualities
1 1 LoC 1-199
Left brain
ContentLinear, literal,
Tribal, haptic, simplistic,
materialistic, mundane
2 10 LoC 200-499
Self & others
Divine Power
Right brain
Moral, sophisticated, multifactorial
3 100 LoC 500-599
Power / Love
Etheric brain
and Right brain
Loving, abstract, nonlinear, nonlocal, experiential
LoC 600-1,000
Power / Love / Peace
Etheric brain
Aware witness
Self revealing
Inspired by various sources by D. Hawkins
Truth vs. Falsehood. How To Tell The Difference, S. 45, 2005
Transcending the Levels of Consciousness. The Stairway to Enlightenment, 2006


༺༻Content ↔ ContextEvent ↔ SurroundingsNature ↔ NurtureLegend
1.Content Event:
NATUREPerceived linear ('successive') physical events
2.Proximate field Situation:
Content plus context
NURTUREIn time, place, circumstances, influences, contributing factors, both known and unknown, linear and nonlinear
3.Proximate field Situation:
Context plus content
NURTUREIn time, place, circumstances, influences, contributing factors, both unknown and known, nonlinear and linear
4.Context Absolute–Infinite
NONLINEAROmnipresent, timeless, awareness of discontinued context, eternal recording of all events (1) and circumstances (2/3).
Inspired by: ► D. Hawkins, Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, S. 45, 2005
See also: ► Trust and ► Scale of consciousness

Levels of Spirit in the hereafter

In my Father's house are many mansions. John 14, 2 (NT)
Levels of the Spiritual World – Hereafter
LoCMansions in the House of GodExpression
Below 200 Different domains of hellFormbound
Below 200 Lower astral worldsFormbound
200 - 240 Inner astral worldsFormbound
240 - 500 Higher astral worldsFormbound
500 - 600 Heavenly KingdomFormbound
600+ Higher HeavensFormless
Inspired by: ► D. Hawkins, I. Reality and Subjectivity, S. 292, 2003
Siehe auch: ► Himmel – Astralreiche – Höllen und ► BW-Werte – Himmelsebenen

Counterbalancing human non-integrity – D. Hawkins

Counterbalancing the energy theft as a result of
the nonintegrity of 78% of the global population
 LoCScale Acounterbalancing
the negativity of
Scale BLoC
200 and moreIntegrous peoplecounterbalanceNon-integrous peopleBelow 200
310/350 1 human of good willcounterbalances90,000 humansBelow 200
400 1 reasonable humancounterbalances400,000 humansBelow 200
500 1 truly loving humancounterbalances750,000 humansBelow 200
600 1 peace embodying humancounterbalances10 million humansBelow 200
700 1 wise humancounterbalances70 million humansBelow 200
1000 1 AvatarcounterbalancesAll of mankind206
Based on: ► D. Hawkins, Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior,
chapter 23 "The Search for Truth", S. 282, Hay House, February 2002
The Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden, chapter 3 "The Nature of the Quest", S. 67, 2001
See also: ► Lists of true spiritual teachers


______50% of those enlightened beings, who have passed the level 600, die at this very leap in consciousness, whereas 50% of them will continue their earthly existence due to karmic merits.______


______The field of 12 living mystics at LoC 700 equals the Divine Power of 1 living Avatar (LoC 1,000).______


______ The negativity of all mankind would destroy the whole species, if not for the counterbalancing effect
of divinely inspired Bodhisattvas remaining on Earth for 1000s of years after their passing.
as explained in The Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden, chapter 3, "The Teacher", 2005


______Whenever one of the 36 righteous individual die another one will be born to substitute him.
Mystical Jewish tradition of the 36 Righteous people (sourced in the Talmud)



The presence of only 1000 individuals worldwide

effected the leap of the overall level of consciousness into the realm of integrity.

  • While the overall consciousness level of mankind is at 204 (November 2007), if the top one thousand individuals in the world were removed, the level would be at only 198. Compassion for the less evolved motivates society's endless efforts at correc-
    tion and providing supplementary assistance to the evolutionarily less fortunate.
    Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man, S. 269, 2008


The LORD said, "If at Sodom I find 50 righteous people in the city, I will spare the whole place for their sake."
Genesis 18, 26 (OT)


Jesus said, "I shall choose you, one out of a thousand, and two out of ten thousand, and they shall stand as
a single one."
The Gospel of Thomas [LoC 660], verse 23, translated by Thomas O. Lambdin, The Gnostic Society Library,
The Nag Hammadi Library, revised edition Harper Collins, San Francisco, 1990


The pure unadulterated love of one person can nullify the hatred of millions.
Mahatma Gandhi [LoC 760] (1869-1948) Indian spiritual activist leader, lawyer, nonviolent freedom fighter, cited in: AZ Quotes


See also: ► List of true teachers

Spread of enlightened individuals on Earth

Enlightenment embodied on Earth –
Timetable 1994-2009
Hawkins calibrated
in seminar
April 14,
Relativism vs. Reality
Dec 8,
The Mystic and
Aug 9, 2008
Feb 2009
World Seminar
in book
PvsF 1995Eye p. 38, 2001I-R&S 2003TvsF 2005 PvsF 2012 2006
DND 2006
LoC 600
33+ individualsNo data availedNo data availed3 of 6 individuals 3 of 6 individuals
4 individuals
3 individualsN/A
LoC 700
12(-15) individualsArnd 22 individuals29 individuals1 of 6 individuals 1 individual
No info
No info 5-6 individuals
LoC 800
3-4 individualsArnd 20 individuals11 individuals1 of 6 individuals 1 individual
No info
No infoNo info
LoC 900
1-2 individualsArnd 10 individuals6 individuals1 of 6 individuals 1 individual
No info
No infoNo info
LoC 980 | 990 | Above 950 1 individual 1 individualNo permission
for calibration
No data availedNo infoNo infoNo info


  • Muscle test results at Sedona Seminar Radical Subjectivity: The "I" of "Self", DVD 1 of 3, minute 1:08:40, February 2002
    • Above 600: 31 individuals
    • Above 700: more than 8 individuals
    • Above 800: more than 3 individuals
    • Above 900: 2-3 individuals
    • Above 980: 1 individual


  • In the original writing of this book [1995], there were 12 people on the planet calibrated over 600. In May 2006, however, were only 6; 3 between 600-700, 1 between 700-800, 1 between 800- 900 and 1 between 900-1000.
    Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, S. 303, Veritas Publishing, author's official revised edition May 2012


  • There are currently approximately twenty-two sages on the planet who calibrate at 700 or above. Of these, there are twenty at 800 or more, of whom there are ten at or over 900, and one sage is over 990. These figures have changed since 1995 when Power versus Force was published. (only ten were over 700.) The Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden S. 38, 2001


  • At present time, there are six sages (anonymous) on the planet who calibrate at 600 or over. Of these, three are between 600-700, one between 700-800, one between 800-900, and one between 900-1,000.
    Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, S. 24, 2005



Siehe auch: ► Übersicht: Erleuchtete auf Erden (1994-2009)

Evolution of overall consciousness

Development of the consciousness of mankind
LoC Level General Consciousness Level of Mankind
90At the time of Buddha at around 563 BC
100At the time of Jesus of Nazareth at around the year 0 AC
185From around 1400 to shortly after 1930
190From 1930 to around 16.-17. August 1986
205From around 16.-17. August 1987 (Harmonic Convergence) to 8.-9. November 2003
[Paraphrased] "The huge leap in the overall consciousness around 1987 has happened synchronistically with the Harmonic Convergence. However, it was not caused by this event. Proposing war is not deemed as normal anymore; Integrity has – as mankind has passed the LoC 200 – become the general standard of action. So-called peccadillos, which have been seen as normal at level 190 and have not been avenged are now frowned upon." D. Hawkins
At approximately the time of the Harmonic Convergence in the late 1980’s, the consciousness level of mankind suddenly jumped from the limited level of 190, which had dominated mankind for centuries, to 205, which is above the critical level of truth and integrity at 200.1
207June 2002 (up to now highest LoC of Mankind for a brief period)2
205Around end of 2002 / 2003 (fallen from 207)
207Exactly from 8.-9. November 2003 (Harmonic Concordance)
Lasting until February 2006
Jump from 205 to 2073
Of critical importance is that in November 2003, at the time of (but not "caused by") the Harmonic Concordance, the consciousness level of mankind, after being stable for nearly two decades, rose again to the present level of 207.4
205Since February 2006
According to Hawkins is the essential "reason" of this fall in general consciousness the ethos of "fair and balanced neutrality", which allows volitional false and half-true reports in the media.
The error ("reason") is "purposeful misstatement of facts" (in the media). "To the child within us, the media has become the "parent"."5
"Modern man is being constantly programmed by media. His capacity to tell truth from falsehood is distorted by media bombardment."6
203Since September 2006
Hawkins commented on that: "Well, at least the LoC of mankind is still above 200."7
204Since November 20068
204Continued October 20079
204Continued July 200810
204Continued February 200911
206Since August 200912
Various sources: ► D. Hawkins, mainly Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, S. 4-5, 397-398, 2005
Note: Even though the overall consciousness level has dropped 4 points in 2006
a further increase in consciousness is foreseeable and not to be impeded.
Siehe auch: ► BW-Werte des sich wandelnden Menschheitsbewusstseins

Highest levels of consciousness – D. Hawkins

Higher levels of consciousness
Salvation, Enlightenment, Sages, Avatars, Divinity
LoC Level Themes
InfinityGod / Divinity (Transcendent / Unmanifest)
InfinityGod / Divinity (Immanent / Manifest)
InfinityEvolution is creation
1250'"I" as Essence of Creation
1000+"I" of Ultimate Reality
1000+Christ, Buddhahood, Krishna, Brahman
(At-oneness with God Manifest and Unmanifest)
855All is
850God (Self) as Logos
850Self as Beyond Existence or Nonexistence
850Reality as Consciousness
850Reality as Awareness
850Nothingness / Void
845Seeing into one's 'self-nature'
800Teacher of enlightenment
750"I" / Self – Divinity as Allness (Beatific, Vision)
740Sage – Self as God Manifest
700- 850Self-realization
680Self as Existence
650"I Am" (Awareness of the "I" as beingness or Is-ness")
605Consciousness calibration via muscle testing
600Reality as witness / observer
600Enlightenment (bliss replaced by peace, stillness, and silence)
575+Bliss ("Sat-chit-ananda")
575Sainthood (close to enlightenment)
540Unconditional love
Inspired by D. Hawkins:
Reality and Subjectivity, List of Enlightened and Divine States, pp. 151-152 and 367-368, 2003
► Sedona Lecture God vs. Science. Limits of the Mind, 3 DVD set, 17. February 2007
See also: ► List of true teachers
Siehe auch: ► Höchste Ebenen des Bewusstseins

Distance to God ⇔ Nearness to God (Overview)

Atheism – Agnosticism
Theism – Mysticism

LoCs calibrated by D. Hawkins
Question: Is there God?
Theist: Yes.
Atheist: No.
Agnostic: This is unknown.
LoC Map of the expressions of Distance to God ↔ Nearness to God
25Militant Atheism, hatred of God
165Atheism (Problematic philosophy)
175Theocracy (Political system)
185New Age movement
190Atheistic movement (Ideology)
480-485Theology (Science of God)
Max. to 499Provable "objective" Natural Science, maximal expression of linear level of the mind
Max. to 499Thesis / Concept: "Reality is provable. Reality is measurable."
500+Spirituality – nonlinear
500+Verifiable subjective sensing of truth
500+Quantum physics – nonlinear
560Concept of the "Collective consciousness", Collective unconscious of Carl Gustav Jung
– nonlinear, not quantifiable
575Status of Saints
600Enlightenment, Divine Peace – Dissolution of the personal Ego
600-605Muscle testing as a means of ascertaining truth, Loophole between linear / nonlinear paradigms
600+Christian mysticism
700Sufism – Islamic mysticism
700Status of the Wise
840Map of Consciousness according to D. Hawkins13 
850Reality as Awareness, Reality as Consciousness – Dissolution of the spiritual Ego
1000Christ Consciousness
Buddha Nature
Siehe auch: ► Gottesferne ⇔ Gottesnähe (Übersicht) – D. Hawkins

Quotes by D. Hawkins on the Scale of Consciousness 1-1,000

Quotes by D. Hawkins

  • What really varies from individual to individual is the degree to which one is enslaved by the ego's programs. The degree of dominance is therefore determined by the extent to which one identifies with it. Inherently, it has no power, and the power to decline the ego's programs increasing exponentially as one progresses spiritually. That is the real meaning of the Scale of Consciousness. Source unknown


  • We discovered that the level of relative truth can be calibrated on a scale. Using the field of consciousness as the absolute – everything can be cali-
    brated as compared to that field. Source unknown


  • Exhaustive investigation has resulted in a calibrated scale of consciousness, in which the log of numbers from 1 to 1,000 calibrates the degree of power of all possible levels of human awareness. […] The calibrated scale has been examined here in light of current discoveries in advanced theoretical physics and nonlinear dynamics of chaos theory. Calibrated levels, we sug-
    gest, represent powerful attractor fields within the domain of consciousness itself, that dominate human existence and therefore define content, mea-
    ning, and value, and serve as organizing energies for widespread patterns
    of human behavior. Source unknown


  • While consciousness level 600 formally denotes the onset of the states classically known as Illumination/Enlightenment, Realization of the Self is characteristic of the consciousness level of the 700s. In the mid 800s, there is the obstacle of the illusion of the Void to be bypassed, and then, with the actual death of the limitations of context the splendor of full enlightenment bursts forth. Transcending the Levels of Consciousness. The Stairway to Enlightenment, Section Three Overview "Transcending Linear Duality",
    S. 243, 2005


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