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Incomplete list of teachings / insights by David R. Hawkins



David R. Hawkins




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See Power vs. Truth, January 2013











This is an incomplete list of insights.

Quotes on Insights by D. Hawkins / Einsichten


  • People would do better if they could.
  • A person can't be anything other than what they are, or else they would be.
  • It makes no sense to knock one's head against the wall.


  • Recovering from a single addiction can take up the majority of a lifetime.

Advaita – Nonduality

  • There is no this and that, there is no "out-there" or "in-here" (except that we perceive it). There is just is. (Nondualism; Neti, neti)

Animal nature – Non-integrity

  • Below LoC 200 one is really an animal in a human body.


  • Anything one is sensitive about is something one hasn't acknowledged yet.
  • One attracts to oneself everything that reflects what one is.
  • What keeps people at certain consciousness levels is the duality of attraction and aversion. Every level has a payoff.

Avatars: Buddha and Jesus

  • Jesus' teaching was based on faith and the Buddha's on action. Both were the manifestations of Love, Knowledge, Truth, Understanding and Wisdom.
  • Jesus taught Salvation. Buddha taught Enlightenment.

Body – Form

Causality and Spontaneity

  • "Cause" is not within the manifest world. It's from the nonlinear formless realm.
  • There is no cause except by your spiritual intention.
  • There is no doer behind the actions.
  • Everything happens spontaneously.

Choice – Perspective

  • People love to hate. It's known as competition (as in sports or in war).
  • Prefering chocolate you mustn't hate vanilla.


  • Nothing is hidden from the field of consciousness.
  • Each person lives in a goldfish bowl of their own making, in the experiential world of their own specific level of consciousness.
  • To become more conscious is the greatest gift anyone can give to the world.
  • There is an infinite field of consciousness which registers everything that occurs, anywhere in time or history.

Contemplation – Meditation

  • Contemplation tends to be more useful than meditation.

Creation and Evolution

  • Creation is ongoing. Creation and evolution are one and the same.

Duality – Nonduality

  • Dualism is created by our positions.
  • There is no this and that, there is no "out-there" or "in-here" (except that we perceive it). There is just is. (Nondualism; Neti, neti)


Self refuting statement: Self refuting statements, Cult FAQ, presented by NZ Cult List 1999-2015

  • The mind/ego, in and of itself, is unable to comprehend and tell truth from falsehood.
  • The vanity of the ego is boundless.
  • The ego is unable to change – spiritual intention and grace of God will achieve this.


  • The origin of emotional sickness lies in people's belief that they were their personalities (a consequence of the illusion of the ego).


  • The pathway to enlightenment via radical truth requires the surrendering of all belief systems.
  • The biggest block to enlightenment is identifying with anything.
  • The biggest block to enlightenment is to be stuck in the intellect (400s).


  • All fear is an illusion.

Field effects

  • Everything comes about as a consequence of the field.
  • While violent cults may be clearly repellent, belief systems that masquerade as piety are far more insidious, for they corrupt by the silent entrainment of invisible attractor fields.


  • Force is a result of ego driven choices. Not being aligned with God's will require a contstant influx of energy to continue it's existence.


  • Whoever forgives does this mostly to himself by this act, not as much to those whom he forgives.
  • The kindness and forgiveness you give to yourself is projected out to the world.
  • You can't forgive someone you still see as evil.
  • To consistently choose love, peace, or forgiveness leads one out of the house of mirrors.
  • The person willing to forgive sees life in a benign context.
  • Forgiveness is innate to humor.


  • Freedom is the recognition that God is an unfailing and abundant source of prosperity for everyone.
  • Freedom is neither libertinage nor license; rather it is inner liberation and external liberality.


Over LoC 600, gender has no meaning.

Good – Evil

  • Man can only choose the good, and he cannot always discern perception (false good) from essence (true good).
  • If one manipulates the context, one can make anything appear good or evil.


  • God is immanent and transcendent.
  • God has no genitals.
  • There’s no will, but God's.
  • One can reach God through joy. It’s a matter of contextualizing and surrendering resistance.
  • All sound is the voice of God.


Holy Spirit

  • Only with the help of the Holy Spirit is one able to move up the levels of consciousness.

State of humanity and nations

  • Humanity has crossed the hurdle of 200. Integrity is now (since around 1987) prevalent.
  • Humanity is now in a position to differentiate truth from falsehood – by integrously applying kinesiology (muscle testing) (for the highest good of all, selfinterest excluded).
  • 22 % of the Earth's population over 200 operate with power. They counterbalance the 78 % under 200, who operate with force. [Status 2005]
  • The majority [78-85 %] of people are driven by unseen forces and are in despair.1
  • While human consciousness has been rising for centuries and took a big leap in 1986, a downturn set in since 2006.
  • Singapore is the "nation" with the world's highest LoC [440] [Status end of 2005].


  • The key to painless spiritual growth is humility.


  • Humor is one of the best ways to teach.


  • Ignorance and unawareness are the despair of humanity.

Intention – Manifestation

  • What's held in mind can manifest. (respective the ACIM verse: "You are subject to what you hold in mind.")
  • Intention is holding something in mind and devoting to it. Under suitable karmic conditions, it tends to manifest.
  • Intention (alignment) remains unperturbed by passing emotions below level 200.
  • One is responsible for one's intention, not for the outcome.
  • Intention isn't trying; it's allowing.
  • Not the music, the energy work, the [... respective discipline] itself is significant. A considerable impact on its effectiveness on the receiver is the energy that accompanies it, the intention and the LoC of the healer.
  • There is no cause except by your spiritual intention.


  • Integrity is alignment with truth.


  • The problems we suffer are not fixed or permanent in any way. They are a consequence of our karma and our actual spiritual intention.
  • Concerning the ignorance of karma: Every action has an effect, and they collect over time.
  • Intention is holding something in mind and devoting to it. Under suitable karmic conditions, it tends to manifest.
  • We live in a world of maximum karmic opportunity, meaning that in this world you have the greatest chance of reversing negative karma and cultivating positive karma. You can also do the opposite. The choice is yours.

Kinesiology – Calibrations

  • Generally, the art and the artist calibrate the same.
  • Singapore is the "nation" with the world's highest LoC (440) (Status: end of 2005).


  • Love is unconditional, unchanging, and permanent, not fluctuating - its source isn't dependent on external factors. Loving is a state of being.
  • The energy of a loving thought is enormously more powerful than that of a negative one.


  • Sin is selfishness.
  • Sin is the attitudes of LoC under 200. "Sin" is the absence of love.
  • All negative reactions are not caused from outside; it's how we choose.
  • Selfishness is all competition.
  • Who attacks success is fated to failure.

Mind – Thoughts


  • Pain derives from attachment to a position.
  • All pain and suffering arises from the ego and not from God.
  • Conflicts cannot be resolved at their own level but only by raising them to the next higher level when awareness becomes obvious.

Peace – War

  • Peace (i.e. no war) has only been present for 7% of mankind's history.


  • Perception is not essence. Opinions are not essence.
  • Man can only choose the good, and he cannot always discern perception (false good) from essence (true good).


  • Potentiality becomes actuality [...] when local conditions are favorable.


  • Power is a result of alignment with God´s will, sustaining itself because it is constantly receiving more energy from the Divine.
  • Power does not come from the personal ego, but from the unmanifest.
  • Who and what you are and have become is more powerful than anything you do, have, or possess.

Principles and Wholeness

  • No level of consciousness is better or worse than the other.
  • There are no opposites.
  • Love, Knowledge, Truth, Understanding and Wisdom cannot be divided, they are whole.


  • Hypothesis doesn't exist in the realm of reality.
  • You’re just being what you are, as is the same for others.


  • Reincarnation is a balance between culpability and responsibility.


  • What one resists will gain command of one's life. The worst of what one accepts begins to vanish.


  • The overall solution to problems is to take responsibility for them and to defer them to God, who will resolve them in peace and freedom.


  • Eventually you get a fire in the belly; that´s when spiritual growth takes priority over everything.
  • The downside of religion divides, whereas spirituality unifies.


  • Who attacks success is fated to failure.


  • One can surrender in a split second.
  • Worry is the unwillingness to surrender.


  • Truth cannot be transmitted; when one is ready the field actualizes potentiality.
  • Truth is not "anti" anything.
  • Truth is content within context.
  • Truth is non-linear and not subject to opinion.
  • ALL Truth is the same.
  • Falsehood and ignorance are not enemies of truth. They merely represent its absence.
  • Integrity is alignment with truth.


  • Highly spiritually advanced people become a serious threat to the God opposing forces. That's why they can experience psychic attacks in their vulnerable spots and positionalities still held.


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1 Power vs. Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, chapter 24 Resolution, S. 290, Hay House, February 2002


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