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Schüler auf dem geistigen Weg –
Spirituelle Aspiranten




Der Weltpilger auf seinem Weg, 1846-1848
Thomas Cole (1801-1848) amerikanischer Maler




Empfehlungen an Schüler

Seinen Schülern und allgemein den Aspiranten, die im Feld der spirituellen Wahrheit Selbstverwirklichung anstreben, empfiehlt Hawkins:

  • Sei mit dem, wer und was du bist.
  • Finde alle Wahrheit in deinem Inneren.
  • Halte dich an die Leitlinien der nachweislich bestätigten geistigen Lehren.

Zitate zum Thema Schülerschaft / Students

Zitate von D. Hawkins

⚠ Achtung Siehe Power vs. Truth (engl.) Januar 2013

  • Ohne Hilfe einer höheren Energie, beispielsweise von einem großen Lehrer, kann das Ego / Geist/Gemüt sich selbst nicht überschreiten. FU Das All-sehende Auge, S. 268, 2005


  • Ein wirklich erleuchteter Lehrer stellt über seine Aura eine hochenergetische Umgebung zur Verfügung, die erleuchtet und das Wesen des Schülers aus seinem Mentalkörper in die höheren spirituellen Körper aufsteigen lässt. Das Licht der Erleuchtung des Lehrers gibt die erforderliche Aktivierung durch die Kraft der Gnade. Sie erleichtert die Transfor-
    intellektueller Wissensinhalte in subjektive, persönliche Erfahrung. Die hochenergetische Frequenz der Aura des Lehrers wirkt wie eine Trägerwelle, die diese Fähigkeit in die Aura des Schülers überträgt.
    Licht des Alls. Die Wirklichkeit des Göttlichen, S. 78, 2006



  • Eine genauere Erklärung besagt, dass die Übertragung vom Lehrer auf den Schüler sich vermittels der höheren spirituellen Energiesysteme vollzieht, die jenseits desjenigen des Geistes/Gemütes vorhanden sind. Das sind die sogenannten Kausal-, Buddhi-, Christus- und Atma-Körper, die ihrerseits Energiefelder in sich tragen, welche mit
    dem Chakrasystem vergleichbar sind. [...]
    Die höher schwingenden Energien der Gegenwart des Lehrers aktivieren die "schlafenden" spirituellen Energiesys-
    teme des Schülers. Licht des Alls. Die Wirklichkeit des Göttlichen, S. 198, 2006


Quotes by D. Hawkins

⚠ Caveat See Power vs. Truth, January 2013

Prayers – Blessings


Closing blessing

  • Just to know that by our intention we are aligned in a very powerful way and our decision to serve God as best as we can, there is no higher intention, that is the highest intention of which man is capable [Resist.] [...] so therefore, it is our desire to serve God and because of our desire to do so, we are actually doing so, that we are given that opportunity to serve God [...] by doing that we are also benefitting all of life. [...] So we uplift life by our intention, therefore we become like an arm of God. Sedona Seminar Practical Spirituality, 3 DVD set, 25. October 2008


  • You are God's gift to me, for which I give thanks. I give thanks for all who are present, because, by commitment to the truth, we are together, forever. That's a fact. [Resist.] By virtue of our commitment, we are karmically aligned, those who are destined to become enlightened. So in this room are the future spiritual tea-
    chers of generations to come, generations to come. My teacher was five or six lifetimes ago, and I just got around to it now. What I said is true. Within this room are the great teachers of the future. [Resist.] Within this room are great teachers of spiritual truth of the future. Some, even at the present, al-
    ready, perhaps. What a divine blessing. What more could one ask from God? […]
    Spiritual truth is eternal. And the destiny of having been a human is eternal salvation. Eternal. So, our destiny is eter-
    nal. The idea that we're separate dissolves as an illusion. We're not separate. We're all one, speaking through
    a variety of bodies.
    There is only one here. [Resist.] There is only one in this entire room.
    That's the truth. [Resist.] There's only one in this whole room pervading the consciousness of all of us simultaneously.
    Wow. That's exciting [Laughter.] I never discovered that before, thank You, Lord, […] that there is only the one, and
    we're it. [Resist.] We share in it. We share in it. Wow. Thank God for some good karma.
    Sedona Seminar A Unique Sedona Seminar including Korean Translation, DVD 3 of 4, ending blessing, 6. December 2008



Playing Robert Gass music

  • I give thanks to the Lord for the blessing of such a wonderful group of people. Thank you, Lord. These people are a blessing and God's gift to me. There is a very unique energy to this group. When you leave the room, you carry that energy with you, out into the world and the world is blessed by your presence. [...] The world is blessed by your presence. [...] Wow, who could ask for anything more? Thank you God – that we carry the Divine energy by which this world is blessed. Wow, what a gift. So each one of us, is all of us; each one of us is, actually, all of us. [...] Each one of us is all of us! Amen. What a Divine blessing. Each one of us carries the love of all of us. The intensity of that love is sufficient to counterbalance the negativity of literally millions of human beings on the planet.
Sedona Satsang Q&A, CD 2 of 2, track 8, ending blessing, 4. November 2009



Prayer of gratitude

United in eternal love and service for God

  • So we give thanks to Thee, O Lord, that we have been given this privilege to serve Thee, for the highest good. And who could ask for anything more? So we are God's gift to the world and you are God's gift to me. [...]
    So with that, we love each other; we love each other now and forever. We love each other now and forever for eternity. [...] Only Divinity lasts through eternity and by being part of Divinity, we become eternal in God's love. So we will be eternal, eternally with each other [...] eternally one with God, and eternally one with each other and serving God thusly.
Sedona Satsang Q&A, CD 2 of 2, track 8, ending blessing, 4. November 2009
⚠ Caveat See Power vs. Truth, January 2013

Personal avowals – referring to students of the devotional nondual path

  • It's like we intuit where that space is. There's no book that can tell us how to get there. All the discussions that we have are to clear away the obstructions. [...] And then the Light begins to like rise in the background and we get to a space where ALL THAT takes place [...] and our willingness to go there is our commitment to each other as a devotional
    group [...] our willingness to go there for ourselves and for each other [...] out of our love for each other which is
    not different than our Love for God. Seminar Title unknown, date unknown


  • Everyone here is destined for enlightenment. It's already happened in the "future", or else we wouldn't be here.
    Houston, Texas, Seminar The Realization of the Presence of God, Unity Church, 11. October 2003




Group field: powerful and uplifting.


  • A high spiritual teacher radiates a frequency from his aura and lifts you up. Because of your devotion to what he
    stands for, you are lifted up. It is not hocus pocus, like a magician doing something to you. It is my joy and devo-
    tion for the divinity in all of you. Sedona Satsang Q&A, Sedona Creative Life Center, 2 CD set, 12. July 2006



Sponsored directly by the truth of the teachings along the path

  • Question: Do I have your sponsorship and blessings?
    Answer: The work itself sponsors you. The truth of the work sponsors you. You don't need a personal person. You need the truth of the teachings. That's the spon-
    sor. The sponsor is the truth.
    Long Beach Seminar Live Your Life Like a Prayer, DVD 2 of 3, minute 56:00, Southern California, 18. November 2006


  • You don't have to become Buddha, you don't have to become Jesus, you don't have to become Krishna. You ack-
    nowledge their presence already within you. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus. Jesus Christ is within all of us, now.
    [Resist.] He's within all of us, now. And how do we acknowledge it? By giving thanks for it. "Lord God, I give
    thanks for that Divine Presence expressed as all of us here, at this moment."
    And in this moment, we love each
    other eternally. Sedona Seminar A Unique Sedona Seminar including Korean Translation, 3+1 DVD set, 6. December 2008

Noteworthy quotes

It isn't what we do, it isn't what we say; it's what we are. We are catalysts for God's Will.

  • You might say that we do God's work, by virtue of what we have become. It isn't what we do, it isn't what we say;
    it's what we are
    that counterbalances so much negativity in the world. So we serve God by being what we are and
    who we are. With thankfulness in our heart [...] what a gift, O Lord. What a gift! This lifetime, we became part of the answer instead part of the problem. [...] So, by virtue of what we have become, we have become actually a bles-
    sing to the world.
    And just to know that is already such a tremendous thing, is it not? So I give thanks again, to
    Thee, Almighty – for the gift of being here with you together – and with that we say we are the fulfillment of God's
    intention for the human experience. [...] We are the fulfillment of God's intention for human existence. Wow!
    What an incredible thing to know. So by virtue of our existence, we are transforming the world and fulfilling
    God's intention for mankind as well as ourselves.
    [...] We are catalysts for God's Will. Wow. What a respon-
    and what a gift and what a joy. [...] We are helping to fulfill God's intention for all of mankind.
Sedona Satsang Q&A, CD 2 of 2, track 8, ending blessing, 4. November 2009
⚠ Caveat See Power vs. Truth, January 2013

  • Much relief is experienced when we realize that by adopting a spiritual life, righteous condemnation and the hate that ensures from it can be left to others. This pursuit of the spiritual ‘good’ benefits all mankind, and it could therefore be said to be the most praiseworthy vocation of all. The Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden, S. 67, 2001


  • Each person has their own karma or destiny to fulfill and it is best not to confuse these missions. […] The calling of the private life spiritual aspirant is more socially humble but equally important and of service to the whole of mankind. […] The devotee uplifts by internal progression. Every increase in the level of consciousness affects the consciousness of all mankind in a manner that is unsung but discernible and demonstrable by spiritual research. […] Therefore, every loving or compassionate thought outweighs many thousands of negative thoughts held by others.
    The Eye of the I. From Which Nothing Is Hidden, S. 68-69, 2001



  • Spiritual work, therefore, is primarily a letting go of the presumably known for the unknown, with the promise of others who have done it that the effort is more than well rewarded at the end.
    The Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden, S. 117, 2001


  • There is no inner ‘thinker’ behind thoughts, no 'doer' behind actions, no 'seeker’ of enlightenment. Seeking occurs
    on its own when the time is right, and it emerges as a focus of attention. All aspects and qualities of consciousness
    are self-actuating and energize each other under the general direction of the will.
    The Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden, S. 132, 2001


  • What is searching for higher truth is not a personal 'I' but an aspect of consciousness itself which expresses as inspiration, devotion, dedication, and perseverance. The Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden, S. 132, 2001


  • Question: So what can the spiritual seeker do to be of help to society?
    Answer: To endeavor to evolve spiritually is the greatest gift one can give. It actually uplifts all mankind from
    within because of the nature of power itself. Power radiates and is shared, whereas force is limited, self-defeating,
    and evanescent. All society is subliminally and subtly influenced by every kind thought, word or deed. Every for-
    giveness is a benefit to everyone. The universe notes and records every action and returns it in kind.
    The Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden, S. 204, 2001


  • Question: What is an 'advanced' seeker?
    Answer: A more advanced seeker has heard that there is no 'out there' or 'in here' and thus takes responsibility
    [LoC 475] for all that happens. There is the dawning awareness that all which seems to occur really represents
    what is being held in what was previously considered as 'within'. Thus the proclivity to project is undone [...].
    I. Reality and Subjectivity, S. 22, 2003



See/listen also:

Cottonwood Seminar Most Valuable Qualities for a Spiritual Seeker, 21. May 2011

  • Question: What are the most valuable qualities for a spiritual seeker?
    Answer: Start with certainty and a feeling of security instead of self-doubt or timidity. Accept without reservation that you are worthy of the quest and be resolved to totally surrender to the truth about God.
    The facts that are to be unreservedly accepted are simple and very powerful. Surrendering to them brings enormous spiritual advancement:
    1. The living proof of God’s love and will for you is the gift of your own existence.
    2. Do not compare yourself with others regarding 'holiness,' merit, goodness, deservingness, sinlessness, etc. These are all human notions, and God is not limited by human notions.
    3. Accept that the concept of 'the fear of God' is ignorance. God is peace and love and nothing else.
    4. Realize that the depiction of God as a 'judge' is a delusion of the ego that arises as a projection of guilt
      from the punishment of childhood. Realize that God is not a parent.
    5. Christ's teaching was essentially and simply to avoid negativity (calibrated levels below 200), and the goal of
      his teaching was for the followers to reach Unconditional Love (calibration level of 540). He knew that once
      the level of Unconditional Love was reached, the soul's destiny after death was certain and the soul
      was safe.
    6. Realize that salvation and enlightenment are somewhat different goals. Salvation requires purification of the
      ego; enlightenment requires its total dissolution.''' The goal of enlightenment is more demanding and radical.
    7. Clarify that it is not a personal ‘you’ who is seeking enlightenment but an impersonal quality of consciousness that is the motivator. Spiritual inspiration and dedication carry forth the work.
    8. […] Spiritual development is not an accomplishment but a way of life. It is an orientation that brings its
      own rewards, and what is important is the direction of one’s motives.
    9. Appreciate that every step forward benefits everyone. One’s spiritual dedication and work is a gift to life and
      the love of mankind.
    10. There is no timetable or prescribed route to God. […]
    11. Intense prayer augments dedication and inspiration and facilitates progress.
    12. The Grace of God is available to all […] The strength of the ego can be formidable, and without the assi-
      stance of the power of higher spiritual beings, the ego cannot of itself transcend itself.
      Fortunately, the power of the consciousness of every great teacher or avatar who has ever lived still remains and is available.
      To focus on a teacher or their teachings by meditation makes the power of that teacher available to the seeker.
      It is the will of every truly enlightened sage that every spiritual seeker succeeds, and not just the mem-
      bers of some specific or exclusive group. Just as the individual seeker of spiritual advancement benefits all mankind, thus also does the enlightenment of the Teachers benefit the seeker. That power and energy is available to call upon. There are no requirements or obligations.
I. Reality and Subjectivity, chapter 6, S. 108-110, 2003


  • Fortunately, the power of the consciousness of every great teacher or avatar who has ever lived still remains and
    is available. To focus on a teacher or their teachings by meditation makes the power of that teacher available to
    the seeker. I. Reality and Subjectivity, chapter 6, S. 108, 2003


  • The spiritual aspirant, therefore, is wise to detach from all positionalities and opinions and be willing to surrender
    the ego's temporary satisfactions for a higher goal. I. Reality and Subjectivity, S. 177, 2003


  • While the world may have the expectation that the life of a spiritually committed person should be holy and tranquil, quite often the opposite may occur. The karma is activated and brought up into awareness. Major changes may oc-
    cur in the aspirant's life and relationships. For some years, life may appear to be tumultuous as profound inner
    take place. I. Reality and Subjectivity, S. 337, 2003


  • While consciousness level 600 is rare and 1000 rarer still, archangels calibrate at or over 50,000. Although not dis-
    cernible from our dimension, such enormously high energies influence all life in all its expressions. We might
    say that what is considered a spiritual master within the human dimension is, in turn, an evolving student in much
    higher dimensions.
    Each spiritual student is therefore a teacher to those who are behind and a student of
    those who are ahead.
    I. Reality and Subjectivity, S. 369, 2003


  • People congregate in groups because they are aligned with the same attractor field. When fish at the bottom of
    the sea swoop about in schools or birds fly in flocks, each one is where they are, not as a result of their alignment
    with the others but because they are all attuned to exactly the same attractor field. Each one, individually, is follo-
    wing a powerful magnetic-like field that in turn is subject to the next higher attractor field, and so on up to Divinity.
    (The above passage calibrates at 995.)
    Transcending the Levels of Consciousness. The Stairway to Enlightenment, chapter 2 "Guilt and vindictive hate", S. 58, 2006



Human condition: Unconsciousness about individual and collective karma



Cross-fertilization among likeminded people


  • Consistent application of any spiritual principle can unexpectedly result in a very major and sudden leap to unantici-
    pated levels. At that point, memory may not even be available, and instead, the Knowingness of Spiritual Truth pre-
    sents itself silently. Spiritual students should accept the reality that they are already gifted. A serious reader of
    a book such as this could hardly be otherwise. Divinity knows its own; therefore, to accept that truth is to already feel
    joy. To not experience joy by understanding this means that it is being resisted.
    Transcending the Levels of Consciousness. The Stairway to Enlightenment, chapter 18 "Full Enligtenment", S. 304, 2006


Bamboo canes
  • Characteristically devotees tend to be introspective, curious, res-
    , attentive.
    There is usually an aversion to violence, cruelty, non integrity and the fanfare and drama of glamour or vulgarity.
    There is the attraction to learning for it's own sake and the pleasure of discovery of basic premises.
Discovery of the Presence of God. Devotional Nonduality, section 1 "Nondualistic Teachings", Kindle location 790, 2007



Sticking to the straight and narrow path



Nine central qualities of a sincere spiritual seeker:

  • The central elements of seriously committed inner spiritual work consist of :
    1. Discipline of focus without deviation.
    2. Willingness to surrender all desires and fears to God.
    3. Willingness to endure transitory anguish until the difficulty is transcended.1
    4. Constancy and watchfullness.
    5. Moving from self interest as participant experiencer to that of the witness/observer.
    6. Willingness to relinquish judgmentalism and opinion about what is observed.
    7. Identifying with the Field rather than content of the field.
    8. Proceeding with certainty and confidence by
      accepting that Enlightenment is one's destiny not a goal, wish or hope;
      rejecting the notion that Enlightenment is a gain; and
      understanding it is a condition that ensues as a consequence of decision, intention and devotional dedication consequent to both Karma and Divine Grace.
    9. Avoiding glamorizing or aggrandizing the endeavor or its destination, and relying on devotion for its own sake.




The trap of the stereotyped concept of 'being spiritual'

  • Like anyone else in society, the mind of the aspirant has also unwittingly been programmed. This often escapes notice unless highlighted by a Teacher. Many students adhere to a stereotype of what 'being spiritual' implies. Thus, there are often political/social/intellectual stereotyped beliefs that need to be investigated as naive programs.
    Discovery of the Presence of God. Devotional Nonduality, S. 200, 2007



Following an inner calling:



Spiritual students perfecting the 400s leaping into the 500s


  • The spiritually evolved person who has few wants or attachments is relatively immune to grief, as the experience of
    the source of happiness orginates from within and is not dependent on externals. If the source of happiness is acqui-
    red through ego mechanisms, it is based on imagery, belief systems, and projected values rather than on Absolute
    Reality itself, which is invulnerable to loss. Objects, qualities, or relationships become overvalued by virtue of the
    mechanism of attachment and the ensuing projection of value. Along the Path to Enlightenment. 365 Reflections from
    David R. Hawkins
    , edited by Scott Jeffrey, Reflection of August 25th, January 2011




Winning gold from ore

  • When a devotee commits to the pathway of enlightenment, then the wheat has to be winnowed from the chaff. This is automatically so, because positionalities are based on beliefs. Beliefs disappear in the face of the knowingness of truth. The road to enlightenment is not for bleating sheep. To be offended signifies that one is defended, which, in itself signifies the clinging to untruth. Truth needs no defense and therefore is not defensive; Truth has nothing to prove and is not vulnerable to being questioned for an answer. Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self. Contemplations from the Teachings of David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., edited by Scott Jeffrey, S. 193, Hay House, August 2011


  • The student asks how realistic or practical is it to set the realization of the Self, or Enlightenment, as it has been called, as a goal, considering its rarity. Over history, it has indeed been extremely rare. However, because of the progression
    of the overall evolution of consciousness within the last century, the likelihood of a committed student’s reaching Enlightenment has increased by more than one thousand percent. Each advancement in consciousness is already an enlightened state by comparison to that which preceded it.
    Newsletter by Veritas Publishing, September-2, 22. September 2009


  • The way is certain for all who have heard these lectures. Because having once heard of enlightenment, nothing else suffices. Things may come up as one advances spiritually. So, it comes up. Calamities come up. Yes. So?!
    Seminar Title unknown, location and date unknown


  • I thought we would start with something new and dazzling today. We will ask this: everybody who calibrates over 200 goes to a variety of heavens. (Calibrated as true.) Wow folks! […]
    Sedona Seminar Realization of the Self: Final Moments, DVD 1 of 3, track 1, 14. December 2002


  • Question: A very high spiritual teacher has a frequency they transmit to the aura of a student. Is it transferable from books and tapes, or only the presence of the teacher?
    Answer: It is transferred conceptually through reading; visually holding the image; the sound of the voice; and the presence; and even more with touching! Touching the hand of the student and seeing the spirit, to me is a great
    delight. The written word would be sufficient to carry you and you become inspired. Because of your alignment,
    your destiny sets it out so that you do encounter teachers. Because of your commitment you are attracted. It is
    because of your devotion that it pulls it to you!
    Everyone here by their intention sanctifies things and empowers other people to sanctify. A group this size! Jesus
    Christ had only 12 people! Sedona Satsang Q&A, Sedona Creative Life Center, 2 CD set, 10. May 2006


  • When you are around a spiritual group like this you remember spiritual patterns and sayings and chants, and things, they just come to mind, so you tend to do it more automatically. On your own, you would think about it, you know, say the Lord's Prayer when you go to sleep at night, maybe say grace at dinner, but that's it for the secular day. In a spiri-
    tual group you don't realize it because you don't see the interaction spatially, because they are from all over the coun-
    try. But a group like this has an interactive, almost telepathic oneness. So this group is continuous, all the time, in eve-
    rything. So as you are walking along and feel a little discouraged and then you suddenly get, now, I can turn this over
    to God, you think this came from your mind. It came from the group field.
    See, once you ascribe to the field, now you have the energy of the field. This is what they mean in AA, "just bring the body, the rest you get by osmosis", because by commitment you become one with the field; now the field serves YOU.
    You think your individual self is remembering to give thanks. Actually, it's the powerful uplifiting of the field, and that's why each of us as we evolve spiritually lifts all of mankind, because they are all part of a field. So it's the field effect.' So to be the member of a group does have a powerful, supportive effect, by commitment you don't have to physically be there, but by mental assent, by inner assent, you have grabbed onto the energy field as well as the karma of the field. Sedona Seminar Spiritual Truth vs. Spiritual Fantasy, 3 DVD set, 17. June 2006


  • As you are devoted, you will be challenged. There will come a time when you actually realize you are being challen-
    ged by the opposite of that which you are. When that comes up, refuse it. It’s your karmic entitlement to refuse the
    negative. You are karmicly entitled to say, "Get thee hence, Satan!"
    Sedona Seminar God vs. Science. Limits of the Mind, 3 DVD set, 17. February 2007




Hawkins has concern of the programming by the modern media: The iteration, constant repetition, of twisted messages, will have a profound effect on the population. It chips away their capacity for reason, to discern illusion from reality.

  • What is the repair of all that [negative programming by modern media and moral relativism?
    [...] The way to offset it is not to make an enemy out of it and attack it. That is being seduced to fall into the trap. The way is by each one us by being as loving as we can, as helpful, as truthful, as integrous, as we can within our own domain. Each one of us adds to the level of the sea. And as the sea rises it lifts all the ships on the sea. The way to help with this situation is not by attacking falsehood but instead by becoming the fullest expression and fulfillment of your own spirtual potentiality. Now a group like this, curiously enough, can be the tail that wags the dog.
    Sedona Seminar Relativism vs. Reality, 3 DVD set, 14. April 2007


  • Question (woman): I have a little 17 year old at home who is spreading the word Hawkins. [...] She is such a devoted disciple.
    Answer: Share the principles, not the person through which you heard the principles. [...]
    Question (woman): She heard your voice above all else.
    Answer: Principles above personalities. [Applause] It's the principles not who you heard them from.
Prescott Seminar Spirituality: Reason and Faith, 3 DVD set, minute 3:17:00, 26. January 2008



  • By commitment to the truth we are together forever. By virtue of our commitment we are karmicly aligned. Those who are destined to become enlightened. In this room are the future spiritual teachers of generations to come. (Calibrated as true.) Sedona Seminar A Unique Sedona Seminar including Korean Translation, 4 DVD set,
    6. December 2008


  • "The spiritual energy of this group present is positively affecting all of mankind." (Calibrated as true.)
    Prescott Seminar Happiness, 3 DVD set, 25. April 2009




The positivity of the 15-22% of integrous people is balancing the negativity from 78-85% of world's population.

  • It helps you to watch the daily news without getting depressed because you realize that people if they could be better than they would be. People are actually unable to help themselves. They are born a certain way with a certain karma. Alright. That means that the people who are spiritually oriented and have made progress are even more important than ever. What's more important? To be the man who can see among the blind. So those of us who have endeavored in the spiritual dimension have therefore an obligation to the world, to share what we have become, with the world. Share
    not just what we know but what we have become.

    Cottonwood Seminar Most Valuable Qualities for a Spiritual Seeker, 3 DVD set, 21. May 2011

Zitate von anderen Quellen

Wenn jemand zu mir kommt und nicht seinen Vater und seine Mutter, sein Weib und seine Kinder, seine Brüder und
seine Schwestern, ja sogar sein eigenes Leben hasst, so kann er nicht mein Jünger sein. Wer nicht sein Kreuz trägt
und mir nachfolgt, der kann nicht mein Jünger sein.
Lukas 14, 26-27 (NT)


Ebenso kann keiner von euch mein Jünger sein, der sich nicht von allem lossagt, was er besitzt. Lukas 14, 33 (NT)



  • Je mehr wir vom Schüler fordern, um so mehr wird er leisten. Wilhelm Ostwald (1853-1932) baltisch-deutscher Professor
    für Chemie, Nobelpreisträger für die Erfindung der Katalyse, zitiert in: nur-Zitate


Referenz: de.Wikiquote-Eintrag Schüler


  • Einen toten Schüler blicken die Lehrer stets mit ganz anderen Augen an als einen lebenden, sie werden dann für einen Augenblick vom Wert und von der Unwiederbringlichkeit jedes Lebens und jeder Jugend überzeugt, an denen sie sich sonst so häufig sorglos versündigen.
    Hermann Hesse (1877-1962) deutsch-schweizerischer Dichter, Schriftsteller, Nobelpreisträger in Literatur, 1946, Siddharta. Eine indische Dichtung, Fischer, Berlin, 1922, Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 1969, 1974, 1998

Quotes by various other sources



Spiritual community


  • I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience;
    And I decide upon the goal I would achieve.
    And everything that seems to happen to me, I ask for, and receive as I have asked.
    A Course in Miracles [ACIM] textbook [LoC 550] chapter 21, 1976, revised 1996
  • If you students of the Way do not awake to this Mind substance, you will overlay Mind with conceptual thought, you will seek the Buddha outside yourselves, and you will remain attached to forms, pious practices and so on, all of which are harmful and not at all the way to supreme knowledge. Huang Po (Huangbo Xiyun) [LoC 960] (770-~850 AD) Chinese Chan master of Zen Buddhism, The Zen Teaching of Huang-Po: On the Transmission of Mind, translated by John Eaton Calthorpe Blofeld, preface by P'ei Hsiu, Chinese scholar, S. 31, Grove Press, Evergreen, 1st edition 18. January 1994




Students are monkeys or kittens.

  • It is no doubt necessary to practise spiritual discipline; but there are two kinds of aspirants.
    The nature of the one kind is like that of the young monkey,
    and the nature of the other kind is like that of the kitten.
    1. The young monkey, with great exertion, somehow clings to its mother. Likewise, there are some aspirants who think that in order to realize God they must repeat His name a certain number of times, meditate on Him for a certain period, and practise a certain amount of austerity. An aspirant of this kind makes his own efforts to catch hold of God.
    2. But the kitten, of itself, cannot cling to its mother. It lies on the ground and cries, 'Mew, mew!' It leaves every-
      thing to its mother. The mother cat sometimes puts it on a bed, sometimes on the roof behind a pile of wood.
      She carries the kitten in her mouth hither and thither. The kitten doesn't know how to cling to the mother.
Likewise, there are some aspirants who cannot practise spiritual discipline by calculating about japa or the period
of meditation. All that they do is cry to God with yearning hearts. God hears their cry and cannot keep Himself away.
He reveals Himself to them. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa [LoC 620] (1836-1886) Indian Hindu saint, mystic, The Gospel
of Sri Ramakrishna
, chapter 18, 1942




Reference: en.Wikiquote entry Student

Englische Texte – English section on Spiritual aspirants, students, seekers

Three types of students

Three stages of studentship
༺༻Studentship stageLegendIdeal group·ratio
1.Beginner Filled with beginner's mind and innocence, new students may ask the questions longterm students would not think of raising or dare asking. By default, they are infusing the system with "fresh blood."10-15%
2.Intermediary Figuratively spoken, the "pollywog" students are in their teens – meaning "trouble".
Teens are prone to fascination, infatuation, the quick & dirty approach, and fandom.
3.Advanced Like much older siblings, matured students had years (10.000 hours of practice) to digest the teachings and may have learned the art to differentiate the spirits. Not throwing wrenches into the flow or drawing attention their way, they naturally gravitate to holding the space and supporting the group process quietly.10%
Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18, 3 (NT)
See also: ► Shadow

Summary of the twelve most valuable realizations, insights, attitudes and practices of spiritual students

  1. God's gift of sustaining human life, His love and will for humans is the living proof of God's existence.
  2. God is peace and love.
    The concept of 'the fear of God' is erroneous and ignorant.
  3. God is neither a parent nor a 'judge'.
    Such concepts are delusions of the ego arises and a projection of guilt.
  4. The soul's destiny after death is safe for those who have reached and incorporate unconditional love, i.e. salvation.
  5. Salvation and enlightenment are different spiritual goals. Salvation requires purification of the ego; enlightenment requires
    its total dissolution.
  6. Not the personal 'I' but the impersonal quality of consciousness sparks off the seeking enlightenment. Spiritual inspiration and dedication carry forth the work.
  7. The goal is to be on the path of spiritual dedication.
    Realize that the most important goal has already been accomplished and allow comfort replace insecurity.
  8. There is no timetable or prescribed route to God.
    Each individual's route is unique, the curriculum (terrain to be covered) is relatively common to all.
  9. Every little advancement established in the individual benefits all, the good of the whole.
  10. The Grace of God is available to all.
    Historically, the 'Grace of the Sage' is available to the committed spiritual seeker.
  11. Engage in intense prayer.
    It augments dedication and inspiration and facilitates progress.
  12. Refrain from comparing yourself with others.
    The spiritual ego is prone to its concept of supremacy of 'holiness', merit, goodness, deservingness, sinlessness.


Modified from the original text and inspired by D. Hawkins, I. Reality and Subjectivity, chapter 6, S. 108-109, 2003

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1 Transition may involve dissolution of part or the whole structure. Caterpillars actually liquify in the cocoon before they are transformed into a butterfly.

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