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Tables I – Charts
Related to the teachings of David R. Hawkins


⚠ Caveat
See Power vs. Truth, January 2013


Context ⇔ content – Divine power ⇔ force

D e v o p m e n t a l   s t a g e s
From Ego driven Force ⇔ towards Divine Power
From CONTENT ⇔ towards CONTEXT
Levels of Consciousnsess Domain Orientation
Leaning to
Level of Consciousnsess under 200 Force / Emergency emotions Contents
Level of Consciousnsess 200-500 True PowerContent plus Context
Level of Consciousnsess 500-600 True Power / LoveContext plus Content
Level of Consciousnsess 600 plus True Power / Love / Peace Context
Inspired byD. Hawkins
Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, S. 45, 2005
Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, 2006
See alsoConsciousness-Tables andContext and ► Divine Power and ► Force
Siehe auchInhalte ⇔ Kontext – Zwang ⇔ Wirkmacht

Map of Consciousness (overview) – ⚡ D. Hawkins

Level 1000Highest level of consciousness to be incorporated by humans1

Around Level 600Threshold to Silence, Peace – Nonduality
Dissolution of personal ego / karma
Beginning of taking responsibility for the collective ego/karma

Around Level 500Threshold to Love – Nonlinearity
Awareness – Both-and mindset (Paradigm)

Around Level 200Threshold to Integrity
Linearity – Perception – Either-or mindset (Paradigm)
Homo sapiens ⇔ Homo spiritus
Self regulation Individuation ⇔ Self responsibility

Level 0 – Physical DeathDualityError/Falsehood
Deficiency consciousness – Reactive tribal consciousness

See also: ► Consciousness-Tables and ► Scale of consciousness (Map)
Siehe auch: ► Skala des Bewusstseins (Übersicht) nach D. Hawkins

LoC calibrations on sexuality – D. Hawkins

Sexuality – different forms of expression
Enforcing – below LoC 200: Without Love / Truth / Power
Integrous – above BW 200: Linked with Love / Truth / Power
Integrous – above LoC 500: Nonlinearity / True Love and Spirituality'''
LoC Sex related action / Topic
5Producers of sadistic (filmed) pornography with children
14Pimps (Procuring sold sex by others)
35Sexual sadism
60Sexually motivated Stalking
60Internet pornography (with children)
75Internet pornography (with adults)
95Neotantra practices as offered within contemporary group seminars
105Pornography (in respect to art, creative works)
125Attitude of the Catholic Church regarding the pedophilia of its own clergymen
135Polygameous cults
145"Madly" fallen in love
145Possessive sexual lust, coveteousness (passion)
160Sexual misconduct
180Theological theory on and the attitude of the Roman Catholic Church on contraception
200 Beginning of learning to love
200 Diverse sexual practises to ensure survival and continuation of life lines
200-499Learning to love a (one) partner/human being in progressive stages
(with and/or without sexual exchange)
~205Human body
205Contraception / contraceptives
235Pro-Abortion (US Politics)
250Anti-Abortion (US Politics)
250Integrously practised sexuality (intercourse)
265Gay Marriage Law (US Massachussetts Politics)
310 Playboy Magazine2
335Domestic Partnership Law (US Politics)
500+Authentically loving one/several human being(s)
one/some creature(s) and parts of creation
500+ Spirituality
515 Buddhist Tantra
540+Unconditionally loving all human beings
all creatures and all of creation
560+Compassion (com-passion)
Sources among others:
Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, pp. 95, 104, 106, 122, 149, 181, 183, 188, 2005
► Untitled audio interview, presented by suspended US American web radio station Beyond the Ordinary,
     hosts Nancy Lorenz and Elena Young, minute 54, 60 minutes duration, aired 10. June 2003
Siehe auch: ► BW-Werte der Sexualität – kalibriert von D. Hawkins

Developmental stages of sexual union – Tao

Three Daoist types of integrating Yin and Yang
Expressing Divinity
Divine Mother
Quality of union
Type of integration of
Yin and Yang

Biblical commandment
Fertile reproductive valley Mother's womb
Ordinary intercourse
Biological impulse
Union of
sperm and egg

Be fruitful! Mortality

Fertile reproductive valleyBiological impulse
Male sex organ and
female sex organ

Ordinary intercourse
Sexual union
of mature male and female partners

Multiply! Mortality

Immeasurable heart
Allknowing mind
Inner being of the refined individual
Yin and Yang fired upward

Union of
spirit with spirit,
mind with mind,
every cell with every cell of both bodies
Angelic mutual cultivation
Practice of the integral way
Selfawareness without ego
Refining of gross energy
to subtle light energy
In the body, not attached to it

Calm, relaxed,
quiet, natural
Be stewards to the Earth!
Improved health,
Harmonized emotions,
Healing of addictions
Appeasing of negative impulses
Transcendent integration of the entire energy body
Mastery, Whole, virtuous
Mutual uplifting and transformation, bliss



Field for the
conception of higher life
Source: ► Wang Fou, taoist, author, Brian Walker, translator, Hua Hu Ching. The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu,
verse 66, HarperOne, San Francisco, 1995, Harper Collins, revised edition 4. August 2009
See also:
Lao Tzu and ► Consciousness-Tables and ► Virtue and ► Sexuality and ► Tao
Three Daoist types of Yin ∞ Yang integration and sacred sexuality and ► Quotes on Karezza


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1 The Buddha said:
Rare it is to be born a human being.
Great good karma is it to even be born a human being.
Even rarer still is it to have heard of enlightenment.
And rarest of all are those who have heard of enlightenment and make the decision to pursue it.
David Hawkins, CD series The Highest Level of Enlightenment, CD 1 of 6, The transformative impact of transformation track 05, minutes 6:17-6:36, Nightingale-Conant, 2005

2 Truth vs. Falsehood. How to Tell the Difference, S. 122, 2005

3 Quotes on Karezza

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