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Um BW 500 – Schwelle zur Liebe





Beschreibung – Grenze zur Nichtlinearität

Die 500er Schwelle

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⚠ Achtung Siehe Power vs. Truth (engl.) Januar 2013

Quotes by D. Hawkins

⚠ Caveat See Power vs. Truth, January 2013

  • The temptation, the weakness of the 500s, is love-and-seduction. Source unknown


  • Question: How does humility undo the hold of the intellect?
    Answer: By fearlessly exploring logic and reason, science itself comes to realize its limits and its proper domain. Eventually, reason and logic become circuitous so that one ends up defining definitions, categories of thought, and modes of description from preselected points of observation. Logic has practical and useful applications in the everyday material world that are salutary and beneficial, but they do not lead to enlightenment, which is an entirely different endeavor.
    The Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden, chapter 11, S. 167, Veritas Publishing, revised edition 2002


  • Reason and logic (i.e., science) are of great value within their appropriate paradigm. By level 500, via spiritual alignment, subjectivity also progressively becomes a major focus of experience that emphasizes the values of forgiveness, mercy, love, and devotion. It adds a different understanding to meaning and value that thereby
    influences the selection of options and choices as perceived by the intellect.
    Transcending Levels of Consciousness. The Stairway to Enlightenment, chapter 13 "Reason", S. 230, 2006



  • Below consciousness level 200 awareness is dominated by negative emotions, but between 200 and 400, the
    emotions become progressively positive. Then in the 400's, logic and reason prevail over emotion. There is an-
    other major paradigm jump at consciousness level 500, from emotionalized, conceptual linear content to the pre-
    dominance of nonlinear context. The more powerful fields of consciousness levels 500 and up reprioritize, mea-
    ning, significance, and value. The move is from what the world considers 'objective' to experiential subjectivity as
    the dominant quality of awareness experience.
    Transcending the Levels of Consciousness. The Stairway to Enlightenment, S. 239, 2006


  • The 500 level is characterized by the development of an energy field that is progressively unconditional, unchanging and permanent. It does not fluctuate because its source within the person who loves is not dependent on external factors. Lovingness is a way of being in and relating to the world, and is forgiving, nurturing and supportive. Transcending the Levels of Consciousness. The Stairway to Enlightenment, S. 245, 2006


  • Humor bridges the gap between res interna (cogitans) and res externa (the world the way it is). Therefore, it forms a striking contrast between what the mind perceives or believes and the essence of the underlying reality. Humor thus exposes the ego’s self-serving deceptions. Humor reveals alternative viewpoints and options and is therefore libera-
    ting and freeing. Transcending Levels of Consciousness. The Stairway to Enlightenment, S. 362, 2006


  • There are really only two expression of emotion – love, which starts at 500 and becomes infinite in its expression,
    and fear, which begins at 100 and goes ever downward in its expression. Therefore, the handling of all the nega-
    tive feelings arises out of the willingness to accept that we have the power within us to handle this inner fearful-
    ness, to recognize that we are the source of it, and to stop projecting it onto the world or God. No one created
    a fearful world; there is no such thing. The fearful world is within us. We carry it with us and thus we can let it go.
    We can let the fear of the fear go, as well as fear itself, and move into the presence of Love.
    Healing and Recovery, S. 298, 2009


Sedona Seminar The Nature of Divinity vs. Religious Fallacy, DVD 2 of 3, minute 1:18:00, July 2002


  • The downside of the 500s is that naivité in which you love everything and see everybody as lovable and as a con-
    sequence become blind. Sedona Seminar Realization of the Self: Final Moments, 3 DVD set, 14. December 2002

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